Antigua moves to protect its borders against new COVID variant


Government Announces Immediate Restrictions On Travel From South Africa, Botswana, Belgium And Hong Kong In The Wake Of The Emergence Of The Omicron Variant Of Covid-19.

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    • Carl, the way to protect the Nation is to vaccinate the Nation. Closing the bars just causes hardship. Those Antiguans that haven’t had the jab should get the jab – now!

      • What … and risk getting Myocarditis, Pericarditis (heart problems), Bels Palsy (facial paralyses), blood clots, Tinnitus (hearing issues), and skin peeling issues – DO SOME RESEARCH Phil, and you’ll find that these adverse reactions to the ‘gene therapy ARE NO LONGER RARE OCCURRENCES.


    • I heard it spreads 5 times more quickly than the Delta variant. Worldwide, humanity took too long to reach herd immunity. We are all going to pay the price for the ignorant antivaxxers. I hope it is not as deadly as the delta variant.

      • First off, the virus was detected in FULLY
        VAXXED people. So your antivaxxed comment shows your ignorance.
        Second, Dr Geert Vanden Bossche is a Virologist/ Vaccinologist and this is what he has to say, “Mass infection prevention and mass vaccination with leaky CV19 vaccines in the midst of a pandemic can ONLY breed highly infectious variants.”

  1. I am soo glad that this is the government we have handling the pandemic. Kudos for your continued proactive stance.

    • Lol. Sure, let’s give praise to the government that let every other variant and its cousin into the country….. that is the kind of government you can trust to manage a pandemic… LMAO. This move is just a gimmick because they won’t stop entry from the US or UK once it is inevitably detected there. That’s where our infections come from. And the O variant is already there, they just don’t know it yet . The government isn’t managing anything…the PM already said to expect more infection because of tourism. He’s trusting in herd immunity that doesn’t exist for any version of this virus. Good luck with that.

    • JUST SAYING looks like you just love to repeat that comment. Anyway, I would say that they are more reactive than proactive.

  2. @ AJ well said . Just Saying is exactly what the name says. He just says whatever comes to his mouth and not his brain.
    He will say kudos to the Government even with facts showing exactly the opposite on any subject . This is forum is loaded with clown puppets
    Nothing is about wrong or right with these fools ,it’s red or blue.

  3. The vaccines and boosters are what is causing the variants. The vaccinated have become the super-spreaders. Do some research and discover the truth.

    The Red Cross has stopped accepting blood from the vaccinated people because their immune system has been destroyed by the jabs.

    The un-vaccinated are the PUREBLOODS and will now get all the girls, if the girls are smart.

  4. Here come the #Spike and its last name is not Lee, however, it a Squel to a well scripted #Con #Game where HUEmans are the marks!

    Anyone wanna bet, when this variant arrives in Antigua, it will not come from someone from those countries.
    They’re following the leads of their puppet masters.

  5. Why u never heard of a carinthia for the USA UK France Germany and Russia but you only hear about these things in Africa India and China are the the country the super power are afraid of or the just want to destroy the black race once and for all. Well they can’t keep trying the harder they come the harder the fall THE UNITED STATES OF AFRICA BLACK POWER RULE.

  6. Who knows how long this variant has been out. Tap UK flights and all, their numbers are ridiculous and the new variant done reach. It will come here on a UK flight if from anywhere.

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