Antigua may be forced to change anti-gay laws says PM Browne


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has admitted that Antigua & Barbuda may eventually have to bend to global pressure to repeal laws banning homosexual activity.


The Prime Minister told state media LGBTI issues were discussed at the just ended Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting and “there are some countries that are very bullish about the issue”.


This means “that within the region we will see increased pressure to address certain laws that may be discriminatory and again even though they may go against our religious sensibilities, those are issues that the international community is pushing right now”, he said.


The Prime Minister said Belize and Trinidad have already been confronted with the issue and it is only a matter of time before the pressure reaches the shores of Antigua & Barbuda.


“We have to be at least aware that these discussions are taking place so that we can start to condition our mind that eventually, they will be changes; if not voluntary, they’ll be forced.” He added.

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  1. Why should we change our laws to suit these big countries and the biggest law which is racism none of them would change at all. Should our island keep crumbling under pressure from the big countries? Why dont we as caribbean people help the fight and stigma of racism against blacks and other ethnicities in the world.

    • So right- while we all stand together against this demonic immorality they are trying to shove down our throats.

    • Antigua is a small Nation compared to the EU and UK. Face it, you have no power and whatever they dictate you will eventually follow. You live in a world economy. So wake up and smell the roses. On another subject, if you want equality, stop calling Antigua a Christian Nation. Not everyone in Antigua is Christian. For crying out loud, your PM just apologized to Rastafarians for years of discrimination.

      • Antigua is not a christian nation, antigua is a religious nation…there is a big difference. We need to stand up for Christ if we plan on doing anything right

    • I have been telling people that this day would be coming hard on us for some years now, and we won’t be able to sustain the pressure when it comes. The racism laws that we speak of and think about are there all over the world but guess what, this same thing we fighting against is also considered as racism, which i understanding. Talking is talking, if we fighting against, let us fight together.

    • It is funny that you jump right to racism, no one is more more racist and predjudice
      Than Caribbean people, light skin verses dark skin, family prestige, school prestige just to name a few. We need to work on our own predjudices that it where we need to start

  2. hmm. If they jump from a bridge should we jump too? Better yet, Christians here in Antigua and invtge world are sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and Salvation – why not follow the Christians as they follow Christ #ElectionCalledQuiteEarlyIndeed

  3. Do we really have to conform to this? I think not..Mr PM as a supporter please do not ask us to accept something like this shoved down our throats.. This is one time i will withhold my vote the next time around..We should NEVER give in to this,no matter what.

  4. Antigua and Barbuda need to be 101% independence from England so they can’t tell us what to do. Mr. PM you’re the world boss and know one can tell you or force you to change any law.

  5. The whole world need God,. And we need too stop yelling to out own understanding and most of all we NEED TO FEAR THE BIG MAN.

    • We do not need to fear the big man we need to fear GOD. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

  6. It’s about bloody time that ALL people are treated with respect and equality. This so-called Christian society is riddled with infidelity, back-stabbing liars and charlatans, yet we accept them without thought. Who cares who one sleeps with? Antiguans need to grow up and realise and accept the fact that LGBT people are among us, and have been since the beginning of time. They will not change in the same way straight people will be change. And I say, thank goodness for gay people. Otherwise there would be far less artists and musicians, and there certainly will not be a Hollywood!! Grow up people!!!!!!

    • Dont be one of the so called christian in society but rather be a true christian and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. We all fall short in some way or the other and that’s a fact, but God picks us up from a broken state and mend us. So anyone who was, is, might be or is going to be broken God will strech forth His hand to mend and restore. With that said, he or she (anyone of us) that’s willing to ALLOW God to have His way in us will no doubt line with what God’s Word says, and when God mends you and mends you GOOD (HAHAHA. I am in no way agreeing with such adjustments of the laws of man. Let God be the God of Antigua and Barbuda as well as the other nations of the earth. #we can’t adjust simply to satisfy man #From another eye it appears as if with such laws being pass the guilty or the alledged would not be guilty/charged after all.

  7. Buh, wha I hearing dere nuh? I’m confused. Hadn’t Baldwin already done it? Remember 18/6? You mean Baldwin did not pass any antiman laws? Tarl man!

    • Your commentary is awaiting moderation when you mash people corn in an independent medium?

  8. Steve my friend: As an Independent country with our laws towards gay rights already in place, which other country can force us to change or amend our laws. it’s not practical for that to happen. Big countries, smaller countries don’t make a difference! The same international laws apply.

  9. England is the most diabolically moral corrupt Nation Earth has ever known. This is the same dispicable disgusting Nation that cuddle, and gave succor to the atrociously dastard deeds of etnic slavery for it’s nation’s wealth building and prestige. England has plunderd, and raped the world of wealth and People’s consciousness of self-worth and esteem: now to want to espouse the moral high compas to be compassionate to Faggots, should not be alarmingly astonishing, except for the fact they were always compliant in the deviant practices, and behavior of Faggotism; contrary to Nature’s laws. Black People and Caribbean people should not cowtow to the dictates of Eurocentric senssibillities to curry economic favors and acceptance. Stand up for your moral principle, or be castigate with the damned degenerates of Humanity. Be African Antiguan Strong: And show the World you have real balls hanging. “Man-up-For Man” even just once. Mr.PM. zero tolerance for Faggotism: is a natural stance in the struggle for the rights of MAN & Woman against degenerated deviants. Do we produce so they can recruit with our consent? A what dat? Tarl.

  10. May GOD help us all… No matter what your thoughts are, the WORD of GOD will stand true… It’s an abomination for a man to have sex with another man…. Leviticus 20:13 states it clearly “if a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads”. In the beginning, it was man and woman not man and man or woman and woman… So u are saying that my GOD; the infinity, all mighty, all knowing all powerful GOD made a MISTAKE by creating man and woman… Do not try to belittle my GOD.. we the followers of Crist Jesus, our Messiah will NOT accept this lie about homosexuality… We will not stand back and allow such a thing to be apart of our laws… God forbid… We will NOT allow our beloved nation to become a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.. Let God be true and every man a liar… ANTiGUA and BARBUDA for JESUS… Let that banner fly high.. Shalom

  11. So what about God’s Law? :Isn’t God’s Law more important than the law of man?!”

    This is why this world is the way it is, because man rejects God Law and have gone to serve baal. The god of the devil!

    When you disobey and rejects God’s Law, this is damnation! What about your salvation?!

  12. Why they don’t change their laws? We Don’t have to do nothing. Homosexuality is a sin and If our prime minister think he have to bend to accommodate the other countries he obviously don’t know who Jesus is. Let God fight your battles Honorable Gaston Browne. Stand for Jesus and watch him take care of our country. Don’t sell out for money or fame.

    • Catty Davis- Browne- You have said it all in your short discourse.. Hope it’s taken seriously ,because this is where the meaning of this Scripture is now manifested” WE WRESTLE NOT AGAINST FLESH& BLOOD-BUT AGAINST SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS IN HIGH PLACES..””

  13. I find it ironic that people are talking about fearing God and what is right, but they turn a blind eye to domestic violence, rape, child molestation, theft, bribery, and other things that are ACTUALLY illegal. I agree, we shouldn’t change because the queen says to. We should change because homosexuality is a lifestyle choice, not a crime, therefore should not be tried as such. Who is it hurting? The 2 people involved are consenting adults that love each other, which is a lot more than what people seem to actually have these days.

    Have your once a week biblical feelings, disagree with their lifestyle, but it needs to be removed as a crime.

  14. Let a cat 5 hurricane or a 7.5 earthquake hit us. God is the same one we are going to call out to in Antigua. Look how we want Jesus then. Sin is sin yes and we ALL need to repent. There is a difference in living in sin and making a pour choice and repent. Therefore, if am going to be a lesbian or an antiman without any remorse then it just wrong wrong. Two man can never have children naturally and No two woman can have children naturally. There is a reason why God did that . So no amount of acceptance go make it right.

  15. Oh my Lord, why should we continually be pressured by the bigger countries of the world because they know we are small and depend on them for certain things. We should get up and bond together so we would not have to depend on them for everything. Which CONSTITUTION IS BIGGER AND MORE POWERFUL, THAT OF GOD OR THAT OF COUNTRIES? Have we forgotten the city in the BIBLE that went down, down, down because of the same Gay issue?
    In the bible it is mentioned that a man and woman must multiply (to make children). Can penis and penis and vagina and vagina make a child? Where are we going ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA? We are supposed to be an Independant Nation let us think for ourselves and not measure our bushels with other countries, What will save them will hang us, we are small. The gay populations in those big countries are the size of Antigua/Barbuda I do hope that common sense will prevail and the Prime Minister and his Ministers do not loose their head because their rains are in it. Against gays buggery laws with a passion. No pressuring.


  16. These are serious times some people compromising,:some comparing while others are finding excuses of all sorts. Talking of equality, Hollywood actors and musicians etc etc and we should BOW to the pressure of the larger countries smh. God forbid,Should they think of restarting the slave trade (conscious blacks are still suffering from that) will the islands bow to that. Do we have any standards can’t we think and make our own decisions and most importantly do we still acknowledge that there is a living God. Antigua and Barbuda for you I pray.

  17. I know those who are not a Christian but believe in righteousness will stand up with the principles of nature.

    HOMOSEXUALS WILL not obey laws and order, once they have their way in society, there will be
    PROBLEM every where.


  18. The world boss is a big joke. You can stand up to butch steward and his company but can’t stand to the gay leaders of the bigger commonwealth nations. What a shame to hear u on the news last night with that big smile on your face talking about Antigua and Barbuda might soon have bow to them. You better seek God and let him direct the path on which the country move forward.

  19. Strange that a lot of people in Antigua are anti gay based on their religious beliefs when you know this religion was imposed on their forefathers and mothers who were forcibly baptized before being shipped here from Africa and forced into christianity by their English slave masters. In Africa homosexuality was common and accepted until the Europeans came, imposed their religion and demonized homosexuality. Next thing you know they will tell you Jesus was white and a christian….

    • @ Punisher-So what the hell does slavery have to do with been a homosexual? What is the correlation between both ,what are you trying to do justify one wrong with another? Homosexuality goes against the very nature of anything normal. It serves no purpose,except depravity wickedness and filth. I have no problem with you people living your depraved lifestyle,the creator will be your judge in the final analysis.What bothers me ,is the fact that we are now faced with been forced to accept it as normal. I for one will never do so..I do not care what color Jesus is,i know from creation he told us its an abomination for a man to lie with another man,was it the Europeans that made that up to? Give me an Aspirin.




    • Actually in 2014 Jamaica was being pressured to repeal their buggery laws and the people were severely against it. So u know what they did? They rallied out in their numbers 25,000 people came out to March and protest and signed a petition against such ungodliness. And as a result the prime minister at the time had to say no to the pressure that was being placed on them from foreign governments and aid.
      Antiguans don’t know the power that they hold and that is a sad fact.

  21. Ok so let’s break this down. According to the bible Buggery is wrong thus there is a law that makes it illegal to perform this act. The same bible says that adultery is also wrong but we do NOT have a law on our books making it illegal. I fail to see the difference. I am a christian which means I am responsible for my own salvation and not everyone else. Everyone else is responsible for their own salvation. What people do in their bedroom is not my business. Allow everyone to live their life. them being gay does not affect us. Committing murder stealing etc. affects other persons lives so thus it is illegal. OH GOSH JACK!! LOVE IS ALL WE NEED. Leave them alone, equality for all. We are all sinners. LET ALL WHO IS WITHOUT SIN………………………..

  22. Look at “CHRISTIANS” now. All ah sudden so many of you remember God. Now the touchy subject of homosexual is being mentioned. When all those night clubs an whor houses are being raided I don’t have all this big out cry by all you “CHRISTIANS”. I don’t have them lending their support of these sex workers. I don’t hear no out cry do young girls being robbed of their innocents. But now the big countries such as England an America which some of you killing yourselves to go to want us to change our laws so that we can progreas with the time all of a sudden you people remeber we are a ” CHRISTIAN ” people. Get real. I have a lot of homosexual friends and they have wayyyyyy better principals than some of you who claim to be stright. The fact is these are chanin times and a the world progress we must follow suit.

    • Your ears and eyes may be in the wrong place. Its not all of a sudden Christians remember God, we live for Him daily, a true relationship where He leads and directs us, cleanse and purifies, heals and restore, take away our sins and forgives. I repeat TAKE AWAY OUR SINS AND FORGIVES. Christians don’t have to proof that Jesus is Lord we just live by the fact He is. More prayers#for the people and the nation. Lord we want to satisfy You not man. Don’t forget God! He is the same one that has come through for you in time of need. This breath we breathe is because of Him. Come taste and see that the Lord is indeed good # it’s not an argument or debate, its a fact that can never change.

      • My eyes and ears are in the right place. A 4.4 magitue earthquake rocked the island the other day and I don’t hear all the God talk. Now this touch subject of homosexuals being mentioned all of a sudden Antigua needs God. All sin are the same. Sodom and Ghomario was not burt for homosexual behaviour alone. If two grown adult want to live that life who are we to judge them. Get real people what is the big difference betwewn a homosexual and a whore

        • A big difference ,A whore sells her body to a man for money its a normal union between a man/woman.Is it wrong Yes””A homosexual has a Penis inserted in his rear.What does the bible say about that?It says its an Abomination..The word abomination is used to describe something distasteful ,disgusting and sickening.. Its the only thing in the bible that is described as an Abomination..

  23. I don’t agree with this at all; however, as stated in the article, these would be laws will eventually be forced on to us by international the international community… We’re just a third world country that still has to depend others for goods & services. So basically they’re going to have their way whether we like it or not. Unfortunately this is how the world is, either beat them or join

  24. The gays have forced changed laws in nearly all democracies, except for Islamic ones where they actually face punishment. Like it or not, the PM is just being a realist.

  25. we as Caribbean nations have stand up together for what we believe in the Bible and knowing what God have done the first world and Sodom because that sin..if we don’t stand for something we will fall for anything. but then the Bible say just as in the days of Noah and lots so it will be before Son of man come

  26. There is no room for homosexuality in Antigua. They can go to the “big powerful countries” and live there.

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