Antigua Plumbing and Hardware requires employees provide proof of vaccination

Evan, Sir George, George-Ann

To: All Staff

From: Mr. George Ryan

Date: August 28, 2021


Because of the increase in covid cases, it is imperative that the company put in place a system to avoid the spread of the disease among our staff.

Those staff who have been vaccinated are kindly asked to produce a copy of their vaccination card for record purposes. 
 On the other hand staff who have not been vaccinated are kindly asked to produce proof of a recent negative test and thereafter bi-weekly until vaccinated.

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  1. A Company has that right. To ask for proof of Vaccination.It has a responsibility to protect all staffs. Are they going to ensure. That only those customers who are Vaccinated may enter the establishment?

    • You give me a headache to read your posts everytime. What with all these periods; don’t you understand how to use punctuations? Students read the posts too.

    • I am with you, also spotted other grammatical errors. This letter was poorly structured, therefore it reflects bad on the Company.

    • Lol….ha..ha…good one. Was thinking the very same. Probably just slipped through the cracks…but then again hardware stores ought to be effective in sealing such.

    • That letter from Antigua Plumbing is fully understood. While you people are grasping at straws.The company made millions today for sure.

  2. the vaccine does not curb the spread of the virus. Dr Fauci said on a news segment that it’s scientifically proven the vaccinated can spread the virus where the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike have to follow the same protocols. guess the 3rd and 4th shots might get the results they looking for. maybe we might have to vaccinate annually

  3. What the Freedom Fighters have to say about this? DORNETTE SIMON where are you? Your “leadership” is needed by the employees of this company.

    • Who are you? Why don’t you speak up? Why do we always depend on others to speak up. You don’t need a leader be a follower.

      She didn’t like what was going on so she spoke up. Now y’all want to put it all on her. If YOU don’t like it, YOU can speak up. Or continue to hide behind your keyboard! If YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT THEN U DEFEND THE EMPLOYEES and stop
      Looking to others to be the knight in shining armor. You have your own voice so use it and summon other people mouth

      • Ok “laptop gangsta” 💻 thank you for using your real name and not hiding behind your keyboard 😆😄 You jealous of Ms. Simon?

  4. The company is responsible to pay for the tests so employees DO NOT be intimidated.

    Employees, you have rights under the Labour Laws of Antigua & Barbuda.

    Thus far, no-one in Antigua is ‘mandated’ to take a vaccine so if an employer wants an employee to take a test or tests, that is at the cost of the employer.

    Also, if an employer wants to terminate an employment agreement because one does not take a vaccine or test at ones own expense, the employee would have been UNFAIRLY DISMISSED because the employee WOULD NOT HAVE BREACHED ANY LAW.

    Know your rights employees.

    Go to a Union or Consultant of your choice and see to it that your rights under the law is protected.

    • Go ahead and feel so…..

      If a staff member chooses not to protect themselves (yes the vaccine isn’t 100% but it offers SOME protection), then why is the company expected to pay out for testing?

      It’s his company…if he says you need to wear purple hair to work there, then wear purple hair or apply elsewhere.

      Personally (my opinion…sorry if I upset anyone) but I am sick and tired of this “my choice, my body, my decision” nonsense. No one is taking away your choice.

      Don’t take the vaccine….YOUR CHOICE
      Take the vaccine….YOUR CHOICE

      We all make our choices and will pay the consequences for either.

    • Question Beef. If someone gets Covid from their workplace, who is responsible for that?
      Can the staff claim on the Workmen Compensation? On if by worst case scenario the staff died can the family claim any damages from the company who put them in harm’s way?
      The things is when there is mold in a building, we require the employer to clean the building. Because it’s about providing a safe work environment for the workers.
      I wish you guys from the union all the best in the coming court cases. But employers will not be taking this one laying down. It’s called a Pandemic. New Rules are guiding the workplace and many other public places, like restaurants, bars, gyms.

      • Lots of employers are now running risk, the same as the healthcare workers. The healthcare workers have demanded risk pay. Don’t you think that everyone these days is at a high risk when they are engaging with the public. Should we therefore consider giving everyone a risk allowance. Sound crazy but that is how I see it. The cashier at the supermarket did not chose a high-risk job. The nurse did. But yet the cashier is not given a risk allowance. The government is weak. The minute the nurses strike they buckle. They are not deserving of a Risk Allowance above what they have negotiated as part from their original work contract. Neither should a firefighter get more money because he has to go into more burning buildings as normal. As you can see this argument can go for every profession. Police, Military, Hotel workers etc.

  5. BEEF this is one time I will say that you are making sense. Please stick to the industrial relations and stay away from trying to justify Gaston’s misgovernance like TENMAN, JUST SAYING, FROM THE SIDELINE, PETE, CARSON B and FREDERIC LAMPTON.

        • MELCHESIDEC my friend I see you are listening to nonsense on the media. I watch no rump other than my spouse. My assistance was from the goodness of my heart and mind you I do not profess to be a Christian.

    • Come on Tabor rise about that man…….just when I thought that you grew up, you’re still wallowing in the mud. You are much better than this.

    • Poor Tabor. He had to go on the attack to Gaston. Even though Gaston did agree with the Unions to have the government pay for all the tests.
      Your bitterness will kill you slowly.
      But as an employer I do not agree with Beef on this. We are living in a pandemic and the cost of a pandemic should not be born only by the employer. Especially when people chose not to be vaccinated. Yes, it is their choice, but that is why they need to bear the consequences and pay for their tests. Some companies will be able to carry the cost, but others will just go under. We seem to only be focused on the rights of one individual, but what about the right of the other. Your right stops where mine begins. Vaccines are not cheap, but yet they are offered free.
      But as it pertains to Antigua Plumbing and related stores, Mr. Ryan is in my opinion the worst employer. I don’t think he even provide a simple Group Insurance for his staff. And he pays very low wages and salaries. Therefore, these issues as to who must pay for the tests will be fought in court. And many will lose employment in the meantime. And believe me Beef some employers will be happy to pay off some employees. And how long you think those monies will feed them? Good luck to them when they are looking for new employment. So much for your rights I will say. Sometimes there is a greater good of being employed than to stand up for your rights.

  6. High Time the vaccinated form their own union because the unions only looking out for the unvaccinated. WHAT HAPPEN TO HEALTH AND SAFETY In THE WORK PLACE

  7. If employees have to show proof of vaccination/negative test then patrons must show proof of vaccination and or negative test as well. If not where is the balance?? Employers want to put systems in place to ‘avoid’ the spread of covid but dont want to put systems in place to avoid unfair wages and treatment of employees which if I might add will have a better success rate. Quit with the bullying already.

    • All letters coming out of Antigua is crazy. I read a letter from A chief Medical Officer and damm nearly fell out my chair. Did you see the bill board for LBB with all those errors? This is Antigua and it’s amazing but deep

  8. What he needs to do is Raise their pay and stop talking about proof of vaccination, all those employees are killing them self working and then sitting down a win the big money…raise their pay!! They deserve it mon…

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