Antigua Observer Editor unable to work as work permit is not renewed


Editor of the Antigua Observer, Gemma Handy is unable to work as her work permit has not been renewed.

Handy applied for work permit renewal on Feb. 16.

To date, her permit has not been approved by the Labour Department.

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  1. They are being spiteful. She was born in England. She works for Observer Media Group. I hope she gets it. For it could have some consequences for Nationals working in England on permits. Syrians and Chinese Nationals are untouchables in Antigua and Barbuda. It is a known fact by me. They(ABLP) have been for most parts in the pockets of those Syrians and now Chinese.

  2. She asks a few very relevant questions at the covid post-cabinet ABS briefings and suddenly she is persona non grata? The government really cannot take a few hard questions? Gaston is always saying that he can take the criticism because he is a politician but is that really true? Talk about our government being thin-skinned! Give the damn woman her work permit, man! If Burford can get a work permit then Gemma can have hers renewed. Let us not be so small-minded and petty.

    • You don’t know why the woman’s renewal was denied. There’s a job shortage here and people love to say, Antigua has qualified journalists so she can get to packing. I don’t like Burford and I want him gone but he doesn’t need a work permit if he has a skills certificate because he’s from a Caricom country and media and degree holders qualify for that so stop showing your ignorance.

  3. Just have her work remotely as a vendor/contractor. It’s 2021 any admin job can be global like the call center jobs that we have. Our oecs neighbours would gladly host remote workers for the antigua market. Also I wonder if the same standards be used across the board including filipino work permits? In any event we can’t grow if we focus inward. The population and economy is too small. As barbados has realized we need more population to get more regional and international companies based here.

    • Then she will miss out on the sun, sea and whatever the S can be in her own world.

  4. Let us not forget under UPP in 2007 Lennox Linton was deported from Antigua school children said it was because of his investigation into the Waladli Power Plant.

    He won his case against the UPP Administration

    The people of Antigua and Barbuda had to compensate Lennox Linton some $20k come in clean Sir Charles.

    Now not because UPP Administration did it makes it right, just pointing out UPP did not set the example ALP did.

    Julius Gittens was given 24 hours to leave Antigua in 2002

  5. So what is the real reason for the refusal to renew the work permit? Is she taking away the job from hundreds of Antiguan and Barbudans journalists that are lining up for the job? I doubt that.

    • Sir Charles

      Clearly there is a pattern that previous administrations both ALP and UPP has expelled journalists from the country, this is not new.

      The AG Cutie Benjamin is making a fool of himself again, huge mistake again Sir Charles check the EU EPA

      • The woman did not follow the rules…. She should have submitted the application for renewal 3 months prior to the current work-permit deadline and she didn’t do so.

        • @Jack Daniel – Rubbish! It’s not a “rule”! Or are you trying your hardest to excuse the bitter, personally targeted snipe which formed an official response? Either way, in a small island of 8x12m with not enough people to fill an international football stadium, 3 months to file some paperwork is inexcusable in itself – or would this be to maintain a go-slow & keep certain people in their entitled jobs?

  6. This is Gaston telling them to deny her work permit bc he has a competing radio station and can’t take the competition and hard hitting questions she may ask, so he is shutting her down!


  8. 🤦🏾‍♂️quite a repulsive looking picture…..ewwww!! 😂ANR couldn’t you find a better one?

    • Glad you said it and not me. A smile is supposed to enhance the face, not make it look worse. Plastic surgery perhaps???

      Observer let go of staff who were hired way before her, but kept her on. Thought it was last in first out. Note how they herald her as a “British trained” journalist. Not even Mickel Brand received such an grand induction.

      • “Thought it was last in first out”?? What is it about merit on skill that you don’t understand? Clearly nothing as your preference is for entitlement without merit, and how someone looks! Showed yourself up nicely there. Bitterness or jealousy?

  9. “Elections coming”

    Political victimization running wild in Antigua. Comrade mustache must be getting ready to call elections.

  10. Wonder if other countries treated Antiguan nationals this way?…..hmmmm
    Oh well, just another victim…….stay and burn or cut and run Ms. Editor.

  11. They can’t take on the questioning that make them use the brain that is supposed to be filled with knowledge. Upstairs empty. Nothing there but schemes, lies, trickery and….

  12. Nothing new in Antigua if people go back and watch the interview with her she’s not playing she asked the right questions and stated the FACTS. She’s not a sell out the woman is very transparent and the people in places don’t want that. The fight is real and if people don’t wake up and see that Antigua is a sell out to the new world order. If the head is sick the whole body is sick

  13. Ok why is this news?

    No questions posed to the immigration department? No comment from her as to what feedback she’s been getting?

    Posted three paragraphs and then what? How many other people are waiting long for renewals? When was the work permit to expire? Did she allow ample time for the renewal to be processed or was it last minute? Come on….interview the lady.

    Everywhere is short staffed and working shifts and rotation due to COVID…..Come on…..journalism journalism journalism…..

    • That’s the difference in the quality of journalism Antigua is currently denying themselves! LOL

  14. Hash Tag Windrush, now you all have an idea of how thousands of black people from the Caribbean feel in the UK.

  15. If this was a Jamaican, you all wouldn’t be going so hard for her. A lot of Antiguans here want work and Observer isn’t doing anything outstanding so what is her purpose there? Jobs are scarce in Antigua and a lot of ANTIGUANS can’t find work. She can go back weh she come from. Aryu too damn hypocritical.

  16. Are you even aware that the lady applied for renewal after her permit had expired? Ir are you even aware that the requirement is for the application to be made at least three months prior to expiration to allow for on time processing? I often wonder at the rationale for media houses to feed incomplete information to the public. I find this to be mischievous and unprofessional. Is this your way of getting the gullible among us to denigrate our public officials? Why this deliberate and eerie attempt to attract readership? This is deplorable! A simple call to Gemma would have revealed the truth that is so far from what is reported here. This is so unfortunate. By the way, the woman got her work permit renewed and has indicated that she never thought that there was anything sinister about its delay.

  17. Wrong. She did not apply after her permit had expired. This article only stated a fact without detail. Any “sinister” implication lies in the minds of the reader, not what was printed.

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