Antigua PM apologies to Opposition Leader


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has made a public apology to Opposition Leader, Jamale Pringle, “ for anything I may have said in the past that offended him” after the opposition legislator refused to be part of an Economic Recovery Committee (ERC) announced by the Cabinet late last month.

“I apologise to Hon. Jamale Pringle for anything I may have said in the past that offended him. Now kindly proceed to execute your constitutional duties as Opposition Leader,” Browne said in a brief message posted on his Facebook page.

Pringle said he found it to have been disrespectful that no invitation had been issued to him or to the main opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) ahead of the first meeting of the ERC that was scheduled for April 27.

He said he would instead channel his efforts into promoting the UPP’s proposals for economic recovery in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

But Browne, speaking to reporters after Thursday’s meeting of the ERC, said having offered Pringle a public apology he is anticipating that the Opposition Leader would reconsider his position.

Browne said the meeting had brought together “very engaging individuals to look at various strategies covering virtually all sectors and I am quite sure by the time we would have gotten the submissions of the various sub-committees, Antigua and Barbuda will be very proud of the work of the Economic Recovery Committee

“We looked at the issue of diversification in the medium to long term and even short term strategies for the re-opening of the country’s economy,” he said, adding that strategies to be implemented to receive guests “and to make sure that there is no importation of new coronavirus cases”.

Browne said in the event of there being any such importation “it is actually managed in a way that there is no community spread”.

But he acknowledged that while the efforts are underway to re-open the economy, particularly in relation to the tourism sector, there were factors totally out of the hands of not only Antigua and Barbuda, but the Caribbean as a whole.

“We do recognise that the return of guests to our country …is not exactly within the control of pour country and other Caribbean countries (because0 that will be determined to some extent what happens in other source markets in the United Kingdom, the United States and at the same time the viability of some of these airlines and even perhaps some of the cruise lines may have some difficulties recommencing operations.

“So there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration which make the issue a little bit more complex. We do recognise though that we have to move towards the re-opening of the country’s economy now that the COVID situation has stabilised and is manageable.”

He said it was imperative that the country looks to move forward “in order to ensure that livelihoods are protected”.


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  1. I listened to One Single Pringle being interviewed by Darren and oh boy. He sounds like he’s lost in the bushes. I worry the real reason for declining a seat on the ERC is due to his ineptitude.

  2. Jamal Pringle now that our Prime minister apologized, please do your constitutional duties . I believe if You’re so THIN SKIN you’re in the wrong business. Politics is TOUGH business Not for BABIES. As you mentioned that You DO NOT listen to Harold Lovell or D.GISEL ISAAC. Looking for to hearing You joining the ECONOMIC committee.

  3. It’s time now, that the For-Profit Business known, as the Church invest their billions of dollars, back into the Economy!

    • Think you are aware that churches even in the US a filing for bankruptcy due to COVID? An example Archdiocese of New Orleans. Ras these are challenging times for us all. I get you have a dislike for these entities. However they have actually kept many persons from giving up due to counseling services many of them offer at no direct cost. I count myself as one who has received such a benefit. Those who can help, should help. Anyway brethren stay safe

    • @Ras Smood:There are Churches here giving away hundred of thousands of dollars weekly in groceries.I give to the Church weekly $$ and would continue to do so.I give not to get anything in return.
      By the way folks.If I were Pringle.I would not accept Gaston Browne’s apology.He would go on his radio station and cuss out people.He would say all manners of evil and nastiness about all others.Then he would have the gumption to want to meet with those persons.To heck with that.

  4. @ Ras smood
    You are so UNGODLY. Do you attend church ? You should start reading your BIBLE. Such a stupid statement.Hope you repent someday.

  5. @ Mmmmmm
    The UPP OPERATIVES are hiding.They are ashamed of Jamal Pringle intetview.They would show Their faces for a few days.

  6. Our Prime Minister (Hon.Gaston Browne) delivered a POWERFUL MESSAGE last evening on ABS and was simulcast on ZDK. I am so proud of my Prime Minister. This is a Prime Minister that knows and on top of His Subjects. Just hope that Jamal Pringle and UPP took lessons. The best Prime Minister in the world.

  7. Pringle, drunk or sober, watch yu bar! You won your seat in Parliament ligitimately, albeit narrowly. That seat is arguably the only one that could possibly be retained by the UPP. Don’t let the relics of the past – the Harolds and the Arindell-Isaacs – wreck your potentially bright future. Don’t let them frighten with horror stories of Joanne’s miscalculations, or belittle you because of your comparatively less impressive scholastic accomplishments to date. They desperately want what you have. Grow some balls boy! Man up! Stand up to them and stop being the laughing stock of the nation!!! Watch yu bar!!

  8. Stand up and stand your ground Pringle. The Prime Minister in his position should act with diplomacy and tact. That ‘apology’ was disrespectful and childish. the PM needs to grow up and focus on running the country transparently. As far as I see Pringle and UPP damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Pringle and UPP continue to be a David for the Goliath. Seems like in Antigua no matter how wrong PM Gaston Browne is, the die hard supporters will never admit it.

    • That was a beautiful apology, a gesture that only a stateman of principle and dignity would make. Nothing further needs to be said. This has nothing to do with UPP. It has to do with the LEADER of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. The UPP and their civilian leaders were not invited, but the LEADER of the OPPOSITION was. He is welcome and needed at the table. The other guys were not invited.

    • Maybe you can help him by volunteering to give him some FREE LESSONS in REASONING, PUBLIC SPEAKING, SENTENCE CONSTRUCTION and HOW-TO-NOT-SPEAK-LIKE-A-DUMBO. That is what Pringle needs more than anything. Declining to participate in the ERC is just a cop out. A smoke screen to hide behind his slowness and dunceness

  9. The Hon. Mr. Pringle must understand the UPP is NOT in power, but he is (as the one and only duly elected LEADER of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in the Parliament o Antigua and Barbuda. Stop listening to political wannabees and has been. YOU SIR ARE AN ELECTED MEMBER of Parliament. YOU IS THE MAN. Now get to the table and earn your salary. Be a voice for the people who elected you. This is not a political party matter, and don’t let those wannabees drag you do with them. They are not relevant, but you are.

  10. Is this a cynical attempt blame the UPP for contributing nothing to help in the recovery? Wouldn’t this make a good campaign slogan?

  11. @ Ras as far as i know people willingly give to the church. why you dont ask the PM to give back from the inflated contracts to the croonies.

    We have a financial genious that saved swiss bank and ran a sucessful supermarket at Jennings. Their goal is to match pussy salad but they sinking the country to realize that dream

    • “Pussy Salad”??? Don’t you mean SIR Robin Yearwood? At least he didn’t drink Cooks Pond water.

      • Is Pussy Salad still taking a pay check from the government? Any other person would have been thrown overboard by the PM especially when he has his son in waiting. There are two politicians who are untouchables and will either die in office and go on their own terms. Pussy Salad and Asot. I think they know too much about the illegal land dealings and underhand corruption practices.

  12. Mr. Browne why waste your time and energy on these guys. They really have no clue how to run a country. They were given the opportunity and made a total mess of it. Actually you gave them a good excuse not to come and embarrass themselves. And here what Jamal told Darren, they don’t want to give you an excuse that when things go wrong you would blame them. Or say they are part to blame. So they do not wish to be held accountable for anything that goes wrong, but if things go right what then? These guys have shown that they are far from ready to ever govern this country again. Leave them alone and do what you have to do. Run the country as you do, cause so far you have been doing a hell of a good job.

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