Antigua is the common denominator in recent migrant- smuggling incidents in neighbouring countries, Lovell notes

Former Leader of the United Progressive Party in Antigua and Barbuda, Harold Lovell

REAL NEWS: Former Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP)
Harold Lovell says that Antigua and Barbuda’ name has come up in
every country where illegal West Africans have been intercepted,
and this is one reason for a commission of inquiry to be held.

Lovell says that the people of this country and the smuggled
immigrants are both victims of what appears to be an international
conspiracy and rip-off.

The UPP’s concern, he says, is that – as the part owner of an airline –
Antigua and Barbuda was used in a conspiracy to smuggle West
Africans into another country.

If the Governor-General continues to insist that he cannot
commission a public inquiry, Lovell says, then those who can do so,
including the Cabinet, should respect the wishes of the people who
elected them.

He notes that if the UPP has to use the courts in order to get the
inquiry held, it will be done.

According to Lovell, citizens and residents must continue to
pressure the Browne Administration to call the inquiry.

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  1. I admire your sentiments Mr Lovell, and why like you, many true and patriotic Antiguans want to see the best for this country, and would like to see an independent enquiry into this illegal smuggling of Africans.

    Just look at the players in the game who are HIDING away and doesn’t dare have an investigation:

    Katrina Yearwood; Max Fernández; the Commissioner General; Colin James; the Attorney General; the rest of the CHUMOCRACY in the ABLP cabinet; everyone that attended the African/Antiguan launch at the VC Bird Airport (coincidentally, just before the last General Election); parts of the judiciary who’ll ensure that any independent enquiry is blocked; and don’t forget the MAJOR player Gaston Browne.

    The one man with ambitions to turn Antigua & Barbuda into some sort of AUTOCRACY in the future with the ambition of himself at the helm.

    Again, Mr Lovell, I thoroughly admire your endeavours to hold this ABLP government to account, but once you realise that the wagons are circling to protect the political status quo, then you’ll understand to defeat these nefarious people is to play them at their own game … just like Shuggy is trying to do.


  2. HLFW u are no longer the leader of the party … Stop stealing Pringles spot to shine .. u are now a regular nobody … Unless u are trying to stay relevant so u can still Shuggy spot in the bi election .. Shuggy watch your back … Bet u u not going to be the candidate for st Mary’s south … Remember u still have to be nominated and anyone can enter the race now .. all it takes is to force others to enter and kill your 199 lead … U forget that half of the Ablp voter’s didn’t turn out … But all of the upp voter’s did … Boss man watch your back .. Giselle and HLFW are snakes along with serpent.. they are not your friend u too back

    • Nice one @ Curious, I’m impressed that you are ACTUALLY trying to respond to the issue at hand without reverting to outlandish cuss words. Nice!


      Brixtonian always raising the bar for CONSTRUCTIVE debates …

  3. Why antigua name always coming up when there is some kind of corruption, nefarious, questionable scheme?
    Also, when this government in power there is always some thing fishy, and something not too kosher going on, why??
    Inquiring minds want to know..
    Why?? Hmm
    Greed perhaps!
    Allen Stanford anyone?
    Those people that he cheated in America still trying to get they money, whose name was involved
    The antigua government hmm
    This ABLP regime always Inna something😯

  4. “Lovell says that Antigua and Barbuda’ name has come up in
    every country where illegal West Africans have been intercepted,”

    What lies the L one continues to tell (Antigua had no investment in Antigua Airline plus most of the refuges came via Hi Fly) in his attempt to give the wrong impression that this is a major issue for the region. Issues of Haitian refugees in the region far outweigh refuges from Cameroon. Ask Martinique how many thousands of migrants it has from St Lucia, Guadeloupe, French Guiana and Haiti. The total figure a few years ago was some 57K. Then there is Dominica (do they need to institute a COI?):

    “Francis Etienne, Antigua and Barbuda’s newly appointed French Ambassador says Guadeloupe and Martinique are having serious issues with the migrant smuggling from Dominica; particularly among the Haitian community.

    Hundreds of Haitian nationals have been detained in Guadeloupe over the past several years without proper documentation.

    These nationals say their last destination was Dominica and they were smuggled into the French neighboring country by boat.

    Etienne met with Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to discuss this and other border issues last week Tuesday. He said the issue of security and immigration were also deliberated upon with Skerrit. see Migrant smuggling from Dominica, a major headache for the French government
    Dominica News Online – Monday, May 8th, 2023

    • You sound like the Ambassador for UNHCR. It is known internationally that The Antigua and Barbuda Government started the West African Migrant Smuggling to the western world in November of 2022 and that lives were lost through drowning, similar to the catastrophes in the Mediterranean. If it’s criminal activity, we are always in the big leagues. Thanks to the Antigua Labour Party.

      • @ Rovi, tenman’s denial of the glaring facts fascinates me, that why I enjoy responding to his utter nonsense.

        Mind you, have you noticed the big change in his so-called facts, figures and information? I have.

        Someone or some organisation (as if we didn’t know) is helping him out.

        Before you could quiet he mout’ easily by breaking down what he use to say; and then you wouldn’t hear a pip-squeak outta he for days.

        And now, like you say he sounds more like an “ambassador for the UNHCR” – funny but so true. 😁


        Ah who ah feed dis yah ABLP parakeet? 🦜

        • There is a gang that seems to get its directives from higher up. The members are told, when to ignore, when to intervene and when to intervene vehemently but a few of them can’t follow instructions. Check Smh.

        • @Brix…

          “Antigua Airways (Antigua) is to be partly capitalised with funds from the Eastern Caribbean Commonwealth state’s Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP), with the government expecting to own 20% of the startup, according to Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

          Speaking in the Antigua and Barbuda Parliament on October 6, Browne said: “What we did do is to list it as a CIP project and one in which we have allocated up to ten CIP files, and if and when they are subscribed, then we will get, I believe, about 20% of the shares”.

          Under the CIP programme, Antigua and Barbuda provides citizenship to foreign investors who significantly contribute to the island’s socio-economic development.” see, Oct 10, 2022

          Brix your love for things untrue stands out. Guy I know for a fact no investment happened. I won’t say because of the possition I held at the time, but because I am very familair with the CIP act. It would have required that AA be listed as an investment option. Yes the government had plans to invest, but it never came to fruition. The cabinet spokers person, Minister Nicolas made this clear in an ANR artcile entitled “Antigua Airways principals not in possession of passports April 11, 2023 Unlike you I also take the time to listen and read. Atleast a month before the refugues came, the requirement for government to make the investment was stated. The Airline needed a Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA). AA never met the requirment.

          • However, what you are saying is all bells and whistles @ tenman, because everyone knows and understands about the benefits that CIP should bring to the country, but the ABLP will not disclose what the $2 Billion Dollars has been used for to-date; and – more importantly – accountability to the tax paying public?


            You and I know that all OUR Prime Minister has to do, is to start being open with ALL Antiguans, and then adhere to some sort of Ministerial Code of Conduct (and ethics), so that trust and honesty returns to these shores.


            BTW, you say I love untrue things, but I can equally say that you enjoy Gaston BROWNE not being held accountable for any WRONGDOINGS …


    The common denominator in the scorching searing wicked heat from the “sunshine government” is King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe IMF ROMANTIC RHYTHMS WADADLI POWER CAN’T ABST HOTEL RIPOFF ABIB COLLAPSER BANKING-SECTOR COLLAPSER ANTI-UWI FIVE ISLANDS CAMPUS BAICO COLLAPSER ETC

  6. I don’t care what names some in here call the opposition party, and I really don’t care about the names that were actually behind this fiasco, what I do care about is that justice and accountability is the driving force for us as a nation going forward, and if this corruption in the government just keep getting pushed aside, how are we as a nation except to police the rest of the populous and bring down crime in this country?

    99% of Antiguan did not know about any deal for the Antiguan Government to bring refugee’s here, because there were no deal really made to bring refugee’s from Africa here, whether by Antigua Airways or whoever. If that was so these things will have had to be sanctioned by not just the Antiguan Government, but by other world organizations. So where is that sanctioned deal that has to be signed when a country agrees to accept refugee’s,where is that contract? There is no such contract because that’s not how those Africans were brought in, they were brought in as under the guise of “business tourist”, that’s how it was announced when it was announced back in 2022 by the Antigua News programs.

    If there was such a deal to bring in refugee’s, where is that announcement or article written about it? Find it and post it here, both the contract and the news article that informed the citizens of Antigua of such a deal, and will gladly accept that I am wrong about this government involvement in this human trafficking corruption.

    This entire thing stinks to high heaven’s, and smart Antiguans knows it. So yes, and international inquiry has to be done here if this government of Antigua doesn’t want to conduct one.

    And by the way, if voters are asking questions about its government, what is so hard in just clear your name and put you public at ease, what’s so hard in that?
    If this was a private company that’s been questioned, I would understand, but the government is not a private company and in fact should have to answer to it’s citizens!
    Nothing wrong with helping out people, but this was not about helping out no damn refugee’s, this was about money, plain and simple.

    So stop the lies, because people like me(yes a voter and a citizen) would never accept the lies.

  7. Lol, as I read these comments, I have to chuckle at the way the mind works. It always amazes me how people can only see things based on their support of and for a specific party or group. (including me) It signifies a true democracy, albeit the infinite anonymity.

    With that being said, how will an inquiry change the narrative? Will people be put in jail or some sort of punitive damages be awarded?

    As far as I am aware, COI reports are only subject offering recommendations or findings, which in fact, are used ultimately as a “name & shame” tool.
    We complain about pensions, overtime and backpack being an issue, yet still we are proposing to spend millions to move us further away from the intended goal. That is to appropriately provide remuneration to our workers.

    I cannot see how anyone would want to believe that the current administration could have expected that this direct Cross-Atlantic venture would have led to these unfortunate outcomes.

    The government saw an opportunity for an organic relationship with the motherland, hoping to do business.

    As we have learned that another unknown charter, Hi-Fly, took advantage of the established pathway and quickly align itself on a quest to enrichment by making promises to desperate people whose belief was that this is the pathway to the first world countries.

    The drowning could never be the responsibility of the government as they were not involved with authorizing anyone to transport any immigrant by sea in the dead of night. They took upon themselves at their own risk, despite the unfortunate and tragic circumstance.

    I trust that we can hastily return to some semblance of normalcy to continue to move our country forward.

  8. @Dave Ray. I person like me will always vote against corruption, I don’t care who that corrupt party is running against, because anything is better that a corrupt politician, period. So my post is a plea to find the truth so those people can be help accountable in the eyes of the general public. This has a ramifications for years going forward, example, someone might want to nominate someone from this ABLP party or even lobby for that person’s a friend or family member of someone, but the fact that this fiasco and it’s findings were not investigated, it does not be come public records and therefore wouldn’t be help against that person say in the next election. So this has significant value and credence going forward. So stop trivializing corruption and wrong doings, and lies to come to your conclusions that we are just bias and posting on party lines. Yes nothing might happen to them punitively, but it’s matter to be looked into, just like the US Government looks into the Trump situation with the classified documents, he might not go to jail, but the findings further enlighten the voting public and give transparency to our judicial process.

    So your reasoning is totally flowed and is for about feelings for your party than the people of Antigua.
    And yes I voted for an independent candidate in this last election,because they were the best person in the lot.

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