Antigua PM says only West Africans with U.S, Canadian or EU visas will be allowed to enter Antigua going forward

African refugees at Dr-Lay-Apts-New-Winthropes

The Antigua and Barbuda government has announced that it will be tightening entry requirements for visitors from West Africa, in response to the arrival of over 600 West Africans, mostly Cameroonians, in the country last December.

The Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, revealed this during a conversation with the new French Ambassador to Antigua and Barbuda, Francis Etienne.

The Prime Minister explained that some of the individuals who arrived had exploited the government’s attempt to establish an air bridge between the Eastern Caribbean and Africa, using Antigua and Barbuda as a stopover before continuing on to the United States.

As a result, the government has suspended Antigua Airways flights and will now only allow visitors who have visas to the US, Canada, the UK, the EU, or the Caribbean to land in the country.

While acknowledging that the new measures are discriminatory, the Prime Minister noted that they were an unfortunate outcome of the government’s efforts to establish closer links between Africa and the Caribbean.

In addition, the Prime Minister has stated that he does not intend to accept the migrants who left the country in a small vessel in the hope of reaching the US via the US Virgin Islands.

He has asked the French ambassador for assistance in this regard and suggested that the migrants could be returned to Cameroon.

However, he acknowledged that some of the migrants had claimed that returning to Cameroon would put their lives in danger.

The French Ambassador promised to discuss the issue of border security with the Prime Minister of Dominica and would raise Antigua and Barbuda’s overture then.


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  1. Watch them Africans create the most fake US, EU and Canada visas now. How will local immigration be able to tell if the visas are real or fake?

  2. West Africans, listen up…y’all served your purpose and now, you’re no longer needed nor wanted. 🤣

    Send back the Nigerians with their FAKE Cameroonian and Ghanaian passports. They are nothing more than professional SCAM artists.

  3. Closing the barn after the horses have bolted. Now we are back at square one but we still have this ongoing issue to deal with and to sort out. Antigua will continue to have this headache to deal with until we properly address it. Those that are here have to intention of staying. We either help them to get to their destination or send them back from whence they came or we would still be talking about this by December 2023 and beyond.

    • Gaston Browne, just give it up! It’s another failed experiment!! These people will do anything to get to the US!! Just close the Damm thing! Very simple!!

  4. If they have Visas to enter those Countries mentioned,going forward. Why would they need to come into Antigua. Gaston Browne,I thought you and your followers were lovers of the Africans. That all others in Antigua were haters of them. When you spit into the air it would fall back into your faces. Every DAWG has its day. You invited those Rich Africans into our Home,Antigua. Yes,they tried to move out illegally. Now that they were caught and in St.Kitts. You are now telling the St.Kitts Government. You are not taking them back into Antigua. So now,they have to be feeding and housing them on their Taxpayers Dimes. Gaston,you could spoil a wet dream.

  5. Where was this thinking BEFORE they landed here in December….tsk tsk tsk…the PM is like a child easily tricked by Nigerian Marvelous Mike…see the Cameroonian interviewed by Gemma Handy of Antiguan Observer to discover the scam the brought them to Antigua

  6. The Africans needed your help but you became their biggest problem by stoping them.
    People transit every where in the world without any issues but those you clame to hold as brothes and sisters only needed to be allowed through like every other tourist who have visited here and moved on to other desired places.

  7. The Africans needed your help but you became their biggest problem by stoping them.
    People transit every where in the world without any issues but those you clame to hold as brothes and sisters only needed to be allowed through like every other tourist who have visited here and moved on to other desired places. So permit them board planes where they have their visas.

    • So how many people land in Antigua and can stay indefinitely without a Caricom passport? Please let immigration tell us what instructions they were given when stamping these people’s passport and if they checked to ensure these tourists had a return ticket to their homes. I will wait to hear the response from truth and the authorities

      • What is your source, Val have u ever talked to any of the Africans or see their traveling documents, the first document the airlines will ask tourist is their return ticket, which everyone of the African who wants to leave Antigua obviously posses , so why is the airline refusing to board after selling tickets and confirm the routing. Who have the Africans wronged why is their presence in Antigua threatens a lot of Antiguans , without them involving crimes. Keep the Africans out of Ur politics

        • Well said as I have said the Cameroonians have not broken any laws. Hòw many Antiguans in the US, Cananada and Europe illegally?

          • @ Caricom Man
            And when these countries catch the illegals, they jail them and deport them. They don’t cater to them as potential voters.


  8. Notice through all this Gaston never blame Marvelous Mike for leaving the West Africans here. It’s like a poodle going up against a pit bull.
    Shouldn’t he be looking into who was behind these “unauthorized flights” that were able to land? Marvelous Mike is critical to all of this. But no, Gaston does not dare mess with his business partner. Maybe Marvelous Mike already delivered on the agreement before the election? Forget fire. Gaston you played with dynamite!

  9. The SCAM:The #SCAMps from the Ruling Arm of the A.B & REDONDA government, the ABLP got #SCAMmed, as they went for the SHAM(a Pele move against an entire defense) by the #Next_Level SCAMmers in this #SCAMpish hueman world.

    It looks like, in today’s AI Artificial Intelligence world, our Nation is not only far behind, in terms of “due diligence,” to keep up with the #joneses, when due becomes absolutely necessary, it costs the Nation tremendously not only financially, but as we have witnessed with this Antigua Airways saga, it has cost the Nation do an introspect, on Antigua and The Antiguans(we can now add the Africans).

    #Mami_Wata & #Papa_Elega says, “tek time! Walk fass! Moh confusion de fu cum!”

    The Free African Trade Zone which will be the real test(s), of Antigua & The Africans From Reparations To The Triangular Trade 🔜🔚.

    Jumbee_Pickee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Food Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood

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