Antigua launches attractive new investment option


At a Global Citizen Series webinar hosted by Arton Capital, Prime Minister Gaston Browne revealed the details of a new investment option that leads to citizenship of Antigua & Barbuda.

Under the University of West Indies Fund (UWI), for an investment of US$150,000, a family of six (6) is eligible to apply for citizenship— making it one of the most affordable family options available in the Caribbean. In addition, one member of the family is entitled to a 1-year scholarship at the University of West Indies.

“The University option is the absolute cheapest option in the market for large families,” declared Browne. “Antigua & Barbuda offers the best value for money CIP option in the entire world.”

The investment amount includes processing and government fees, however customary due diligence fees do apply for each dependent. Dependents can include children below 30 years old and dependent parents over 58 years old.

With a quick application process of 3-4 months and a plethora of unique benefits, including visa-free access to 138 countries, Antigua and Barbuda offers one of the most attractive Citizenship by Investment programs in the industry.

“Our infrastructure is superior to all other CIB countries within the Caribbean,” shared Browne.

Earlier in the year, the Antigua Citizenship by Investment Unit had also announced several enhancements and modifications to further streamline their program.

“Admittedly the turnaround time was a problem before, we have resolved that. We have the capacity to process within 45 days,” added Browne.

In light of today’s unpredictable times, a second citizenship in remote locations such as in Antigua and Barbuda, provide investors and their families the peace of mind for a safe and secure alternative, with no travel necessary to process the application.

“I have personal friends that have been quarantined in at Jumby Bay in Antigua for the last month and a half. They woke up to the reality that this cannot be only their holiday destination. It could be their second home,” shared Armand Arton, President of Arton Capital.

The Global Citizen Series Webinars is an initiative driven by Arton Capital’s commitment of sharing knowledge and know-how by providing a platform for agents and clients to learn directly from the governments to build trust and empathy in times like these.


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  1. Passports for sale and more to the highest bidders.Now a scholarship is tied to CIP. A family of 6 would pay US$150,000 or US$25,000 per person.And become citizens of Antigua and Barbuda.Give the Passports to the hucksters down at the Bridge to sell.I guarantee they would have gotten a better price point than the Administration is getting.So if those passports are being sold so cheaply.Do those new citizens investing in anything else,note worthy. Tenman,Sidelines,CErmle and others on the inside could tell me.

    • Antigua CIP citizens are more nice, polite and well educated than any other immigrant group in Antigua, that’s for sure! I love our CIP citizens, I see them as 100% equal to those of us born here.

      • Where do you see CIP citizens in Antigua? Most of these people don’t want to live in Antigua. These are passports of convenience for criminals looking for a place to hide and people wanting access to other countries.
        Wish these people were smart educated and rich people bringing technology to Antigua and in the process imparting knowledge to Antiguans.
        Seems to me that all we are getting in Antigua are people opening supermarkets to take Antigua people’s money and restaurants. None of the profits from these enterprises stay in Antigua to develop the country.

        Because you do not see them.You do not have to deal with them,daily.You would then say they are nice.Persons you have never met are nice.So much for your warped judgments.

  2. That’s why we need visa to go Canada when they sell our passport to every Tom dick and Harry .soon it would be worthless because the Shenzhen countries visa free access would soon shut there door .greedy politicians would ruin this country

  3. “Our infrastructure is superior to all other CIB countries within the Caribbean,” shared Browne.

    Is he serious or does he not know what infrastructure is? Our roads are superior? Water and electricity service are superior? This man lies more than Donald Trump!

    And are Antiguans really good with selling of passport at the cut-rate prices.


  4. Wow! That’s what Antigua is worth!?? 25,000 US !?? So sad! Now the new citizens get a one year scholarship to UWI, when there are Native Antiguans who can’t afford to go!

    I guess Antigua has gone to the dogs!

    • Really? How much money are you donating the country? LOL.

  5. How much can we get for a government minister?

    These guys should be exported the things they do is truly amazing……

    Ebay account coming soon…..

    Let the bid begins

  6. Mel who would want them? Like our passports these guys would go for a bread plat. We should trade them for a wheel barrow of top soil and we should throw in the speaker for free.

  7. I hope he sells 100 thousand and all the people move to antigua and start a political party. We will be again colonized and the ALP would be kicked to the curb.

  8. The Chinese should provide the money to their citizens to buy Antiguan passports and Antigua can become a colony of China. Who gave Gaston the right to sell out our country.

  9. When people are broke they sometimes turn to prostitution. And when they are really desperate they can be quite cheap.

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