Antigua determined to ensure that LIAT survives the Covid-19 Pandemic


The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has defended its decision to invest in regional airline LIAT.

Governor General Sir Rodney Williams told the Throne Speech yesterday that several international carriers have expressed an interest in a hub and spoke arrangement with our regional air carrier LIAT.

“My Government is absolutely determined to ensure that LIAT survives the Covid-19 Pandemic.

LIAT will also overcome the additional challenges which it faced before Covid, and Antigua and Barbuda will make sure that LIAT returns permanently to the skies, and that its headquarters remain here. These are fitting ambitions.


The regional airline that—for more than six decades—has provided the connectivity which the Eastern Caribbean countries require, cannot be allowed to die.


LIAT is a CARICOM institution; it requires the support of all countries it serves, utilizing a minimum-revenue-guarantee scheme similar to that from which several non-regional carriers benefit. LIAT will be reorganized and made profitable,” he said.

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  1. Why these fat, overpaid ALP Ministers don’t pay the severance of the starving and penniless LIAT employees??

  2. LIAT will always have money problems. The PM has a Trini Flight Attendant paying her almost 20 000 a month for doing Jack Crap..yes, you read that right, almost 20. What really is her use to the company or value she brings other than how to serve hot beverages? Where are all the young black educated Antiguans with masters degree? Why not employ one?

    Then you have another Trini who manages schedules who chnges the schedule more often than he changes his briefs. Really? You book today for a flight tomorrow, show up at the airport the schedule is changed and your flight is now next week,

    Mr PM, them Trinis partnered with the Bajans to take LIAT down. There is the dishonest Lying, failed Lawyer who have not won a single case for LIAT being feed with all LIAT’s information and instructing the Trinis at LIAT what to do. Your head hard. Don’t say you were not informed.

    Watch out for March…

  3. Interesting how Gaston and company says they not paying full severance to the former LIAT employees but they forcing private companies to pay full severance to their staff.

    This govt is nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.

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