Antigua News Are Reporting On the Growing Popularity of CBD Oil in Canada


The cannabis plant is used to extract the naturally occurring chemical CBD (cannabidiol). Despite being just one of several compounds in cannabis, CBD has been found to offer a number of significant applications.

CBD was legalized in Canada as part of a larger effort to regulate the use of cannabis and products derived from it. The government recognised that making CBD legal will help to ensure that it is secure and properly managed. Additionally, it provides insight into a huge public interest, aiding the government in its efforts to gather information and implement appropriate regulations.

Sales of CBD oil and other products are governed by the Cannabis Act in Canada, so a prescription from a licensed medical professional is necessary to purchase the material. You could consult a medical expert to obtain a prescription for CBD oil or medical cannabis, you can consult with a health care provider.


After acquiring a prescription, you can purchase CBD oil from a licensed manufacturer, retailer, or online retailer that sells organic products, like CBDNorth. It is important to keep in mind that in order to ensure its safety and efficacy, CBD oil acquired through Canada’s medical cannabis system must abide by strict quality control standards and laws.

If the THC concentration of the CBD oil is 0.3% or above, you need a prescription to buy CBD in Canada. However, you are unable to request a prescription from your doctor.

Popularity of CBD in Canada

Several causes, including the following, have led to an increase in the popularity of CBD products in Canada in recent years:


  • Cannabis legalisation: Canada legalised the recreational use of cannabis in 2018. As a result, CBD products made from cannabis plants with a THC content of less than 0.3% become acceptable for sale and usage in Canada.
  • Increased Accessibility: As marijuana became legal, CBD products were much more accessible. It is now simpler for customers to access these items because they are offered at numerous authorised brick-and-mortar retailers’ stores and online dispensaries across Canada.
  • Health Advantages: CBD products are frequently promoted as a natural cure for a range of ailments, such as anxiety, pain, and insomnia. CBD products have grown in popularity as more people show an interest in natural health remedies.
  • Public Awareness: There has been a lot of media attention given to CBD products and their potential advantages, which has aided in boosting both demand and public awareness.


  • Innovation: New products like CBD-infused beverages, edibles, and topicals have been created and promoted to customers in the Canadian CBD business in recent years. This has contributed to the attractiveness of CBD products spreading beyond regular cannabis consumers.


Legalization of CBD in canada

Cannabis-derived CBD (cannabidiol) has been gradually legalised in Canada. Cannabis plants contain the non-psychoactive substance CBD, which has been demonstrated to have a number of potential therapeutic uses.


Cannabis use for recreational purposes, including the use of CBD products made from cannabis plants, was legalised in Canada in 2018. As a result, Canadian citizens who are at least 18 (or 19, depending on the province), can legally buy and use CBD products from stores who have a licence.


It’s crucial to remember that not all CBD products are accepted in Canada. Since many years ago, it has been allowed in Canada to purchase CBD products made from hemp, a type of cannabis plant that contains very little THC (the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis). These goods are accessible.

The only people who may sell CBD products made from cannabis plants are authorised shops. To guarantee that these items fulfil Health Canada’s requirements for safety and quality, they are subject to stringent regulations and quality control procedures.


It’s important to keep in mind that while CBD is legal in Canada, it is not. It’s crucial to check local regulations if you’re travelling outside of Canada to ensure that carrying CBD products with you won’t put you in violation of any rules.


Brands famous for CBD oil


Founded in Canada in 2018, CBD North has been doing business ever since. They specialise in producing high-quality CBD oil products that are beneficial to users and free of THC and other hazardous substances.


They offer full spectrum CBD oil, THC-free CBD oil, and CBN Sleep Oil among other CBD oil products. In addition, among other CBD goods, pet owners can purchase CBD oil. The CBD oil from CBDNorth is offered in many dosages, including 1000 mg and 2000 mg, full spectrum CBD oil in 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 2000 mg, and CBN sleep in 1200 mg and 2400 mg. 


The CBD oil products from CBDNorth are made from 100% pure organic hemp that is farmed in Canada and don’t have any artificial flavors or preservatives. The company wants to

With its THC-free CBD oil, the brand promises to provide Canadians the best value in CBD Isolate. 


Regarding Full Spectrum CBD Oils, CBDNorth makes sure that all of its offerings are 100 percent organic and pure. Additionally, they combine their CBD oils with organic MCT Oil and don’t use any artificial flavours.

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