Antigua PM calls for an end to discrimination against CARICOM immigrants

Prime Minister ofAntigua & Barbuda Gaston Browne

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has used the the parliament of Antigua and Barbuda to call for an end to discrimination against immigrants from CARICOM.

Browne was speaking during debate on amendments to the immigration amnesty bill.

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    • We will unite and do what comrade Jonathan Joseph already told us to do ” you did it 8 years ago and you must do it again. VOTE ALP” 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  1. Gaston Browne,why you as Prime Minister do not stop the discrimination in your own house known as Antigua and Barbuda. Your Administration discriminates against your own Nationals.Clean up your damn dirty messes.

    • Your dirty mouth needs cleaning up. But ur a ratta hanging out by fisheries wharf waiting for scraps of fish scales and guts.

      • I would rather eat scraps of fish scales and guts,any day. Than to be an arse kisser of Gaston Browne.While your dry mouthed,white cornered mouth, arse is getting poorer.Gaston Browne and his family are getting richer by the minutes of every day.

  2. You Gaston Browne,like to say things to be recognized and then not one thing is done. All sweet sounding nothings,like a blimp filled with GAS-TONE.

    • “The easiest thing to do is to criticize when you’re in opposition…..” ~ Harold Lovell Limpy Joe

      • and as he said…being in opposition is a politicians playground. Wonder if he aint tired play with heself.

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        Don’t forget to wear your mask so your rapers won’t recogise you.

        • It is obvious you hang around sick twisted perverts the likes of CONVICTED PEDOPHILE IAN MAGIC HUGHES of UPP Curseader radio. While you meditate on and obsess your mind with sexual violations, the country will continue to prosper with Labour 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Pringle might a can’t talk or read properly but he knows how to follow orders!

  3. Tell that to the then UPP-appointed Ambassador, BRUCE GOODWIN. He is on public record decalring his distaste for “Jamaicans and Guyanese” calling them “PAUPERS”. to date, he has not back peddled or apologized for his hateful comments.

    UPP hates “foreigners” and blames them everytime they lose an election. Instead of embracing our Caribbean Brothers and Sisters, they choose to hate them.

    Even their very own Richard Lewis still catching hell from his own UPP for marrying a JAMAICAN lady….as if they can tell the man who he should love. To mek things worse, Richard no longer says “corned beef” or “tin beef”, he calls it BULLY BEEF like wifey told him to. He will soon start say “June plum” instead of golden apple, then next comes “bulla” and “blue drawz”. You go ahead Richard, Gisele will fume smoke from her nostrils, but your wifey comes first!

    • Yes, they HATE foreigners.. Yet they wonder why they be losing elections.. #UniteAndStopDevide

      • If you think anybody hate foreigners, go to Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica or Guyana and overstay then try look for amnesty. You will probably find it in a jail cell.
        By the way anyone with sense knows that Gaston is just pandering for votes. He no doubt hate them more than anybody else.

        • Your last sentence is a blatant LIE!!!!! If Alister Thomas send you, tell him he’s gonna have to work wayyyyyyyyyyyy harder. He can start by COMPLETING SECONDARY SCHOOL and producing the TITLE DEED for the house he’s occupying. If he can’t produce the legal document, then he can go beg fu likkle lodging on the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS

        • If you say Barbados and Trinidad I would agree. But not Guyana rather worst Jamaica I studied in Jamaica and alot of Antiguan like myself did and they where appreciated more than the citizens of Jamaica. Jamaican citizens love foreigners so when you speaking get you facts right!!!!

      • Most educated and professional Antiguans can’t stand the ghetto behaviour Gaston and would like to see him out of government. His base is with the people always looking for handouts. His strategy to stay in power is to flood the country with poor non-nationals and then give them amnesty to vote for him.
        I will tell the non-nationals that if they intend to make Antigua their and their children’s home, vote to keep a corrupt, thieving labour government in power and see what development will take place in Antigua except jobs as hotel maids and gardeners.

    • I guess you just came back from Mars, so you did not hear the time when the same Gaston who is now pandering to non nationals said for votes said, “if they not working they should go back home” he went on to say, “many of them not working and they still want to bring their family and they so brazen, they even want to pressure politicians to do thing for them”

      Antigans mainly the men don’t hate people from other Caribbean countries, after all many antigan men only start to get woman and side women since they are numerous Caribbean women in antigua these days.

      What some people have a problem with, unlike the Caucasians who come on holiday and never leave but keep in their lane, many of these people from some Caribbean countries, act like they have more rights than antigans and have this in your face mentality. They also openly curse antigans over politics.

      Who can forget jamaicans booing Baldwin Spencer down multipurpose? You think any antigans could have done that in jamaica??

      • UPP after confirming Trevor Young, told him that they lost because of him being a “foreigner” (their word). Soon as Harold Lovell Limpy Joe King Lyadd gets beat down by Melford then Mr. Lewis can try to be the leader with his “foreign” lady by his side.

        • Didn’t Trevor Young run in a constituency with a large number of non-nationals, especially Hispanics? Why did they not vote for him? Is it because the non-nationals don’t like their own or they betted on the party that they think can give them more handouts.

          • You confirm him as the candidate then throw him under the boss because of his NATIONALITY???? Typical Lovell Limpy Joe King Lyadd style.

            BADPLAY JOANNE MASSIAH because she dare to challenge him for party leadership

      • You are on the money. Gaston said if they not working go home. Where Mr Knight with the recording?

      • You are a real joker. Watch you claiming CARICOM nationals feel more emboldened than other non nationals. I am yet to go English harbor and a CARICOM national stop me and ask me why I driving in said area. So Gaston has articulated that we want persons here who want to contribute positively. He has gone on to provide the example of CARICOM nationals who have done same (eg some of the founders of ACB Bank). In the meantime all the UPP has done is focus on the negative re our CARICOM brethren and sisters. . Its not Trevor Young, a former UPP candidate who makes clear his experience that UPP does not like CARICOM nationals? Truthfully some thought him a fool because this has been a known fact for over over a decade

    • We will soon also hear gongo peas instead of pigeon peas. I hear some politicians saying pine instead of pineapple. And me a scratch instead of itch. Poor Antiguans, we will soon not even know the names of our products in Antigua.

      • Richard Lewis said BULLY BEEF in his Senate presentation. He no longer says CORNED BEEF. You have a problem with brother Richard adapting to the ways of his Jamaican wife?

  4. All of a sudden Gassy now saying a lot of sweet words, when previously, his musings were rough like a rock stone 🪨.


  5. The non-national residents of Antigua are beginning to see the light. Many have told me they could never vote for the ABLP again. They know the ABLP just use them to get their vote. No more them say.

    • You too lie! I’ve heard plenty of our Caribbean family speak glowing of the ABLP!

      UPP made their lives a living hell during the dreadfully TRAUMATIC “sunshine government” decade. All kinds of nonsense with having to start over if they have gaps in their time etc etc.

      UPP blames “foreigners” everytime they lose 🤣🤣🤣🤣
      It’s either (a) foreigners OR (b) the election was bought.
      It’s never them. What a set a set a neargah that afraid to do any INTROSPECTION.

      “You know how much paupers I see in Jamaica and Guyana….” (UPP member on Serpent show)

  6. Why is Gaston so obsessed with non-nationals? He is only using them for votes. A lot of employers are exploiting the non-nationals with less than survival wages making many of them fill up the ghettos. When Antiguans are welcomed openly in other Caricom countries, then other Caricom nationals should be openly welcomed in Antigua.
    You know Gaston, there was a time when commonwealth nationals could vote in other commonwealth countries. Now countries like Canada admit immigrants with required skills and no one can vote in elections unless they are a citizen, no matter how long they live in the country.
    I wish Gaston would prioritize cleaning up Antigua and stop talking about vote buying every time election comes around.

    • why is UPP so obssessed with discriminating our Caribbean brothers and sisters? Like blood thirsty hounds they continue to blast and degrade them as if they are not human beings worthy of respect and dignity!

    • Take a read of “Why Can Commonwealth Citizens Vote in the U.K.? An Expat Asks” By Tamara Micner, Updated April 27, 2015. This reality also exists in other CARICOM islands eg Jamaica, St. Lucia, TNT…

      In the latter their rules state:

      “A Commonwealth citizen, 18 years of age or older, who has resided legally in Trinidad and Tobago for a period of at least one year and has resided in an electoral district/constituency for a least two months prior to the Qualifying Date.”

      By the way more jurisdictions are looking at embracing the idea of opening up democracy to non citizens. Recently New York passed legislation to allow non citizens to vote (see Noncitizens’ Right to Vote Becomes Law in New York City, By Grace Ashford
      Jan. 9, 2022, NY Times)

  7. Gaston, Antiguans like people from the OECS as they are mostly like us. Some of the other nationalities have a culture we have yet to come to terms with.

    • U have family in meriKKKa Canada England or other country? Stop ✋ discrimination against people when your folks migrate to other people countrt

      • No discrimination against people, just upholding the law. Do you know how many plane loads of people especially Jamaicans, are deported from UK and US every year? And these are big countries. No country allows people to stay in their country illegally, except Antigua. I have family in these countries but they are there legally. All Gaston is doing with his never ending amnesty, is encouraging people who have not been vetted, to come and stay in the country illegally knowing they will get amnesty.

  8. Gaston Browne, PM you should not even mention the word #DISCRIMINATION, in any way, shape, or form, until you apologise to those of Us, and I repeat to those of Us who are born and bred Antiguan, Barbudans and Redondans for locking us out of OUR LAND OF BIRTH, simply because, we chooses not to be BIG PHARMA, and the NWO guinea pigs, lab rats or slaves to their experimental medicines and vaccines.
    You could have put your mandated mandates in place. You could have put whatever policy in place to calm the People’s nerves during this well designed and defined mayhem. But you didn’t have to treat your own citizens like dogs.
    I pray, the DAWG in you, won’t need to eat it’s own vomit.

  9. (Smh) signifies So many harlots.

    Wilmoth Daniel is out of office nearly 10 years and you are obsessed with stripper poles are you an x dancer that never get the job on the bus to dance on the pole.

    Are you grabston seat in the cabinet or toilet seat and just swallow 😜everything that was not intended to swallow.

    The top dawg only speaking like that to get votes 🗳 he only care for himself.

    The greediness and manipulation is not a great leader. He is a deceiver only looking to secure more money for himself.

    • Tell the South Korean president to send a bus to the GOVERNMENT AND PEOPLE OF ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA 🇦🇬 and then you go and register it in your name, install a pole and make it a PARTY BUS like the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌

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