Antigua MP Sir Robin Yearwood Hospitalised In England


Source: Real News Antigua-Sir Robin Yearwood, Member of Parliament for St. Phillip’s North, has reportedly been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital in England.

Informed sources have indicated that his son, Robin Yearwood Jr., is preparing to leave Antigua as soon as possible to be by his father’s bedside.


The 80-year-old MP narrowly retained his seat in the January 2023 election.

However, he has not debated a single bill in the House of Representatives nor spent any significant time in the chair as Deputy Speaker since then.

This has sparked considerable speculation about his mental health and capacity as a representative over the past 17 months.

Approximately three weeks ago, Sir Robin left the island for medical treatment in England, accompanied by his daughter, Immigration Chief Katrina Yearwood.

In related news, the Antigua Labour Party has announced that a primary to replace Sir Robin Yearwood will be held in July.

This exercise is seen as a precursor to a by-election in the St. Phillip’s North constituency. Jamal Pringle, the political leader of the United Progressive Party, has not yet commented on these developments.






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  1. Sad to hear, but more sadness to come if his properties are to be redistributed among his family who may fence them and block all access to the sea for willikies people. There is serious ramiphication for st Phillips north who are oblivious of what’s happening in their surrounding due lack of inform education on these matter and old age and fanaticism. Let’s wish him a speedy recovery because no one should disrespect an elder.

  2. Can anyone tell me what this man has legitimately done to be able to pay an ex- wife millions of POUNDS? What has he done for his constituency? If this is the way to get him out of office, so be it.

  3. What are you really insinuating? Have you lived in Antigua for the last 20 years or so? You sound ignorant to the reality on the ground 🙄

  4. I like Robin and I wish he would have been given the chance to transition with his constituents and his animals around him

  5. Well well, eversince the last election in January 2023 the UPP has been wishing and hoping that something would happen to Sir Robin so that they may have another change at trying to win the seat of St. Peters North and thereby form the government. They now feel that their wishes are coming through. But God doesn’t sleep. And everything is in hos hands. So why worry about them when we can Pray them Off.
    Wishing you speedy recovery my friend and comrade. Sir Robin Yearwood.

  6. You are sounding very desperate again. You lost the first time and the second time isn’t going to be any different so stack up on your meds. Your Money Glutton Boss has been able to waste away two of his senior members; they haven’t lasted for any considerable time after their political careers so Cutie and Molwyn, especially, need to observe the trend and evacuate early because lately, he has been exhibiting signs of early dementia. They should try not to go down like Lester and Robin because they are the next likely sacrificial lambs.

  7. Sickness and death are the inevitables of human existence.
    If money could buy more than stem cells what a wonderful world it would be.
    Could this be one of the reasons why Gaston Browne and the ABLP is seemingly pushing for an early election with all of their propagandists and #red_propoganda machine cranking up?

    A few thoughts…

    A…has Robin Yearwood, debated any of the ‘bills’ passed in Parliament?

    B…are there any requirements, by law which say, that Members of Parliament are to be present(physically), not just virtually to vote on in certain circumstances?

    C…if he hasn’t being physically present in Parliament, for the roll calls…
    (i)…how many ‘physical’ absents are allowed consecutively, by a Member of Parliament, before the Speaker of the House is required to take action(s)?

    Harold Lovell, you need to do a #Cum_Bak_Kid (Lester Bird) style, run against Melford and win.
    Jamal Pringle, MP still has his #training_wheels on, as a politician and mos def, as the Leader of the Leader of the Nation.

    The [vibes], aura surrounding the St. Phillips North Constituency and Robin Yearwood, from the #rattling☠️_bones of #Mami_🖤_Wata and #Papa_🦶🏿_Legba signalled, a By_Election in this Constituency before the next legally due General Elections!

    Politics is a #Blood_🩸_Sport!
    UPP must learn how to go for the #political_jugular, and STOP juggling their chances like they’re in the Univer_Soul Circus!

    I would surmise, that this Member of Parliament is getting the very best medical care, that #money, #mo_money, #only_money can buy.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  8. You know in America they learn to celebrate a man’s wealth and his achievements to attain such wealth. In Antigua we try as much as possible to bring anyone who is of our kind down the minute we learn that he or she has attain wealth. And even though it cannot be proven, allegations of corruption and what not have you, are made against that person. All because of envy and jealousy and what we call bad mindedness. Crab in a barrel, they cannot see their brother do well. They must bring him/her down. Misery and Poverty love company. And that is a Blackman’s curse for sure. Nop other nation on the face of this earth has that more then black people. A Syrian or Lebanese comes here without a dime. Within not to long years, he can open a store and build apartments and office complexes. No one ask themselves how did he attained such wealth in such a short time. But if a black person has the same luck in life, everyone will question how it is he now has so much wealth. And allegations start to circle whether or not he is involved in some hanky panky business.
    We are just a cursed people. And that is why our dollar doesn’t stay long amongst us. We rather spend our money with other races. Rather then to buy things at Top Ranking or Super Power we would go to the Mega Men or Town House or any other Syrian or Lebanese Business. Rather then to buy our cars only at Harney we would rather go to Hadeed. And believe me I have nothing against these people. They are good business people. I only point out the way we as black people are. We do not love our own. And do not like to see our own prosper.

  9. I have no idea why anyone would want to give their life to Antiguans and work on their behalf. A life of service is not one that I would encourage anyone to live especially after reading these cruel comments.
    The malicious rumors spread by this media house, Opposition, and its author along with the people who sit around fanning the flame, gleefully rubbing their hands at the perceived demise of someone as like-able as Sir Robin, is asking for a heaping spoonful of karma and bad luck. I hope Lady Karma is deliberate, swift and just when she opens a can of whoop ass on all of you POS.

  10. You can’t take it with you!
    You’re not allowed!
    You take your clothes only!
    All the greed you exibit here on earth all the money you acquire and accumulate you take nothing
    With you!
    Mr. Speaker!
    Watch out!

  11. Ras Smood you seems to recognize that the UPP is lacking depth in calling for the return of Harold Lovell. I might add that the party is lacking both depth and diversity. This makes Miss Sean Nicholas the most qualified candidate to contest any upcoming election in St. Phillips North. It’s a gross mistake to look on her two defeats by Robin, and Alex Browne so called close race with Robin. I know St. Phillips North well, and real conversations can be had concerning Miss Nicholas in difficult areas of the constituency that’s not been made before. I know what I’m talking.

  12. @ From The Sidelines

    Learn to read and write English you Pharisee. Hypocrite. At least Robins illness not hidden like how Lester’s was in order to ‘protect’ his seat.

  13. @Jeb Exactly!!! Robin whether in sickness or health, dead or alive, nothing changed what he decided to do when he was in good health and had the chance to do right.
    As an Antiguan, I say eff him now and for ever.

  14. From listening to the comments.. I have a question.. you think it’s right that certain people would have water all the time at there hotels bc of the power they have. We are like sheep in this country…. Moving forward.. I trust everyone it’s the devil inside them I don’t trust .. Maya Angelou Wrote and Said “Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it has not solved one yet.”Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.”
    “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. I say this because I know better .. So GOD BLESS HIM🙏🏾..

  15. Recall his son about a week ago, via point FM stating that Sir Robin was going to the UK to attend his grandson’s graduation. His dad could not make it since he would be busy campaigning, so Robin went to represent. Yes I know the opposition dearly wants Sir Robin to be ill so they can get another chance at a beating. One would think a writeup like this even insincere would at least state they wish the man well, but instead they are into obeah. UPP, operatives, I expect will be reminded of the laws of Karma

  16. Reading the REPREHENSIBLE comments from @ tenman and @ From The Sideline are utterly despicable.

    Politics aside, nobody – I repeat nobody -, or right thinking person would want to wish ANY illness on anybody, whatever their political colours or persuasions.


    Absolute guttersnipes …

  17. It’s only illiterate fools would wish some one ill will during time of sickness. Should be shame of your selves. Your time will come.

  18. @ Brixtonian

    I agree. They are the ones who seem to be putting words in people’s mind and fingers.
    Do not forget their sarcasm months ago when the Hon Hilson Baptiste suffered a debilitating illness.

  19. @Curious George…I don’t have my #boots_on_the_ground, nor my #ears_to_the_wind in Antigua at all times; however, it’s obvious that because the #opposition has being a coalition of various political groups over the years, it tends not to have the ‘roots & depth’ of the ABLP.
    This factor more so, than anything else, always weakens their(the opposition) hand in the General Elections.
    Times have change, the political landscape is very fluid, as is evident with the #political_wharf_Rats jumping from party to party.

    Yes, @Curious George. The opposition (UPP Coalition), not the Independent(s) or Barbuda has to diversify, as in attracting and keeping WOMEN in leadership roles, to advance the Party and their ‘causes;’ regardless, of differences in ideology’s. As for Sean Nicholas, her timid nature is a plus in some quarters, but with the ABLP, it’s a #blood_sport and the ‘spoils go to the victor.’

    Politics of today is not for the timid nor weak at heart!

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  20. It amazes me that you ANTIGUANS are made to suffer in that excuse of a hospital
    but these politicians can go abroad on tax payers dime to get the best health coverage and besidecare THAT DNT BOTHER YOU ALL

    The cancer center was sold for millions to millionaires IT DNT BOTHER YOU ALL WHEN JOEY JOHN AND HIS INVESTORS DONE



    IDK WHY YOU ANTIGUANS PAY INSURANCE OR THAT ISELESS THING CALLED SOCIAL SECURITY and still be begging them to sign referrals for monies to pay for additional services

    Nothing bother you all until it becomes YOU

  21. @Ras Smod
    Not only timid, but as a General Secretary, very lazy.
    Only around so she could get her full pension. Put a guilt trip on Baldwin and Harold to say they made her leave her nice job. That is why she is in the senate and not other deserving persons.
    UPP needs smart women in the party. Sean and Giselle and Chaku run all the smart ones.
    She is not a politician. She can’t win any seat. She not too smart either. If she was, she woulda help Alex Browne to win the seat last election. Instead she went to Bethesda to fight against Bowen. She was like she feel she is entitled. Chummy in up with the last PL. That did not work either. He lost too and that was because he put her in his branch office and run all the branch members.
    Curious George is a fool.

  22. @ Mama Lazy

    You infidels can chat so much CHIT. Why don’t you go and run the ABLP and get them to conduct their long foregone leadership convention rather than dipping your crap in people’s business. You know everything about everything UPP. Did you also know that the election was stolen from them as uttered by your corrupt leader Gaston when he admitted transferring voters in various constituencies to facilitate victory for his colleagues?
    Since you so know why didn’t you know that the elections including the honourable HL seat was stolen. You seem to have some gripe with intelligent women- PITY and an even bigger PITY you cannot put your dam name and being exposed. Just come on here and chat crap and CHIT all the dam time.

  23. @ tenman

    ”another chance at a beating”….a beating??? when Gaston admitted stealing the 2023 elections? YOUR ABLP IS AN ILLEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT, facilitated by LS- Supervisor and the transfer of voters. Y’all consciences will be your downfall and guilt will send you to the great beyond, because GUILT IS NOT EASY- IT EATS YOU OUT, EVEN ON YOUR DEATH BED.

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