Antiguan Nicholas Areche is the only detainee still on the run in St. Kitts


Police in St. Kitts today updated the public in the search for the escaped detainees.

Nine of them escaped yesterday but four were recaptured in short order.

Today the St. Kitts police said: UPDATE: 4 DETAINEES HAVE BEEN FOUND

NICOLAS ARECHE is still at large.

The search continues, the police said in a Facebook post.

Areche is believed to be the captain of the boat that allegedly smuggled Africans out of Antigua.

The boat carrying the migrants sank, killing 3 people.

Several of the occupants are still “missing”.

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  1. Not easy to swim from St. Kitts to Antigua. In all honesty, if St. Kitts is not going to press charges against him, it is fultime that they ship him back to Antigua where he resides. The bigger issue that St.kitts faces is what to do with those detainees that they have who will again try to escape. Their quest to reach the US will never end.

    • It’s time we do like other countries after granting you citizenship and you commit crime, it’s revoked and property seized to the government have them deported. like in the virgin islands and many part of the world.

  2. This matter is getting worse and worse as the days go by. Oh what a tangled web Gaston and his cabal weaved. When first they practiced to deceived us. It now blew up into their faces. Yes,the Brightest Man on Earth was DUPED. Those Kittitians are surely going to like us less. All because of the underhanded decisions made by our Government. The Administration of GAS-MAN BROWNE and His Band of OLD RENEGADES.

    • Gaston not doing a thing other than the police and military and o.n.d.c.p allow him to do, these are the men in the background manipulating Gaston to continue run illegally of the constitution and they benefit either financially or otherwise to stay quiet and do nothing, or else real police commissioner like vere brown who went back BVI would have taken action.

  3. St. Kitts is not Antigua. Send him back here and he will disappear into nothing to cover up all those complicit in this smuggling. They are fully aware that organizations in Antigua designed to protect the country are null and void. Immigration, the police, the courts, ONDCP, you name it, way too many things hang in the balance here, unresolved. Now the detainees have made matters worst by escaping from custody. Additional charges will be added.

  4. Wow wow wow wow this Man is still on island however he may be hiding among the Spanish community remember before the election last year thee then administration had in place a system that regularise or granted amnesty to Forigners . They will try anything to get him out he is hiding among his people

  5. And right now the government foreign minister and ambassador Daven are holding talks with Marvelous Mike on his grounds in Nigeria- yes the same Marvelous Mike that duped them. I hope it is to return the 10 blank Antiguan passports.

  6. The more this is published the higher the chances become of getting a real answer to this whole sorry mess…these people where left here and now are lost with out a country

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