Antigua Disappears From Barbados’ Travel Bubble List


Antiguans & Barbudans travelling to Barbados must now have a negative PCR test in order to do so.

This after reports in the Barbados Nation and Buzz Caribbean suggesting that the island was dropped from Barbados’s travel bubble.

In a statement on Monday Barbados said that only CARICOM nationals from St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, and Grenada would be allowed to enter Barbados without needing to do a COVID-19 PCR test prior to or on arrival to Barbados.

last month, Barbados’ travel bubble included: Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Anguilla, Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Curacao, Guyana, Jamaica, Montserrat, Saint Barthélemy, St Martin, Trinidad and Tobago, and Turks and Caicos.




  1. It’s almost like the leaders in Barbados know how bad COVID is here in Antigua.

    Meanwhile the government of Antigua continues to pretend they have only 21 positive cases.

    I would not be surprised if the truth was there were a 1,000 or more positive cases here – and that number increases each day.

    We could be headed for a massive disaster here – an outbreak that will be too large for the medical facilities here to handle.

    If that happens, not only will many people lose their lives or suffer serious and lasting morbidity, but the economy – that the government seems singularly concerned about – will truly crash and burn. Tourism dollars will be lost for many years to come.

    No tourist is going to come to Antigua when they can easily travel to any of the other islands that actually are actually handling this pandemic appropriately.

    At a certain point, if enough people get sick or die, the Antiguan government will no longer be able to hide the deaths and the number of cases.

      • But displaying magical thinking and the power of a positive attitude will not help in a crisis.

        Looking at the numbers around the world, the numbers the Antiguan government is putting forward do not make sense.

        Please don’t pretend you don’t have community spread and everything is fine.

        Your positive attitude will not protect you from this disease.

        I’m hoping people will wake up to what is happening before it’s too late.

        • what are the number Barbados is posting? How can you say what you’re saying without any proof?

      • @Jen: Your reasoning is one of the more nonsensical dung.I have heard in a long time.I really think you should crawl back into that hole of crabs.

    • What does Mia Mottley,Prime Minister of Barbados knows.That we as Antiguans and Barbudans do not know.Something is very strange here.Is the Administration hiding matters of Covid-19 from us.It does not smells good.So if anyone wants to leave Antigua and go to Barbados.They must have a Covid-19 test done before entering Barbados.

    • The growing numbers of Covid cases in Antigua plus the cavalier attitude of Antiguans to the pandemic may very well have impacted heavily on Mottley’s decision to exclude Antigua from her so-called travel bubble list. As a sovereign country she is free to make those decisions based on what she considers are in her country’s best interest. OUR leaders have shown much greater tolerance for our Caribbean neighbours
      and that is why HISTORY, not politically poisoned opinions, will always vindicate our leadership in Caribbean affairs and development, 1834-present. One example that comes immediately to mind and one which Mottley might readily understand and appreciate is the fact that during the AIDS pandemic that closed off the previous century, not one Barbadian/Bajan was placed on any immigration restrictions. Pick sense from nonsense. SMH

  2. What is the reason for CARICOM and regional integration?

    Why is it that all CARICOM countries do not adopt the same protocols?

    This CARICOM thingy is opportunistic.

    • Never believed in CARICOM! It was set up so the bigger and over populated countries can dump there citizens and low standards products in the smaller countries THAT allow it. If after this liat saga the government of Antigua and Barbuda can’t see to get out then The bigger countries should ask us to touch our toes. SMH

      • Let’s be reasonable with our complaints, finger pointing, and presumptuous conspiracy theories towards the government who’s obviously trying to help save our lives in this pandemic. We don’t need the government to tell us the amount of covid19 patients who are under lockdown. There are people who have to care for those patients, and they know the correct numbers. So there’s no need to speculate, just ask some of those workers and get answers from each facilities concerning the number patients who are in them. Add those numbers and that’s the amount.

        Now as far as community spread goes, how can the government know the amount of any disease in their country unless it’s reported? And if it’s not been reported by the patients or doctors, how can the government be held responsible for reporting any correct number of diseases? ( including covid-19)? So let’s all be wise in the way we think in confronting the government of any country. Romans 13:1-7, warns us about our approach to those who are in authority. Because by reproaching them, we’re actually reproaching God.
        We want God on our side not against us.

  3. Ah dat we tell dey skent. If you lef bim to go up so don bodder come bah til you goh papers in you han an ting. Wuh rang you rawsole is pandemic skent !

    • Watch over us Jah….help the people to realize arguments is not the answer…name calling is not the answer. Help us to protect ourselves and each other. I pray for peace and I pray for the health of my twin island state, help us to work together and stop tearing down each other, in Jesus name..Amen!
      #BeBlessYall #StaySafe

  4. Every country has a right to choose who can come into their country and who should present a test of late in Antigua the government has been doing a wonderful job of controling the spreading the pandemic but as yall know there are still individual who are coming into the country who.are been tested and isolated feom the public there is no reason to fake the results there rumour are a matter of politically motivated individual who always See’s a conspiracy if they close the beach there is a why id there is.a curfew there is a why the why is to keep yall asses safe just follow the bloody rule. Do i think there is more that the government yes but if they do there will.alway be the why .

    • There is no way there are only 21 cases when you have people flying in from Miami every day of the week since early June.

      South Florida has a massive outbreak and people have been flying to Antigua from there each day for more than 60 days.

      The numbers Antigua is claiming make no sense when you see how rapidly this virus has spread everywhere else under similar conditions.

      You have community spread.

      The island was never COVID free since March 13th despite the lies from the PM and MOH.

      Stop the wishful thinking.

      Stop the magical thinking.

      Stop believing truly ridiculous lies from your government.

      As for ‘following the rules,’ your ridiculous government changes those rules as soon as a certain demographic of tourist complains.

      Welcome to apartheid Antigua where you life’s value is measured in tourism dollars.

      • Boss even Anguilla which has had only 3 covid cases (April 3rd), been covid free since April 27 was removed from the said purported bubble list . They enjoyed jouvert yesterday. Clearly there is something wrong with the purported list. I get it causes you pain to hear the list is flawed, due your desire to see ANU in a negative light. Go and find something credible

        • @FowlAir: At least I have a brain to think for myself.Unlike you.What do you bring to the table.I am fully aware that there are many 2 legged goats in Antigua.Are you one of them?All you people do attack others for their opinions and cuss.

        • @Tenman:One very important thing you left out of the Anguilla situation.Their Borders are still closed to Commercial Travelers,until October 30,2020.So they could openly go to the beaches and have Carnival Jouvert jump up.The restriction for their citizens coming back are very tight.

          • Yet Barbados removed them from the bubble list according to the news. This does not indicate to you there is a problem with the stated list? If any country should be in the bubble its Anguilla, yet its not. Look at the criteria BDS has provided (less than 100 cases within 7 days, a Caribbean country). Anguilla is off yet SVN and SLU on this list. Come on use your head

      • You know people from South Florida is also flying in to Barbados also…. what the hell, they’re so special that it must have a negative impact on us but not them(barbados)?

  5. “Please note, The “travel bubble” refers to Low risk CARICOM and Caribbean countries” said a press release in July. Ag 3rd release makes clear A&B is still deemed low risk yet not part of BDS bubble. We no longer part of the Caribbean? Notable jurisdictions, other than A&B, removed from the list: Anguilla (0 active cases) who just had jump up yesterday. In total they have had a total of 3 cases. Notable Others no longer on the list: Montserrat with 2 active cases, no longer on the list. Saint Barthelemy, 3 active cases, Curacao, 4 active cases. Something is clearly wrong with the list media houses are showing

    • @Tenman: Party Insider and Press Attache’ to the Administration of Gaston Browne.Tenman,himself.LOL

      • Bugsy you giving me position.It coming with pay? Again how could Anguilla not me on said list. The reported info not adding up. Something stinks. 0 new cases since April 3rd but yet SVN and SLU who had cases after April 3rd make the list. Antigua a low risk country according to their August 3rd release yet does not make the list. Something is smelling rotten and its clear we are being fed bad information

      • No he is a real estate agent selling his mother lands to chinese. Wicked set a people

        • Boss get real, there has been no talk with Chinese or anyone re land sale to anyone. Whoever gave you such bad info, you need to go and slap them for me. Then againn we all know you like peddling lies

    • @Native: How many Bajans are in Antigua and or come into Antigua.Unlike those from Guyana,Dominican Republic,Jamaica.They seem to like their homes.I grew up in Antigua.I could have counted the Bajans in Antigua on one hand.The most popular ones had a Bakery on Market Street near Davis the Ice Man.

  6. Alot of people will fight against Prince Klass to get freedom. They have a weak mentality, Follow everything their Masters say and won’t question nothing .They believe everything they hear can’t think and see for themselves even when evidence is right in front of them. True lies they continue to believe .gullible set of people!

  7. @Bugsy. Plenty! Good for the Bajans! You all look down on small island people. Enjoy your big house. Remember Jack say the beach belong to he. Not in Antigua! You all think your brains bigger and the smaller islands would have been a burden under true Caribbean integration. COVID has released the true meaning of leadership in the English speaking Caribbean. Little England. Think they are just that. A replica of the British monarchy. How soon y’all forget IMF have been drafting your economic policy for sometime. How convenient y’all forget that it was the Americans that improved your airport to launch an assault on a Grenada when Antigua refused. Y’all are puppets in American diplomacy. It’s a damn shame that The USA has an embassy in Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica. The OECS had an embassy in Antigua to service the economic block. With your Bajan bad mindedness it was sought that it would close. Barbados was loosing economically with the Antiguan Embassy. We have a UWI campus and you all were against that. Again economics. Revenue! I wonder how many bajans applied to study in Antigua! If you all are so damn smart. Why two IMF programs in the past 20 years? If you all are so damn smart why the retrenchment of public sector workers? Bajans are a bunch of frauds. I say to CAL and the GOAB. If you want to fly to ANU and use it as a hub for the eastern Caribbean. Direct fights only from TNT. Bajans take a damn raft if Antigua is your final destination.

  8. That woman seems to hate Antiguans , we have a much lower Covid case than Barbados but I believe is the LIAT case on her mind, As soon as she win the election 3 months after she went to I M F, what a Fool, I see her as a one Term Government

  9. Ever notice how passionately patriotic Bajans are in defending the policies and actions of their government and leaders when taken against another country? We here in Antigua need to understand patriotism and the need for understanding and support for our country and those we elect to govern our affairs. Objectively speaking we are doing a relatively good job here in Antigua with regards to balancing our health welfare and our socioeconomic reality as far as we continue to navigate this pandemic. It is clear to see that there is a broader motive in the decision of the Barbados administration in the non inclusion of Antigua in the travel bubble. No worries though Antigu will emerge on the right side on both the Coved and Liat issue.

  10. How many Antiguans travel to that island? Barbados? Far too many!! Thanks to Uncle Sam’s manipulations, many have to go there in order to acquire a visa to the “land of milk and honey.” That mad rush to travel to sin city I suspect has waned considerably and it’s rather worse now that they have become the epicenter for covid-19. This explains to a point, why Barbados fought so hard to deny Antigua the opportunity to have the fourth landed campus of the UWI here. Less traffic to Barbados from Antigua and its neighbors.
    All tbis after they took advantage of Dominic’s vulnerability following the devastation of the island from hurricane two years ago to huff Ross University to Barbados – naked, raw, cannibalistic, aggression. Caricom? Carry come? Well Caricom done gone lang time!!

  11. I noted one headline which gave the impression that Antigua alone was targeted for this restriction.

    But later in the article, several other Caricom countries were named
    as being administered the same dose of purgative.

    Hence arguments made against one can be levelled against each of the other victims.

    Let us not help others to destroy beautiful Antigua. I pray God will keep Antigua and all Antiguans safe.

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