Antigua hints at purchasing water from Trinidad

Prime Minister Keith Rowley and Prime Minister Gaston Browne

CMC-Prime Minister Gaston Browne has hinted at the possibility of the state-owned Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) purchasing water from a Trinidad and Tobago-based company, as expressed his frustration regarding the ongoing water crisis on the island.

Browne, speaking on his weekly radio programme, said despite his administration investing a significant amount of funds over the last few years to deal with the water situation, the problem continues to exist.

The APUA has been requested to consider two options, one from the local company, Caribbean Water Treatment and the other from a Trinidad and Tobago-based company.

“We will be buying water, if not from Caribbean Water Treatment, a firm out of Trinidad. I know APUA looking at the two proposals now and to determine which firms can meet their needs,” said Browne, hinting at the possibility of privatising some sections of the APUA.

“Our preference would be to work with a local company, assuming it can meet our needs and within the timelines that have been established. If that doesn’t work then we would have to can significantly resolve the water issue in this country”.

During his radio programme, Browne also expressed his frustration with the management of the Water Division at APUA.

“I still believe that the APUA management can do far better with the distribution but we have exhausted that discussion now to the extent that I don’t know what else to say to them,” he told radio listeners.

Browne said he expects improvements to happen during the coming year, with an additional reverse osmosis plant set to become operational by the second half of 2024, producing three million gallons of water daily.

Additionally, the re-piping process is underway to address the 20 per cent water loss due to leaks from aging pipes with Browne indicating that he cannot understand why some consumers have been without water for weeks at a time, despite more than seven million gallons being produced daily, with a daily demand of around nine million.







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  1. PM Gaston Browne, is this the #joke_of_the_Millennium?
    The water crisis in Antigua is due to PPP – Piss Poor Planning and PPM – Piss Poor Management, of the water systems from streams to ponds to dams to the infrastructure.
    Buy water from Trinidad? This is another #GET_RICH_SCHEME for the crooks, cronies, gangsters and terrorists in Our Government, WHO’RE robbing the people with no end in sight.

    Gaston if this is the best you can come up with, while blaming everyone else but the incompetence of your government, the ABLP and to a lesser extent, the UPP, then all f the PEOPLE keep taking this kind of Pied Piper shit, you have every right, to keep pissing on them from your private helicopter and tell them, it’s golden in color because of the Fake Global Warming or Climate Change Agenda which your pushing like #Crack_Cocaine.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

    • ALL IS WELL IN CARTOON TOWN where it rains ALMOST EVERY SINGLE DAY AND SURROUNDED BY WATER. YOU Aare 100% correct. I don’t know who came up with this dumbass idea but it is truely dumb but what it does it let critical thinking people understand that Antigua is out of Ideas and Know how so we are going to OUTSOURCE OUR BRAIN

    • @Ras_Smood: if perchance you at some point try to run for office, let me know, I’ll contribute to your campaign.

      Caustic Bastard aka Scott

      • @Caustic Bastard…😀Hail Scott, a wah ah guarne?! Now, that’s the #Joke_Of_The_Millennium👊🏽.
        I, humbly appreciate the thought!

        Skye, you hear shit!😆

        Scott, I have no idea, why folks keep putting me in such quandary’s.
        First off, I got dropped off on the wrong planet.
        Next, my grandparents decided without my authorisation, to name me after Vere Cornwall Bird.
        If that wasn’t bad enough, I met Vere Cornwall Bird, at a very early age, five or thereabouts, and was around ALP with my Great Aunt – Myrtle Brodie-Bartley, since, she was the General Secretary for ALP in the now St. Phillips South. So, I got my feet wet at an early age, regarding being a steward and caretaker, of my Community.

        I’m now retired from the hustle and bustle of the daily SHITstem grind, but I’m still very much active, in being a steward and caretaker of my community.
        The community which adopted me many moons ago, Johnston Square, Baltimore, MD, and one that I keep running away from but always get toss back into, just made me a Legacy for some of my works(hobby – transforming vacant lots from trash dumps to green spaces).
        This means, the State of Maryland gives me X amount of dollars, as a grant to maintain my private property, and I commit five years to my community, by making it my permanent residence.
        There is a Non-Profit as well which I work with, as they too established themselves, as stewards and caretakers of Our Community’s.
        Now, if you know Baltimore, you’ll understand my present undertaking.

        As for Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA, that’s my #BELOVED, and just like I keep running away from my adopted community, and still get toss back into it, to do my work, I have the same relationship with my #BELOVED, Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA.

        Scott, time and faith moves mountains, and they’ve both being great to me. I am taking a #Rain_Check on your offer, if you don’t mind.
        Again, your offer is very generous and I’m humbled by it. Now, tell me you #Caustic Bastard, why do you want me to walk around Antiqua with a 🎯Target on my back, spelt #POLI_TRICKSTER?

        As always, it’s a pleasure!

        Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
        De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

        Vere C. Edwards

  2. Wel wel the fool gaston has spoken again,buying water from a next country is your best solution lunatic???Why don’t you and the rest of your government get up off of your all bottom and get some real work done in this country……….Clean pot works dam,clean and refurbish St.johns, fix the streets of the country,control food prices,fix electricity cost an I can go on an on………..Why the people of antigua and barbuda paying so much tax and paying so much into tax and still can’t live comfortably and get access to the basic necessities to their daily living or lives??it’s about time we hold some government accountable for our lost as citizens and put them to jail,they work for us and keep stealing our money

    • How much tax YOU pay???!!!! work that against what you and others are demanding. Y’all ra** Hole don’t want to pay taxes but want to live in Utopia, give de man a f**king break man. ARYOU seem to forget UPP hab some of all you wives and husbands prostituting themselves to save your homes from foreclosure. Some of you sold your wives or husbands crotch to survive while your children turned to thieves and silent little prostitutes. Woe be unto those who see right and call it wrong, see wrong and call it right.

  3. The headline is misleading. The company is headquartered in Trinidad but has offices here. Our issue is distribution because no matter how much rain comes the water still goes on and off. Can somebody explain to me why the big water tank up at Walings (and other places I’m sure) is empty? The PM need to stop hiding behind APUA. He can fire Dean for indirectly speaking out against him but he can’t replace the management at APUA with capable people? What is he saying, that they’re bigger than him? This is just like all the bobol they mysteriously find at Solid Waste, right under their nose with them in power. Happens all the time. He blames his minions for his failures. They take the blame. He pays them under table and does nothing to replace them.

  4. Trinidad 🇹🇹 Water Authority is WASA and presently they cannot supply water to the Nation. Residents are out of water for Months. Privatization of APUA is Paramount.

  5. Antigua do not have a water problem per say. To be fair and frank, I think the government has done an exceedingly good job of putting in desalination plants at strategic locations. We suffer from adequate storage facilities and extremely poor distribution network. We need large water storage tanks strategically placed at different “high points” in every community. And as a starter, government must seek to expedite the replacement of all the old corroded metal distribution pipes with durable and long lasting PVC pipes. Until that is done, the water situation would remain as it is…..woefully inadequate and poor.

    • @Audley Phillip…
      #Aesthetics_Matters, and placing water storage tanks at “high points” are not only, not aesthetically pleasing to a Paradise like Antigua, but such designs come other concerns, such as…
      (i)…getting the water from the reverse osmosis plant(s) to those tanks.
      (ii)…collecting the runoff’s from rain is another.

      One option is to redesign, The Water Catchment Systems.
      Since water, sewer, recycling and infrastructural development(roads to communities) goes hand in glove, as developments are planned, swailing is paramount not only to collect the waters which come when it rains, it protects the wetlands and coastline, our fragile eco system.

      The updated Water Catchments will use those same water storage tanks but buried underground, again in locations which will maximise the collection of water from the streams, ponds, ghauts etc.
      The area surrounding the Water Catchments, can be incorporated, in the local flora and fauna establishing such things as tree conservation areas, Arboretums, playgrounds, outdoor classrooms/research centers for the Agro and Aqua Culture Industries.

      #Cogging_Is_Not_Inovative nor creative.

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

  6. Gaston thinks he is so smart. If he really is, then he knows how to fix the water problem. His MO is to blame everybody else for the problem. Corroded, rusted, leaking underground pipes can’t deliver water. He knows this is the problem. So find the money to replace them. We are tired of hearing you blame APUA. What part did jour Sir Yearwood play in this?

  7. Headline”Antigua hints at purchasing water from Trinidad”.
    Only stupid people will read a headline such as this and believe it. The only thing Trinidad can sell Antigua is Oil.
    Anyone that would consider shipping water from Trinidad to Antigua would be considered a fool. The shipping cost alone would make it prohibitive. Unless you are talking about bottled water. Which we even get from as for as France and Switzerland.
    But then again ANR always have these catchy headline in order to draw attention
    Outsourcing water production is nothing new
    The UPP brought in Sembcorp and they provided us with water very consistent. I mean the water didn’t com from Singapore it was produced right here. Through the very same RO technology. The same way we have APC providing us electricity very consistent thank God. If APUA was responsible for this as well we may have both electricity and water issues. Sometimes it is better that a private company provide the service and government just purchase the service, because there is this lackadaisical attitude of workers in the government sector and they are not held accountable. Yes government should also be cautious not to be fully dependent on the private sector, but so far these arrangements Bhagwan worked out very well.
    We should remember that under the UPP they didn’t pay Sembcorp for a long time and raked up a debt of over $23million. We like to forget these things because of politics. APC was owed under the UPP over $40 million and WIOC that delivered the oil for the plants was owed aver $80 millions. Private companies will therefore be very concerned to get into business with government given this track record of payment
    CWT seem to also have shown interest and the PM has indicated to prefer working with a local company. Therefore wish my friend Mario Bento all the best. I have worked with him on several projects in the past and he was always a very competent and good contractor. Once again Mario all the best. Let our money stay in our country.

  8. Since when Trinidad and Trinidadian become experts in water management. If you want to solve this water problem go to the Israelíes. Go yo the people in the deserts. The don’t have any water problems.

  9. Any government that outsource their very own natural resources has gone down in history as to be some of the dumbest governments that ever exist.

    I just shake my head when this Administration speaks, because it seems they are dead set on sinking Antigua to rarse. When will the selling out stop in Antigua?

    • Then the entire government system in the USA is dumb because almost all the states have privatized their utility companies. Be it electricity water. In fact it is a business model preferred by the capitalist system. Remember the UPP policy was to privatize most state assets even State Insurance Corp. I’m neither against nor for it. But one needs to be very cautious not to be too dependent on one company

      • Of all the utilities which should never be privatized, water is the one, with a caveat. If it is, then it should be locally wholly owned. Why so? Water is the most important element for humans. You can live without food sometimes for a week or maybe more. Not so water. Planet earth is made mostly of water and our bodies are mostly composed of it. It’s number one for our survival. A previous poster suggested the wise thing to do is consult with countries which are mostly desert. Arabia and Isreal come to mind as rightly said. Do they have water problems? Our local homegrown numbskulls can’t see beyond their corrupt noses.

      • BTW, Sidey, the UK has also privatised their water systems, and guess what’s the current situation there?

        Higher bills for a poorly run service, a pipe system that needs updating and overhauling in many parts of the country.

        Furthermore, a private company called Thames Water recently had to install a “standpipe” for local residents, and were handing out FREE bottled water, due to carrying out more essential repairs, lack of resources and qualified engineers.

        Sounds familiar?!

        And also all over in England, the PRIVATISED water authorities have been given the green light by the Conservative government to pump RAW SEWAGE into the rivers where people regularly swim, with the added outbreak of serious bacterial illnesses breaking out all over English rivers.

        That’s Water privatisation in a nutshell, and if your mate Gaston Browne has his way, coming to Antigua very very soon.

        @ From The Sideline, please do your homework on the woes of water privatisation or quiet yourself (you know I enjoy pulling apart your misleading lies and falsehoods), because all you keep doing is supporting the Prime Minister come what may.

        Step away from your “blind” and undying support of GB, he could be wrong you know …

  10. @From The Sideline – aka known as, Mr./Mrs. Condescending. Before, I get to what I was about to say, about the privatisation, of utility services in America; I would cast you, in a similar role, to Robin Williams as, #Mrs. Doubtfire, my title would be #Mrs. Condescending!
    Of course, Cornellia Hughes will play your Butler, and driver as the #S’Him that he/she/it has Transformed into. Leave that script, in the clouds for now.

    As, to the privatisation, of Utilities in America, as in, quote “the entire Government system in the USA is dumb,” I love when intellects such as you gets it all #right, #NOT!

    A…while phone, light, cable etc have being privatised, in most of the USA, the gist of this conversation, the point of contention, is Water Management, and water, sewer, trash, infrastructure are still very much under the control of a State, City, County or the Federal Government. They’re not privatised, but yes private contractors do get some of the action.

    The next point, and one which the ENTIRE GOVERNMENT of ANTIGUA, BARBUDA AND REDONDA cannot even, come close in comparison, even to a #hick_town, in terms of size and population of Our Nation, and these words should be imprinted on your forehead,

    First up, accountability; whether private or public, all utility companies are regulated from the Federal level to the Hicktown Municipality. People have recourse(s) and the law is on their side. There’s no way, community’s could be without water for days, even weeks and no one is held accountable.
    Regulations, let’s just say, many are now referring to Our Nation, as a Catoon Country, and that says it all. Except for the the Courts(changing slowly) Banking, the Airline and possibly parts of the Cruise Industry, REGULATIONS is like a dead dog in Antigua.
    Law Enforcement for the most part are guided by International Standards, although, some things(equipments, technology) may not be readily available to them.
    REGULATIONS needs to take on the Spirit of the Phoenix in Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA instead of the Raven 🐦‍⬛ or John_Crow.

    CONSULTATION: Another #DEAD DOG in Our Nation.

    So, From Tge Sideline, Srarring as Mrs. Condescending, play your role well, when you come on here to defend INCOMPETENCE, malfeasance, get rich schemes by your Handlers in the ABLP.
    Washie is beating you to the big house. Ah wah U mouth tired #suc_uo to and for Gaston?!

    And, as a reminder, if the shenanigans abd funds spent on water with no accountability, as in Antigua, in America Leroy and Allan would have Antiguan Homies, as Cellmates in prison. They’d be taken from the Cabinet Stock.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

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