Antigua Named Among top 20 countries with the cleanest water

34 According to a study revealing the top 20 countries with the cleanest water, the UK doesn’t even reach the top 50 but the tiny island nation of Antigua has make the cut.


The team at RS Bonds collected environmental performance data from 180 countries, focusing on various water treatment and wastewater categories.

Once the results had been gathered, the team then worked out the overall rankings, scoring the countries out of 50 for how clean their water is.

Key results:


  • Seychelles in East Africa ranked as the best country for clean water. This can be attributed to the Public Utilities Corporation which covers 95% of the population’s water needs.
  • Iceland is the only European country to break into the top 10, ranking 9, with 95% of their water coming from springs and free of chlorine, calcium, and nitrate.
  • The United Kingdom fails to break into the top 50, ranking 55. There were 584,001 discharges of raw sewage into UK waterways in 2023, according to

Top 20 countries for clean water (plus their score):

Seychelles – 47.3
Antigua and Barbuda – 46.4
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – 45.7
Grenada – 44.6
Saint Lucia – 43.7
Dominica – 43.4
Kiribati – 42
Sao Tome and Principe – 41.7


Iceland – 41.1
Bahamas – 39.3
Estonia – 38.3
Latvia 36.6
Cyprus – 35.9
Lithuania – 33
Barbados – 31.2
Luxembourg – 31
Malta – 30.9
Belize – 30.9
Finland – 30.8
Trinidad and Tobago – 30.8


You can find the ranking for the top 60 countries here.

Dane Westwood, roads and sewer specialist for RS Bonds explains why the UK has failed to crack the top 50 countries for clean water:

“The UK is facing a crisis in terms of its water quality and the country’s failure to reach the top 50 in our results is alarming, though not surprising.

“Last year, there were reportedly 584,001 discharges of raw sewage into waterways – and 6,000 potentially illegal sewage spills in 2022. Most recently, we have seen that the Devon water supply has become contaminated with cryptosporidium, a parasite that can cause vomiting and diarrhoea.

“In 2023 alone, there were 1,924 cases of sickness after entering contaminated water, according to a report from Surfers Against Sewage.

“Only a small percentage of the UK’s rivers are in good ecological health, and none meet the required chemical standards. This indicates there is widespread pollution from sewage, agricultural runoff, and urban contaminants.


“A significant portion of this pollution comes from sewer overflows, including Combined Sewage Overflows and pumping stations, which are being used far more frequently than intended.

“Moreover, the UK’s outdated sewerage system is unable to cope with the pressures of increasing population, urbanisation, and climate change. In 2022, there were 400,000 discharges of untreated sewage into UK rivers.

“These issues underscore the urgent need for improvements in wastewater management, infrastructure, and environmental regulations to ensure safe and clean water for all.”





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  1. Clorox water or wind water is the top in the region somebody made a mistake. They maybe mixed Antigua water sample with Dominica own.

  2. Wow! It might be brown at first because of the unavoidable rust in the old pipings, but it is safe as potable. This will take years to be rectified but Rome was not built in a day.
    Congrats to the water treatment division in Antigua and Barbuda.

  3. The country of Montserrat should be number one.
    Antigua water cannot drink straight from the pipe without boiling Montserrat water can and the taste, is phenomenal. I had never seen Montserrat with dirty water running through the pipes and water never short pipe never off. Water had been off in my area for almost a week now this morning it came about 8am very dirty and now is minutes to 8pm and i still cannot full up because it’s still muddy.

  4. This is lie because u can’t drink Antigua water the water taste bad an salty an it rusty an dirty am from Jamaica an we drink pipe water an its like drinking spring water or oasis not saying to offend Antigua but speaking base off of what is been said about top 20 clean water
    I dnt know who pass this but they need to check an speak the truth all my white blouses turn brown I have to buy water to wash my blouse to keep them white or boil the pipe water because its better that way
    if they had say Antigua was rank for beautiful beaches I would agree but not for water

  5. The people of Montserrat have suffered dental issues for many years because of the suplhur in the water.

  6. So islands with natural water supplies such as rivers, Springs and waterfalls that are able to consume the water directly from their pipes score lower than countries with reverse osmosis and rain water as their water sources?

    Incredible! This ballot is indeed a spoilt one.

  7. The Flint water crisis was a public health crisis that occurred in Flint, Michigan from April 2014 to June 2016. The crisis began when the city’s drinking water source was switched from Lake Huron to the Flint River in 2014 without proper corrosion control treatment. This led to corroded lead and galvanized iron pipes leaching lead and other metals into the drinking water, exposing tens of thousands of residents to dangerous levels of lead. The crisis also led to outbreaks of Legionnaire disease, which killed at least 12 people and sickened many more.

    Flint water crisis | Summary, Facts, Governor, & Criminal Charges | Britannica
    27 Apr 2024

    National Institutes of Health (NIH) (.gov)
    The Flint Water Crisis: A Coordinated Public Health Emergency …
    In April 2014, Flint’s drinking water source was changed from Great Lakes’ Lake Huron (whi…

    10 years on, Flint still faces consequences from the water crisis
    6 May 2024 — The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, unfolded in 2014, when a state-appointed em…
    Lead exposure can damage children’s brains and nervous systems, lead to slow growth and development, and result in learning, behavior, hearing, and speech problems. Concerned residents and independent researchers eventually led to Flint being reconnected to the Detroit water system on October 16, 2015, and a federal emergency was declared in January 2016.
    Even 10 years after the crisis, Flint is still facing consequences. Some residents, like Jacquinne Reynolds, live with unanswered questions about possible connections between the water and their health. Others, like Pastor Robert McCathern, say that people are afraid of the water and won’t get baptized.
    The state of Michigan continues to provide free water filters, replacement cartridges, and water testing kits to Flint residents.
    Generative AI is experimental.

    And this is the big United States of America. But the Gaston haters will have nothing to say about this. But cry down our APUA for every little thing.

  8. Yes we have the cleanest water. That’s because 3/4 of the time we have no water in the pipes.

    This country goes backwards every day.

  9. You see why our country cannot get better we Caribbean people bad mind just because you don’t see your country. Name on the list you get jealous I’m a Jamaican and I believe Antigua is bless my mom use to have a wall paper hanging in the kitchen. That said what you see here let it stay here or don’t come back here, smh close your rass mouth.

  10. Dave Ray. Trust you to swallow this nonsense. Antigua doesn’t even have a sewer system. The water from APUA is discoloured, smells and taste like sea water. That’s why i purchase my water from one of the bottling plants. Chups!

  11. Congrats to the technicians at APUA. They do an outstanding job of using available technologies to purify water from the sources available in this dry country. Any issues with the water come from the piping system. Of course, they have to add a little chlorine to kill any germs that might be picked up in the pipes so there will be a bit of that taste. And, there are old pipes that might be rusting etc. in some places and your water can pick up germs coming out of your own pipe in your home so it must be boiled. We just need to have the pipe system fixed and produce enough water to meed the demand in Antigua. Countries who obtain their pure water directly from natural sources with less artificial purification often don’t realize that their water can be a little polluted e.g. when people throw garbage in the rivers in countries such as Dominica. So, that might be why some of them score lower. They need to work harder to educate their citizens on the importance of proper garbage disposal and helping to avoid waste products getting into their waterways.

  12. You can literally drink mineral water straight from sous in Dominica, not to mention the pipes, but it was ranked below Antigua?! Antigua whose water I accidentally drank a few times when I was in my teens and visiting, and had IBS for several days every time? Antigua whose pipe water I’ve had to let run for sometimes more than 20 mins to run the SLUDGE out before I can even take a bath. Can’t even think pf putting that water nowhere near my face tho. Have to wash face separately with rain water. Antigua, whose water I used as iced cubes (cause I didn’t know any better, I was young) and had to throw out drink after tasting it? That Antigua?
    I love this country, as it has been my second home for years now, but bffr. Not even Antiguans will agree with this ranking.
    Hope this doesn’t inflate the ego of APUA and have them resting comfortably because they think they’re doing an acceptable job

  13. Antigua produces pure water at the plants before the water enters the piping system. That’s probably what was being scored. What you get at the end of the piping process is a different matter.

  14. If you send water from rivers and springs unpurified through good pipes then yes your water will taste better, but it can still contain low level contaminants from environmental pollution. They were probably comparing water at the sources not from the pipes.

  15. Once again…….ANYTHING AND EVERYING THAT IS GOOD IN ANTIGUA WILL BE DISCOUNTED BY IT’S OWN PEOPLE. I actually saw the headline and whispered..’Watch how the folks are gonna dispute the findings..’..& true to their form…I was vindicated.

    You are a sorry bunch of ‘Negators’…Niggertors….hmmm..I think I might be on to something here…

    Antiguans, please stop your belly achin’!

  16. This is a scientific approach of collecting samples, data and analysing the results so yes it is a welcome fact and truth. Yes the problem with water quality with APUA is not the production but the piping/distribution of the water to the customers , due to those buried aged iron pipes that are rusty and currently being replaced with the high density polyethylene pipes, but the water sources for water production is better than most countries on the planet. It is evident most of the countries on the top 20 are small island states. The developed countries water sources are polluted with heavy metals, sewage, chemical contaminants from disposed waste waters from different industries and so on. Good thing our waters are more cleaner, good reason to celebrate and policies and laws for sewage disposal should be always enforced ,even the use of fertilizers in our farms must be controlled, because run off water can easily carry contaminants to the water table.

  17. @ I LIVE HERE NOW, the “belly achin'” as you opine will cease once Gaston Browne has left the “political” building. Simple enough for you?

    Antigua & Barbuda deserves a better person to run this great country.

    Again, simple enough for you?

  18. @James Faulkner:
    I was in Antigua twice in the last two months. I had running water almost everyday. I boiled it and drank it. I made ice without boiling it. I am still fine. A little rust won’t hurt you. I have to respect the people who conducted the study. I didn’t. I don’t have that training. Leave it to the professionals.

  19. Well said @ James Faulkner, it sounds like you live here and fully understand what we islanders have to deal with on a daily basis, unlike those that shout the loudest who live abroad and travel here infrequently. Tarl!

    Kudos to you sir 👏🏾

  20. One day I noticed that whenever I watered my seedlings with pipe water they all wilted and died. If I gave them rain water they all thrived. I no longer consume the water that comes through the pipe. If you choose to believe everything that is published online I wish you all the best. I also note that Molwyn is sometimes heard bemoaning the increasing demand for dialysis machines. There is no evidence to suggest that this is in any way related to the condition of the pipe water.

  21. Honest query here: Do people really drink the pipe water, or even cook with it? Since my experiences from young, I’ve only ever used the pipe water to wash and to bathe. My drinking and cooking water is either from a treated water tank (rain water) or bottled water.

  22. @I Live Here NOW June 26, 2024 At 9:25 am
    It is sad to say, but you are so right. We are like crab in a barrel. And everything is political. No matter how good the news is, the opposition will never praise the government for doing a good job. Look at the commendations we got from the SIDS conference. Yet not a good word from the opposition. We are a sad bunch of people.

  23. @James Faulkner June 26, 2024 At 6:14 am
    And where do you think the bottling companies get their water from. You think they have their own RO Plant? So foolish. Yes we have a distribution problem of the water. That is why people should install a water filter on their main or the pipe in the kitchen sink where they use the water for drinking. Anytime a pipe burst and APUA fixed that pipe you will have some dreck getting into the distribution.

  24. This is such BS!! Tell this Anancy story to the woman who has her white clothes soaking in bleach since last weekend when the brown water messed them up

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