Antigua national could be heading up Forensic Lab in St. Kitts


A report that a national of Antigua and Barbuda is set to become the head of the Forensic Unit and Laboratory in St. Kitts and Nevis.

According to Kyss 102.5 FM, Latoya Lake, who holds a degree in Forensics, has taken up the appointment from the first of this month, although there has not been a confirmation of her appointment from the Federal Government in Basseterre.

This revelation comes months after the resignation of the former head of Forensics, Trinidadian, Narace Ramnarine in August, 2018.

Several sources have indicated the Forensic Department staff are under great strain and the lack of an appointed and competent person to head the department up to this point appears to bear testimony to some of the frustrations being endured.

The report points to the lack of priority given to addressing the absence of a leader of this critical police division has been viewed in some quarters as a contradiction to Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Dr. Timothy Harris’, regular references to the importance of investing in the Police, and in particular forensics.

Several weeks ago, the Leader of the Opposition Labour Party branded the Forensic Lab in Tabernacle a “white elephant.”
“We are told that the Forensic Lab is now a “white elephant” which was rendered useless after it had been abandoned merely three weeks after its opening when the Director walked off the job and returned to Trinidad and Tobago.

It was only after several months of much embarrassment to the administration, facing a spike in murders including two police sergeant’s, the son of Federal Minister Liburd and a cousin of the Deputy Prime Minister and having little or no capacity to undertake proper forensic investigations needed to solve crimes, that Prime Minister Harris felt compelled to appeal to the Director for his return,”

Dr. Douglas stated.
Other sources have also pointed out that local persons trained in forensics have been sidelined and unable to function.

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  1. Congrats. Hopefully this results in upward mobility whether it be temporary or permanent.
    The Antigua powerhouse just aint powering for many.

  2. It’s time for Antigua and St. Kitts to merge into being one country. Antigua should take over St. Kitts, we are smarter and safer than they are as a country.

    • I honestly don’t know what to call this statement. St kitts got more crime than Antigua and still their economy is more vibrant. Miss lake is making this move because the government here have failed to recognize her worth and many others working with her. This government and one before has never been interested in solving crime. Rape kits and other evidence collected had been sitting in an office for years at St. John’s without testing. Government claims no money to send them. Miss lake had become frustrated to a point where she collected evidence but sees he work dashed out the window when the evidence just sits there decaying away. Good move Latoya. So turn your words around. It’s Antigua that should be taken over by st. Kitts. Maybe this xmas we would be getting double salary. Way to go st kitts.

      • St Kitts is slightly richer than Antigua because of their CIP program, because they have a better designed CIP that confers heredity right citizenship to newborn children whereas Antigua CIP charges $25,000 if a newborn baby comes into the world. Otherwise, Antigua is a much safer and nicer country than St Kitts, everybody knows that.

      • You dont know what the hell you saying…..St. Kitts offering a lot more money and perks than what she’s getting here…. Everything and anything happening in Antigua is the Government’s fault… the good Educated Lady is marketable not just regionally but internationally as well.. and Congrats to her.

      • @ On the inside. Dr. Denzil Douglas would disagree with you that the economy is “vibrant” Just ask him why Dr. Harris refused to attend the recent IMF conference and why Dr. Harris asked for the IMF not to release the report. The murder rate has spiraled out of control and political victimization is rampant if you are not a Team Unity supporter. One by one the young men in the federation are killed. The crime is out of control. At that rate, there will be no economy left to manage.

  3. Congrats Ms. Lake. There’s a move by some ranked that suggested that to be educated, qualified and a specialist is not worthy for anything but to be pushed around under the organization or structure banner. Go for your goals. Why should one qualify themselves only to have yourself belittled by some small minded person?

  4. Behave yourself Ms. Lake and congrats! Oh and stop wearing the black lined lips and silver eyeshadow. It’s 2018 not 1998.

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