Antigua May Ask King Charles to Apologize for Slavery


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  1. Mi nah beg no apology from dem … reparations is the long term goal for knowledgeable Caribbeans (and the Africans effected in the areas by the awful slave trade) devastated by slavery and colonialism.

    Get ready my fellow Antiguans, here comes the little meaning BOMBAST in 3,2 …1 BOOM!💥

  2. GET OVER IT!!! The whole world went through slavery… 400 years ago… let that shit go and move on .. Tell your governmental administration to Apologize for having such a dirty ass country.. All the bush grow up all over the place the country needs to clean up. Tell the government that town looks like a dump heap!! All those old businesses in town need to be fined for looking so abandoned and making town look like shit .. Tell the government to provide running water … Tell the government to provide proper roads in 2022

    What Damn slavery y’all talking about .. half the workers not getting paid and the hospital is GARBAGE .. Him and his wife keep flying overseas for their medical needs…

    Y’all need to tell the Current Administration to apologize for selling off the country to the Chinese and greasing and lining their pockets !!! Bout slavery … move the hell on …. England did what any large nation would have done back then just like America.

    Look at the state of the country today. Antigua is independent for 40 years yet they still hold on to old Archaic ways .. old dressing .. you can’t go into the court with out your shoulders covered.. and in slippers but you independent .. whatever ..they still calling judge your lordship but you want apology for slavery but still practicing their old colonial ways .. GET A LIFE ANTIGUA .. YOUR COUNTRY IS A MESSS !!!

      • Revelation 13:10-18King James Version
        10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

        The Most High wont let it go. You fail to see and understand that all the calamity in the world are the plagues of Egypt. The second exodus is coming, keep burying your head in the sand and see if your not left behind.

    • I agree.
      Me on, so beating that dead horse now and move on. We have plenty of work here to do, and we still talking about apology? They’ve done this over and over.

    • You are absolutely correct sir. Being of German lineage I should be pissed off that the US held Germans and Japanese in internment camps during WW2…but I don’t, it didn’t affect me.

  3. Sorry can’t help centuries of hard Labour. The King Charles is the richest person in the world and my ancestors created the foundation for his current riches.
    Charles can go into his reserves and work with the Reparations organizations of the Caribbean and Africa in particular to fulfill this outstanding obligations or remove himself.

    • @I don’t know my name. Sorry to burst your bubble but Elon Musk is the richest person in the world followed by many including Oprah Winfrey. King Charles does not rank anywhere in the richest list.

  4. I hope we understand that is because our forefathers lost the war is what caused us to be enslaved, since when your rewarded for loosing?

    • They looking for free money. 400 years and still lamenting. I dont hear the white people asking for reparation. You know that there were white slaves also, right.

  5. I heard a recording of the Hitler looking stache one speaking about Reparations. Now he is riding on that wagon. Some persons in this world,say things to feel a sense of relevance. Does anyone listens to Gaston Browne?

  6. Son of Mami_Wata and Papa_Elegba CHRISTened at the #CrossRoad named SWASTIKA & SQUARE, as Jumbee_Picknee says…

    …so, #Top Dawg GB, if the alleged adulterer does not say, I’m sorry for my family’s #what_da_fuk_evah, robbery, rape, theft, etc. Antigua, Barbuda and REDONDA will withhold all future payments, to el Rey?


  7. First and foremost, we need to ask Africa to aplogise for selling us, their own people into slavery to the foreigners. Without our own greedy selfish people selling us off for their own personal gain, it would not have been easy for the other people to acquire us as slaves do as they like with us.

    Fast forward today. We are still being made slaves by our own greedy selfish people. What have we learned? Seemingly nothing or we choose not to learn anything from it and simply blame other countries for making slaves of us.

    Those who are working for government, get paid meager wages at best unless you are one of those “privileged” people (and we all know who some of them are) and even with the meager wages we still aren’t getting paid. We are working for free, we are today’s modern slaves and all because of the government and the slave masters in it.

    Our pensioners who have put their hard earned money into the system while contributing to our economy are not even getting paid. The reason? No funds. We can no longer allow any corrupt government to keep stealing from us. Such a slap in the face of honest hard working citizens. Yet another example of making slaves of us.

    The big guy in power boasted our hospital is the best it has ever been and has all the necessary staff and equipment to be on par with the rest of the others. Why then is there a shortage of nurses and key staff? Why did the PM go to a foreign country for a regular medical checkup? It must be nice he can afford to go to a foreign nation for such services while the rest of us don’t have the financial means to do the same. Even the nurses have been stretched so thin, they can’t take time off yet they still are getting paid meager wages and that’s if they are getting paid. Again, we are today’s current slaves. No skin off the back of the PM.

    Several people have tried to get an education grant to go abroad to further their studies only to be turned down. Now the PM’s son was able to get an education grant and was able to go overseas and study. A few months after graduating and returning home, he becomes a multimillionaire. Who is the minister of finance? That’s a rhetorical question. We who really need the grant to further our studies suffer. Again, we are kept down and are being made slaves by our own people.

    I can go on and on but I don’t need to because we can all see what’s going on. The small minded thinking must stop and we need to see the big picture. Our country and our future heavily depend on it. We can no longer allow the Banana Republic mentality to continue to destroy our people and our country. We have to vote for the right reasons. Not for immediate gratification such as driver’s licenses, ham, turkeys, stoves etc. but to make our nation and our country a better place for all and not just the privileged few.

    We have to stop our own people from making us today’s modern slaves.

    • “We have to stop our own people from making us today’s modern slaves”.

      Might you mean slaves to china in the modern sense?

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