Antigua football official weeps as judge postpones drug trial


(Jamaica Observer)

Danny Benjamin, equipment co-ordinator of the Antigua and Barbuda Football team could not hold back tears and wept openly in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court this morning after his trial on drug charges was postponed to June 14

The 48-year-old is jointly charged with assistant coach Derrick Edwards, 49, with possession of ganja, dealing in ganja, taking steps to export ganja and conspiracy after 3.6 pounds of ganja was reportedly found in their luggage on March 26 at the Norman Manley Airport in footy streams 


Benjamin and Edwards were travelling home with the Antigua and Barbuda football team after a 1-1 draw with Jamaica at Sabina Park the day before they were arrested.

Both men were scheduled to start their trial at 9:00 this morning before Parish Judge Jacqueline Wilcott, but when the matter was called up the judge recused herself and transferred the matter before another judge, Broderick Smith.

However, when the case was mentioned before Smith, it was disclosed that the matter could not start and a new court date was fixed.

But, while the defence and the prosecution were trying to agree on a date, frustration and distress were evident on both the accused faces.

Both men were observed hanging their heads and shaking it repeatedly before Benjamin burst into tears with both his hand shielding his face as he cried.

Tanesha Mundle

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  1. I hope that the perpetrators realise what they have done to these men. I think that this is a direct spinoff of the decrim of marijuana : silly people taking risks while others are left holding the bag.

  2. Decriminalization of a plant can’t be a bad thing it is just a plant ,i understand when it come to the smuggling of any thing it is illegal could be dirt or food it must pass through customs but god plant is gods plant ….with education u would not look at it the safe way…..just like u drink sour sup drink and give your baby for them to fell asleep would u call it a drug or gods plant educate yourself

  3. Why isn’t the police here in Antigua not doing their own investigation to find out the truth about this case. To see if indeed others are to blame for this.

  4. The judge mean to keep them down there a little longer any case can alway putting back so often this is nonesense it not a case were these men went on holiday and when they leaving they caught them with drug in the bag it groupe of men playing football from another country all of them bag and gear in one place how cant they see it fix to handle the matter quick what is so hard but only God know best

  5. Why did the lady recuse herself? She had to wait until today to decide she can’t be impartial or some such? What nonsense is this?

  6. Don’t worry daddy god have this whole thing covered ….finger cross n hands clasp …u will get home soon … be honest this is over n bearing though our national team goes away this happen …n government n the association nar do a thing …thanks to JoJo an his team for helping …n to all who help in the fun raiser the family n I appreciate it …n to whom put the drugs in the bag …u all jus bring down the country cause now anyway Antigua go better know u will be searched severely… N look down to n tlk down to ….n member god nar sleep

  7. Another court date for two innocent men behind bars, good reputation ruined over a players incident and if its not a player what evidence do the court have holding these men. My father and coach stay strong for are wrongly accused

  8. I can only imagine the FRUSTRATION and emotional ordeal these guys are experiencing. Still keep the faith. You soon come home. “what others meant for evil, God means for your good”

  9. Well I do hope that the Football Association gave them the best defense money can buy. Locked up abroad is never easy, especially for felony offenses. Outcry about decriminalization of weed is irrelevant at this moment. Truely sad what happened to them, lets hope they truly have a good lawyer who can prove those weren’t theirs.

  10. I truly hope that the Antigua Football Association jas paid for a good defense for these guys and if so, he or she really defends dem. That the real deal hear, ya defense. Nobody knows them. Look up abroad is not easy and rarely go in favour of the defense. Decriminalization of weed is irrelevant now, even though its decriminalize, theirs another issue concerning persoanl use, intent to trafficking and selling without a license. Even in the US where a small amount is legal, traveling across stateline is illegal. People need to before more aware of whats these issues when travelling. No one outs anything in my bag and nah bring nothing to seal and nothing at the airport.

  11. Danny is a Christian and my church bro when here in the states. I know he didn’t do this… but this is just a test for a testimony and this mess will be a message very soon. Keep the faith Danny, im praying for you my bro.

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