Antigua may no longer be willing to accept Cameroonians return from St. Kitts


According to a statement from the Ministry of National Security in St Kitts, the Antigua and Barbuda government has reversed its decision to return the Cameroonians rescued from the March 28 boat disaster to St Kitts.

The 14 Cameroonian migrants were en route to St Thomas when their fishing vessel capsized.

The St Kitts authorities claimed that they had initially agreed to accept the migrants but have since rescinded the offer.

The statement also revealed that five of the 14 people rescued from the boat remain at large after escaping from a detention facility outside Basseterre where they were being held.

Three bodies were recovered from the water after the disaster, and around a dozen more are missing and presumed dead.

The migrants were among hundreds of Cameroonians fleeing conflict back home who arrived in Antigua late last year on charter flights from Nigeria.

Local authorities have yet to comment on the disappearance of the West Africans that were in custody in St Kitts, or the announcement from the authorities there that Antigua and Barbuda has backtracked on its earlier pledge to allow them back here.

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  1. We Antiguans may not want them returned to our shores, but unfortunately the ABLP made arrangements for them to come here under the guidance of the “Honourable” Gaston Browne.

    We may not like it (even though we are pleading for an independent investigation to take place into how they got here), but remember, Antigua & Barbuda had a GREAT opportunity to remove them from office in January.

    Looks like we’ll have to accept the Cameroonians 🇨🇲back here …

    • Weh Sideline, Tenman, Buddy Bloke, Wash an Basin,
      and all the the other ALP apologist/minions to defend their master’s decisions? Look how EASILY they are turning their backs on these highly educated African brothers and sisters because they are unruly — These ALP humanitarians Love and Concerns are conditionally, eh?

      F**k around and find out, Africans!

  2. This is the proper thing to do. The Cameroonians are not Antigua’s problem as they would have left Antigua. St. Kitts decided to pick them up so let them deal with it. How dare St. Kitts try to send these people to Antigua like our country is a dumping ground for refugees. The Hon. PM needs to send a strong message to St. Kitts that they must not pass their place. Antigua is an independent country and can do as it pleases with regards to the entry of foreign persons.

    If St. Kitts gets too noisy Antigua could start to refuse entry to Kittitians as well to put them in their place.

    • Not sure how many kittitians go to antigua and if so I’m pretty sure majority is transit to another country. Antigua must have gold talking about strong message!

    • @Bilbo from All Saints
      You are a real Bilbo. Sorry to our kittitian neighbours. Bilbo is a fool and probably not even a born Antiguan.

    • Lolll Antigua putting visa restrictions for Saint Kitts ? You know about OECS ? If only international relationships were that easy.

  3. Gaston don’t want them here, because he did not get the money from the united nation agency that visited antigus

  4. They went to Antigua, they chose to leave. Now they’re in another man’s country. They’re not citizens of Antigua & Barbuda why send them back to Antigua? I’m just asking.

    • @BlackBeauty, I wholeheartedly agreed they are not Antiguans, they voluntarily left Antigua and it is down to the Kittians to deport them to Nigeria, they left Nigeria and chances are, they are Nigerians and not Cameroonians. In any event they are not Antiguans.

    • Because Antigua was willing to take them back. They ended up in St Kitts because the Antiguan govt. made it easy for them to come to Antigua under false pretenses. Their attempted illegal activity landed them off the coast of St Kitts — Should St Kitts have left them in the ocean to drown? After all, they’re not Kittians.

      Antigua needs to take them back and keep good fences with our neighbors.

      • I have always wondered why Gaston wanted them back. Did he think some foreign agency would give him money for their upkeep, or he viewed them as a source of cheap labour or potential voters. We know it is always about money. I am sorry but St. Kitts will now have to deal with them.
        Did I hear that the USA was granting some form of special arrangements for people from Cameroon as they are doing for people from Ukraine? If true, this could account for the so-called Cameroonians in Antigua trying to get to the USA. Don’t be surprised if these people are Nigerians. We know this country is the fraud headquarters of the world.

        • A bet if these ppl was white or Chinese Antigua would have gladly take them back but this is how we treat our own brothers and sisters

  5. Bilbo from All Saints, are you an idiot! What this has to do with St. Kitts? This whole issue is Antigua problem….

  6. OH NO!! Don’t let Donna Chaia hear this! Or Sideline. Donna was on Pointe FM pleading how they were our people, and a whole lot of bunkum trying to score cheap political points. Now that their leader decides that he doesn’t really like them that much, I hope that they would come back to explain their change of hearts, or to apologize.

    • @zackie
      Don’t bother with Donna and all them yahoos on their radio station. They are begging for something. But Gaston is not giving them more than a few board appointments as he probably does not need any more former UPP opportunists. Donna is yet to receive her reward. They left UPP for labour because they think that’s where the money is. They are nothing but political opportunists. People like these help to keep people living in Antigua, stupid and backwards with all their stupid chatter. I say living in Antigua, because a lot of the people phoning in to their radio station and showering praises on Gaston Browne are non nationals.

  7. So now, in this new chapter of #Mi Bruddah_U Sistah, who’s discriminating against whom?

    ABLP against Cameroonians in St. Kitts?
    Kitticians against Cameroonians?
    UPP against Cameroonians in St. Kitts?
    Antiguans against Cameroonians in St. Kitts?
    Cameroonians against Antiguans?
    Cameroonians against Kitticians?
    Trinidadians against Cameroonians?

    Now speaking of Trinidadians discriminating against Cameroonians, didn’t Trinidad return a Cameroonian to Antigua, after he was caught boarding a flight to New York?

    ABLP decision makings on this saga is well worth being investigated by the International Law/Crime fighting agencies. The Kittician Government should just send to Antigua on a private jet, and drop them off at VCB International.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Bastard
    Vere C. Edwards

  8. This just gets messier and messier. Once you start lying there is no telling where it will end up.
    Don’t know why anyone would trust anything ANY ALP agent says, fron Gaston Browne to the most pathetic minion. You get the feeling they are just winging everything.
    Thought they said they would take them back. Now they don’t want them? What next?
    Escaping detention does not speak well of the nature of these Africans.

  9. School children say that the minister of foreign affairs and ambassador DJ and another is in Nigeria in discussion with Marvelous Mike / Antigua. Not one of the Africans are interested in returning. Few If any is interested in staying in Antigua. More than 80 % have left and the others are leaving daily.

    • Thieves don’t like seeing other people with big bags, so look out.
      We have a leader who no genuine investor wants to deal with especially after he told the world he was involved in fraud to win the last election. I wonder why he would choose Nigerians in the first place? Is it because they are accommodating and realize how gullible this man is. Look out for the disappearing African village after they get their hands on Antiguan lands.

  10. If Gaston clown did not make Antigua a dumping ground for that rubbish plane Antigua airways and it’s refugee passengers we would not be having this back and forth with st Kitts now , look how this thing is turning out to be because of the poor decision of that rubbish brain pm gaston clown, and idiots like donna chia defending the stupidness,SMH .

  11. The minister of foreign affairs s in African speaking to Marvelous Mike . He , ambassador Dav… J and company. Can’t be that they are still trying to put on other flights be it from or to, …..same madnesses.

  12. These people should be returned to Africa, people in Antigua so stupid talking about brothers and sisters from Africa, u want to tell me that these people couldn’t flee to another part of Africa where there is no unrest, Antigua can fit into Africa plenty times ,we don’t have the room .

  13. Gaston Clown does not want anything to do with his unlawful university graduates from Africa

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