Antigua Lands Disappear Into Foreign Hands



They will tell you that all the people getting large tracts of Antigua lands are all Antiguans.

And they are not lying, as they are all new nationals either by CIP ( Criminal Investment Program) or by Amnesty or having an Antigua passport by time spent in Antigua, and knowing persons in High Places.

Just recently we heard of another purchase by an influential businessman who has been on a buying spree, which will now give him all that he requires to stay in business forever, he will now have his own Port.

By the time the election is called and over it will not matter who wins the majority of the votes in the ballot boxes, because the land owners of Antigua would already have won by the largest landowners, and the most big business owners.

They couldn’t care less who runs this broke-ass island seeing that they operate on the high tier of hard currency paid into their accounts abroad.

While the ‘natives’ are busy with the cut and thrust of their bitter politics of ham & turkey, smart phone, cheap computer, stove and refrigerator, small bribe and light bill wipe-off, with the non-national swing vote becoming more important that the locals, in this carnival called election, land and government favors are being traded with those who can fund the election campaign paraphernalia.

In order to find more land desired by the ‘investor,’ our government has to grab back lands already promised, and lands which stand neglected by owners in the diaspora, are being targeted by government surreptitiously placing unpaid tax liens against the people’s land, step one to challenging people’s ownership of their family lands.

For a government that cannot pay its old retired workers it is not right to be taking what is due them, to pay the owners of all the heavy equipment clearing land all over Antigua.

The constituents need to ask their Representative for the names of the owners of the cleared lands before the new owners move in and cannot be removed.

The owners of the equipment who are taking the Social Security money from the old people, they also need to own up about who they are really working for.

Antiguans we must be aware, and learn to own our lands, for which we paid the Sugar Syndicate with a loan from Royal Bank of Canada, and which we the people paid off not long ago.

Antigua needs to adopt the land use of London, lease don’t sell!

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  1. … And there you have it folks, our land is being snatched from under our very noses by those who use the controversial CIP system to the detriment of the indigenous population of Antigua.

    Gaston Browne has admitted in the past how he wants to continue with this CIP methodology, because he still believes in the financial benefit to the country – but at what cost to the future of our children and the rest of us already living here?

    Another reason to get rid of this HELLACIOUS government, come the next General Election!


  2. This is an interesting ‘observation’.

    There are parts that I agree with and there are parts that I do not agree with.

    One thing this observation gets right (in my opinion) and I agree with 100% is:

    “Antigua needs to adopt the land use of London, LEASE DON’T SELL!”.

    • @Audley Dave Joseph (a.k.a. Beef)…

      One question which my 94 year young mother keeps asking, “who owns REDONDA?

      • As far as I hear, Redonda is a part of the territory of Antigua/Barbuda.

        • @Beef…tk u! Appreciating the response.

          The reason for the question, as to ownership of REDONDA has to do with the Nation’s nautical miles, as they pertain to airspace, oceanographic explorations, fishing, fish farms etc.

          It’s my understanding, that it’s now in private hands.
          I think Mr. Dave Ray would be able to shed some light, on the ownership of REFONDA!

          This rock is important to the Nation for many reasons.

          RASpect …

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