Antigua has the lowest crime rate in the region: Benjamin


Despite 20 official murders for 2017, Public Safety Minister Steadroy Cutie Benjamin has said that Antigua and Barbuda still has the lowest crime rate in the Caribbean.

Benjamin said he made that realisation after attending a Caribbean Basin Security initiative meeting in the Dominican Republic.

He blamed gangs for the crime problem in the Caribbean and in Antigua.

“Be that as it may, Antigua and Barbuda still has the lowest serious crime rate in the region. We are not proud that we have a spike but we are proud that we have the lowest crime rate in the region,” the minister said.

He compared Antigua to Jamaica which the minister claimed has 1,500 homicides so far for 2017.

“This government, despite all, has had crime under control,” the public safety minister told a news conference today.

Benjamin said the government has given the police training, equipment and boosted their numbers as emphasis is placed on crime prevention.

He said an announcement will be made soon about a number of crimes which have been solved.

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  1. Stop comparing Antigua with other islands what will save them will
    kill us. Look about our Nation. If it is gangs well, go after them

  2. How foolish!!
    How many times can Antigua fit into Jamaica, and Jamaica has millions of people compared to Antigua of less than a hundred thousand. A senseless comparison without question.

    • He did include the stats for some of our OECS neighbors like St. Kitts and Nevis which though smaller than us population wise, has more murders

  3. WAIT!

    What is this man really saying?
    So because people are slaughtering one another and because sleeping with children is a national sport in the next island WE must give in to this out of control and rapidly worsening crime situation?

    Did the same pie chart that told you crime was down 75% give you this new nugget?

    But why am I working up myself? This is the same man that dismisses the record 21 murders by saying it’s “just gang related”

  4. Please compare like for like. How are we this year compared to Nevis, St. Kitts, Anguilla, Montserrat?? You know neighbours within similar size at least.

    How on earth are we being compared with Jamaica??

    Things must be really bad this year if we have to make the reach to compare ourselves with Jamaica to find some comfort!!

    • Actually he did provide the stats for similar and nearby islands. St. Kitts with a pop of some 60 (A&B at 100k) has more murders than A&B. Let me St. Lucia which is about 80% larger pop wise than us was at 54 as of Nov 24th (yes almost 2.5 times more than us)

    • Personally, I wish he would spend less time comparing and making up false statistics and more time figuring out how to solve the problem!!! The reality is that people don’t feel safe anymore. Telling us how many people get murdered in Jamaica or anywhere else doesn’t address our problem.

  5. Nobody really cares if the other islands have more serious crimes committed than we do. All the population of Antigua knows, is that what is happening now is not the norm and something needs to be done to put a stop to it. BENJAMIN AND ROBINSON JUST NEED TO DO THEIR JOBS!

  6. Stop playing games with stats Cutie our lives are at stake here. Murders are measured per capita and Antigua has the highest murder rate per capita for 100 thousand population. You and Wendell need to go. Commissioner Browne as bad as he was had a firm grip on crime and it was never this bad in Antigua. Get all dem Vincie off the force who only interested in the weed trade. The head rot so the body stinks. You claim you had the all the answers to solve crime but all you doing is giving criminals amnesty.

    • I am not lying I cried many times for Antigua and Barbuda when I see Cutie Nero Benjamin heading law enforcement .ME BELLY
      GOD has to be putting in his appearance..

  7. I was planning to visit your beautiful island but after reading this I am worried where I was born in Jamaica is really worst with crime but honestly it’s more populated this your country here in Florida is an understatement but god is in control we just have to pray for all the people in the world the countries are wonderful it’s us the people

  8. Every stomach knows there own pain , even jamaica we welcome other people and give amnesty also , ja. Is no worst than anywhere else , , is the womb and the training of a child , and parents accepting thing that their children does not work for , and they end up bad. The only thing can change them is prayer.

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