Antigua PM asks Dominica government to send Indian fugitive back to his country


It seems Antigua and Dominica are engaged in a game of “keep away” or “hot potato” with Mehul Choksi a wanted man in India who was apprehended by Dominican police this week.

Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne has given clear instructions to authorities in Dominica to have Mehul Choksi repatriated to India.

“We asked them not to repatriate him to Antigua. He needs to return to India where he can face the criminal charges leveled against him”, Browne said the journalists in the twin island state.

Browne indicated that Choksi would enjoy certain legal and constitutional protections in Antigua and Barbuda as an Antiguan citizen that he would not enjoy in Dominica as he understood that Choksi is not a Dominican citizen. For this reason he believes that it would be easy for Dominican to repatriate him directly to India.

Choksi is wanted by the Indian judicial authorities for criminal conspiracy, criminal breach of trust, cheating and dishonesty including delivery of property, corruption, and money laundering.

Indian-born fugitive is in the custody of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Dominica.

Choksi was reported missing in Antigua and Barbuda on Sunday by a family member, sparking a manhunt for him.

Yesterday, local police said they were seeking help from local and regional law enforcement counterparts and had asked Interpol to issue a yellow notice list.

He was apprehended by lawmen in the wee hours of Tuesday morning in Toucari.

Antigua and Barbuda has initiated the process to cancel Choksi’s citizenship granted under the Caribbean nation’s Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) in November 2017 but he has challenged the government’s move in court. SOURCE: DNO

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  1. Gaston Browne: How do you know.Choksi is not a Citizen of Dominica.
    Are you going to give him back his monies paid for that Citizenship. That is the tangled web we weave. When we sell Citizenships by selling our Passports. Many of those holding our Passports are scoundrels. Choksi just happens to one of them.Dominica,send him back to Antigua on a dagger log.After all he is our Citizen.Do not get into the pepper pot(mix up) between Antigua,Choksi,Lawyers,Courts and India.

  2. Question : Would not the Dominican government be putting itself in a position to be sued if it was to deport Mr. Choksi to India instead of repatriating him back to Antigua where he is still a citizen? Unless he also has citizenship of the commonwealth of Dominica ?

    It seems that it would be left to the Antiguan government to proceed through all the legal mechanisms to revoke his citizenship and then extradite him to India.

    As a citizen of Antigua & Barbuda, he has all the rights to be returned to his country of citizenship to make the legal arrangements as necessary.

    I would presume that any other route taken could cause further legal ramblings. Human rights will come into play here.

    Just an opinion

  3. Isn’t Choksi a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda. As far as I know India does not recognize dual citizenship, so when Choksi got his CIP Antiguan and Barbudan citizenship he became solely an Antiguan and Barbudan citizen. Dominica legally should only be entitled to send Choksi back to Antigua. It will be interesting to see how this sordid affair is resolved.

  4. Send this shit head back to us in India this idiot has looted our millions of dollars from our banks.

  5. Let due process take its course. Choksi did not end in Dominica by accident. If he has Dominican citizenship. Then he is entitled to all rights and privileges that come with that. Gaston can’t demand a sovereign country to do what he couldn’t do. Skerrit smarter than he. Choksi outsmarted the Browne Bird. Then again he and Skerrit are good. So let the conspiracy theories begin. They use the same political playbook. Fool the people continuously until the saga is recycled to another saga. Machiavellian theory.

  6. Scandal after scandal after scandal keep popping up and involving world dictator traitor tyrant liar always involving world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne. From getting fired from the bank and now to all this.

  7. has any Antiguan ever managed to steal millions/billions from a bank? This means you have awarded citizenship to above average intelligent man! Use his knowledge to benefit your economic progress!!! similar to FBI hiring criminal hackers over the option of sending them to a prison!

  8. Why when he was in Antigua they didn’t send him back to India? He is an Antiguan citizen I think the procedure is to send him to Antigua since a missing person report was filed and then the authorities in Antigua do their part afterwards. I find it quite strange when he was in Antigua they didn’t seems like they had the intention of sending back home but now he is in Dominica they are requesting him to be sent home.

    Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished

  9. He is not a citizen of Dominica and he attempted to enter there illegally in a boat, not through normal means of transport. This is his monumental blunder. Dominica, expel this guy who entered your country from elsewhere illegally. He is a wanted criminal in India and has looted Indian banks royally. He must be tried there.

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