Antigua PM Praises Air Peace As He Meets Nigerian Investors


SOURCE: The Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Honourable Gaston Alfonso Browne, has commended Air Peace for the airline’s trail-blazing strides, especially the recent commencement of direct flights to London.


This is as the Prime Minister has also wooed Nigeria’s business community to invest in his two-island Caribbean nation.

Browne made the statement at a Business Forum/Dinner which held on Friday, May 3, 2024, at the Delborough Hotel, VI, Lagos.

The forum had in attendance captains of industry, the Management of Air Peace, former NFF President, Amaju Pinnick, ex Nigerian footballer, Segun Odegbami, aviators and representatives of the Lagos State Government.

The Prime Minister, who lauded Dr Allen Onyema, the Chairman of Air Peace, for his game-changing business moves, congratulated the airline for the recent London service and stated that his country looks forward to when Air Peace will begin scheduled direct flights into Antigua and Barbuda as this will drive socio-economic development and strengthen bilateral relations between both nations.

He noted the partnership between his government and Air Peace for the establishment of LIAT 2020 Airline in Antigua and Barbuda which will commence operations in the Caribbeans soon.

He expressed appreciation to Onyema for taking the big step of investing in the Caribbean nation.

Onyema, in his opening remarks, called on the governments of Nigeria and Antigua and Barbuda to explore development opportunities for mutual benefits.

He urged his fellow investors to consider investing in Antigua and Barbuda as he did with the LIAT 2020 Airline and has not regretted it. “We are going long-haul with the government of Antigua and Barbuda, and in the coming weeks or months, the LIAT birds will hit the Caribbean skies. I have invested there. I cannot mislead you”, he asserted.


Prime Minister Woos Nigeria’s Business Community 

Browne detailed the business opportunities that abound in his country and implored the Nigerian business community to come and invest, noting that Antigua and Barbuda is safe and has an incentivised business environment.

He stressed the Investor Immigration Programme which was developed to grant citizenship to foreign nationals who invest in the country. 

He also listed energy, education, pharmaceuticals, banking, real estate, tourism, fintech, agriculture, manufacturing and blockchain as some of the sectors needing investment, adding that the country has impressive development indices with low inflation rate.

Browne said the key objective of his country is to strengthen the relationship between Antigua and Barbuda and Nigeria as well as the rest of Africa.

He stated: “I believe Africa has a significant amount of resources, and literally every African country can become a developed country. I am of the view that African countries can do even better than the Republic of China.

“Our aspiration for Nigeria is to see Nigeria become a developed country within the next decade or two. And we want to make sure that we are an early mover in the Caribbean to establish close linkages with Nigeria to increase trade and investment. The Caribbean and Africa must unite and work together to bring prosperity to our people.”




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  1. GASTON hasn’t wooed anyone he simply went there to sell more of ANTIGUA & BARBUDA LANDS under the guise of INVESTMENT

    Nigerians ain’t no dunces by no stretch of the imagination and so soon you will see more NIGERIANS coming to Antigua they are very clever and educated and focused

    The few Nigerians in Antigua DNT even talk to you antiguans they laugh at you all stupidity…….

    Time will Tell

    But please dnt be fooled financing’s another country airline MUST have came with TONS of perks so asked yourselves what did Gaston give them in return

    Nigerians are highly people overall ….. estate business owners/ men trust & believe their wayyyyyyyyy smarter than MOST of you in Antigua ….

    Their not loud & boasting which allows them to move skillfully ….wiser than who they do businesses with ……very subtle

    • Actually, I am more interested as to why so many of ‘our people’ wear sunglasses to formal events and official parties? Honestly, when people wear sunglasses to formal events or ceremonies, it makes them look like low-life gangsters.

    • Feel free to relocate and/or follow another country’s news. Your grammar and spelling speaks to that degree of intelligence that you find so highly greater than persons in Antigua.
      You add nothing to the table, with just about as much relevance as a rabbit in the bush.

  2. Job well done Hon.Gaston Browne. Twenty more years as Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda.

    Who in the UPP camp can do this job ? The answer is NONE.

    • “Gaston Browne. Twenty more years as Prime Minister …”

      And there you have it folks, an out and out Gastonite. Note that @ SHARL doesn’t mention the party itself, but the PM personally.

      SHARL, Gaston Browne isn’t Antigua, and you sound like you’d be totally comfortable with him becoming some sort of a dictator in the future of this great country of ours.


      You [S]harlatan …

  3. Lets see how long this scam of LIAT 2020 will last🤔🤔….Lord help us🙏🙏…

  4. This little country do not need any more foreign direct investment. We need to be innovative snd develop and manage our economy ourselves.
    The greed and getting wealth by our politicians are not sustainable.

  5. Ah, have we forgotten the plane loads of “wealthy investors ” who came here not do long ago? They turned out to be Africans using Antigua as a transhipment point for human trafficking.
    Gaston Browne claims he knows how to sniff out the weathy. So far most of what the DAWG has sniffed out are folks wanted in other jurisdictions, some of whom are in prison today.
    Here we go again.

  6. We don’t need anymore hotels on our branches- we need them to swim on and enjoy. We can build health care facilities etc . We can have a string of local restaurants. We can live off the land and develop our agricultural, beautify our country.
    We need space for ourselves. We need lands for our children- children. Gaining wealth and loosing our lands is not sustainable. We are bringing displaced . You talk about more rooms, more cruise ships , encouraging people to come and take over.
    We don’t need anymore – we need to take Care of our roads , our hospital and maintain our buildings. Stop the corruption. Stop overpaying contractors like smooth more that what it cost to get kickback.
    With this concrete jungle we are loosing our life style, loosing what it mean to be an Antiguan.
    Preserve what we have, develop what we have, improve and maintain what is already here .
    Working in a hotel as a maid , a security, a gardener is not sustainable.
    We need to develop our own model and stop right now. We are inviting the Chinese, the South America’s , the Europeans , the Africans .
    Leaving nothing for our Antiguans to return home to . Let’s clean up this country and develop I repeat our agriculture.

  7. Like the Chinese, Nigerians can not be trusted. They are a set of crooks. I was stationed there for 3 years as part of a UNDP team and corruption was as blatant as the sunrise over Lagos.

  8. GASTON BROWNE: There is a saying.Desperate people would do desperate things.Please do not sign contracts blindly in the heat of the photo ops.For the things you signed now.Could become a burden to the People of the Nation,into the future.Also,make sure all documents are vetted by the Professionals in the Civil Service.

    • This dawg should be kept on a leash and prevented from signing away Antigua. But who would do it. Not his puppy ministers who are wimps and dare not speak or else.
      God knows we don’t need another Yida country within a country. This dawg is said to be on some sort of medication for craziness.

  9. Why is he choosing Nigeria and Nigerians over other Africans. Nigeria is known for its highly intelligent and educated population and also for its notorious crooks. Nigeria is considered the most corrupt country in Africa. I have worked and studied with many Nigerians and can tell you that they think they are superior to most people and don’t accept blacks in the west, descendants of slaves, as their brothers. Cousins maybe. One even said that a lot of the slaves were thieves that the Africans were happy to be rid of. Not even other Africans like Nigerians. I am saying these to say that Gaston is in Nigeria looking for what I doubt he will receive. Gaston thinks he is important but I doubt these Nigerians care much about him and small Antigua.
    Let’s see what he brings back, except pledging more Antigua lands.
    By the way what happened to the African Village at Willoughby Bay that the African was touting all the benefits for Nigeria and Africa. He forgot to mention what Antigua would gain.

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