Antigua Government says Roger Ver’s charges not related to his Antigua citizenship


3rd May, 2024.

Dear Editor,

The Antigua.News (which fabricated a recent news story about a fetus at the landfill) portal has done it again. (N.B THIS PORTAL IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH ANR and HAS J TRUTH AS ITS MAIN SPOKESMAN).

 A man who relinquished his U.S. citizenship has been charged with deliberately filing false tax returns, tax evasion and other crimes relating to his U.S. tax owed in the United States. 

He is being described as an Antiguan and Barbudan citizen. In fact, he has not broken a single law in Antigua and Barbuda. 

He is being charged in the United States and has not been put on trial there; he is therefore innocent until found guilty.  

This linking of any activity that brings his reputation into disrepute is not connected to his Antiguan and Barbudan citizenship. Yet, Antigua.Newseager to sully the name of Antigua and Barbuda and to harm the Citizenship by Investment Programme, describes this former U.S. citizen as a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda.

The citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda was granted to him in 2020 and no charges by the U.S. authorities were pending against him then. 

It is not possible for any country to predict what any of its citizens will or will not do, or will or will not encounter with law enforcement, at any future date. 

The news portal gives the clear impression that this man is guilty of wrong-doing before he became a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda and further, that he was granted citizenship despite foreknowledge of wrong-doing. This is not the case.

The attempt by the United States Government to end the challenge of cryptocurrency to fiat currency is not to be discounted in this case.

A successful operator of a cryptocurrency brand, like others before him, will continue to face the wrath of the most successful fiat currency in the world.

Lionel Hurst

Chief of Staff; Office of the Prime Minister

Here is the politically charged report from them:

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  1. We know this! Duh! What concerns us is that this guy who spent 10 months in jail for selling illegal arms online, was able to bypass due diligence. He renounce his US citizenship so he is an Antiguan by CIP.
    I don’t see the error in calling him an Antiguan.
    Of course, this government is very adept at running and claiming no responsibility when spit hits the fan, but the list of folks holding Antiguan CIP passports coming up wanted in other jurisdictions grows.
    Antiguan CIP citizen at center of “largest darknet marketplace takedown in history”Alexandre Cazes;from Dominica News Online;Nigerian couple who fled with millions will be arrested if they enter Antigua, says Gaston Browne. Where are these Nigerians now?MADE UP” – Hurst Denies CIP Investor Wanted for Bank Fraud in China; ANR.
    The list grows .

  2. It might not be related to his Antiguan citizenship but it is not helpful to know that he is CIP citizen with these charges hanging over his head. I think that any CIP citizen to brings Antigua and Barbudas name into disrepute should be immediately stripped of their citizenship. We can do without such negative publicity.

    • Maybe he is but as long as ALP is at the helm,remember there’s bound to be corruption at the highest order ,we not playing second fiddle to anyone. We bigger dan dem.

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