Antigua Government Order waives work permit fees for Cameroonians

MAX HURST SAID: Please find attached as promised the amendment that allows citizens of the Cameroon etc. to receive work permits at no cost.
The administration remains welcoming to this group of migrants from West Africa. Others are hostile and encourage acts of unwelcome.

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  1. So if you can issue work permit waivers for Cameronians,, how come up to now u can’t for Jamaicans, Guyanese, Trinidadian etc… you needed the Non Nationals vote so you lied to them about waivers and then pull it back after elections, after you done steel the election. The ABLP is EVIL 😈 😢 😔 SAD SAD DAY…..

  2. Look dey, more help for outsiders rather than indigenous Antiguans. What a surprise. Not!!!


  3. Ohh my.
    So the first black republic on our doorstep, that is in violent disarray, has no government per se, a member of Caricom, and in poverty from paying billions to the French for their battle-fought and won freedom – we their Caricom family, shun them.

    HAITIANS cannot get work permit waivers, in fact they are discriminated against compared to other Caricom nationals.
    HAITIANS cannot seem to get refugee status.
    HAITIANS are forced in many Caricom countries to work in the ‘underground’ economy with no status by their employers who pay poorly and see them as expendable & replaceable (illegal)… Gardeners, farmers, garbage men, maids, laundresses, drivers, beach attendants ….
    Is any of this ringing any historical bells in our heads? From the 1700’s thru Windrush ???

    Diabolical politics appears to be at work – again.

  4. Pickets, demonstrations, against the ABLP before the election.

    Voted ABLP on election day.

    Pickets, demonstrations, against the ABLP after the election.

    Ignorant set ah people!

  5. Gaston and the ALP, has demonstrated utter contemp for Antiguans an CARICOM citizens.

    Antuguans, will be crying out ‘murder’ by the time he finishes with Antigua.

    Antiguans had the opportunity to kick him and his ministers to the curb, but instead they voted them back to take the p*** with us. ALP is taken the p*** with us and we have folded our arms and are doing nothing.

    How do they get away with blatant discrimination by wavering work permits for Gaston’s migrants and keep the fee enforced against CARICOM citizens? It is a shameful act.

    The comic announced in Parliament that many of his migrants have degrees, has he seen evidence to support his claim, or is it just another one of his make believe story?
    Has government departments have systems in place to justify their claims? I suspect not.

    I would not trust any qualifications presented by Nigerians or West Africans per se without carrying out deligent checks.

    On Adewale Avenue, Ikeja Nigeria, the Avenue is well known for the creation of documents that to the naked eyes could be construed as authentic. I suspect Marvellous Mike Printery in Abuja could do the same.

    There have been numerous incidents where Nigerians have falsify British visa documents to enter the UK, which many achieved entry successfully prior to the introduction of biometrics.

    Gaston allowed his migrants to enter Antigua illegally, he will also continue to promote their false claims of qualifications that they didn’t acquired legitimately.

    Antiguans sit back and watch this space…more scandals will follow, our tourists industry will ultimately collapse, as undoubtedly Gaston’s migrants will rob and defraud our visitors.

  6. @Antiguan4ever.
    Very well said, there is nothing to add. Anybody who thinks these so-called degrees are genuine should have their head examined. Let’s suppose the degrees are genuine: should that give the holders preference over those from Caricom countries who have been waiting a long time to have their applications processed and approved? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; this administration is jam-packed full of not too bright bulbs. Mention the words ‘wealthy investor’ or the like and government brains go into overdrive. Lots of land here, there and everywhere dished out like confetti. Never mind, wealthy investors from Nigeria are now in the mix at Willoughby Bay. Best of luck and I mean it though I wouldn’t be holding my breath on it. You get what you pay for.

  7. Antiguans had an opportunity to vote these bums out of office, and now we all must suffer. The ALP is hell bent on turning this country into a middle east refugee camp.

  8. This action is discrimitory, and pressuring to the natives. Stopped imposing all these nonnatives on this country and please collect our taxes

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