Antigua PM denies plot with Dominica PM to send Choksi back to India


Prime Minister Gaston Browne categorically denied that his government was involved in or had prior knowledge of the alleged abduction of Mehul Choksi, calling the suggestion “utter nonsense.”

“Let me state here that even though Choksi’s citizenship was unsettled, we respected his legal and constitutional rights as a citizen, and we did nothing to abridge those rights whist he was on Antiguan and Barbudan soil,” Browne told Observer Media on Monday.

The Prime Minister said if his country was “desperate” to get rid of Choksi, “the better option would have been to have the Indians come here, bring a plane and pack him on the plane and send him back to India.”

“I can assure you that he would not be in Dominica today. He would be back on Indian soil and the discussion would have been taking place after he would have arrived back on Indian soil,” he said.

“I do accept that in that case we would have violated his legal and constitutional rights and that is why we would not have given any such consideration,” Browne added.

He explained that “no consideration was ever given to that but I’m just saying it would have been a safer bet, a better option, to violate his constitutional rights here and have him repatriated to India rather than abducting him or participating in any abduction.”

The Indian diamantaire, who became a citizen of Antigua & Barbuda through its Citizenship by Investment Programme, claimed he was kidnapped and taken to Dominica against his will last week.

Before he ended up in Dominica, Choksi utilised the court system in Antigua & Barbuda to challenge efforts by the government to revoke his citizenship and extradite him to India to face fraud charges.

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Linton says Choksi was removed from Antigua with the help of Dominica to by-pass ongoing extradition proceedings

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  1. “He lie! He damn lie! He’s a fibber! You see how man does tell lie. Just to get a piece of the pie”!

  2. Nobody believe world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne. He already admitted he talked to the PM of Dominica to send Choksi directly back to India which is a complete violation in the international passport agreement as well as wanting to deny Choksi his constitutional rights. The scumbag even admitted he didn’t want Choksi back in Antigua because of that.

    This is the piece of shit we have misrepresenting our nation and our people. World dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne must be removed from politics for good and made to stand trial for all the stealing, bribing and even worse events.

    1st it was Nigel Christian and now it’s Mehul Choksi. world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne is getting desperate to save his own ass. Where is Maria? Did she have enough of his abuse?

    • Watch your mouth. What’s with the profanity. That alone cancels anything you are trying to say. Watch your mouth and people will look objectively at what you have to share.

  3. ” Àntigua Citizen ” right as usual . What a scum we have as head of State This want to be Dictator and these no teeth guard dogs on this platforrm that stand guard barking at every true criticism of this theif and bully. You take the Damn man money and give him citizenship . He’s no longer a Citizen of India as a fact India doesn’t even allow dual citizenship . You can’t just tell Dominica to send him to India.

  4. I think it’s a bit disturbing when you offer someone citizenship when it suits you, but then try every underhand way to remove them from the island, and have them deported to another country for political reasons. This should have been a matter for the courts to decide. Plain and simple! There is such a stink with this whole situation, but the powers that be know it will be pushed under the carpet, and the people will let it be, because they have short memories. The judicial system should have an enquiry into what happened, and who was complicit. A citizen should NEVER be treated this way, regardless if native or appointed. If the PM will allow this to happen to him, no doubt he will sell out others! We the people need to make sure this never happens again. This is not a RED or BLUE issue!!!!

  5. This whole matter can be settled really easily.
    Just bring the Indian man back to Antigua. Allow himself and attorneys to be part of an investigation: Let us get to the bottom of the matter.

    We need the:
    **** Name of vessel that took Mr. Choksi to Dominica
    **** Registration documents of that said vessel
    **** Date and time of departure from Antigua
    **** Date and time of arrival in Dominica
    **** Names of those who Mr. Choksi first met on arrival in Dominica
    **** To know the status of any court proceeding that Mr. Choksi presently has ongoing or
    pending in the courts in Antigua & Barbuda.
    Those are just a few of the issues that MUST BE revealed.

    The mad rush and haste to get this man back to India without going through the legal systematic procedures is REALLY CONCERNING.

    It is my hope that this is the very first time that an event of such nature is happening, and we should do everything possible to ensure that it does not ever occur again.

    So stop the mad rush. Let the truth be revealed. Let the justice system work. That is all we are demanding here. It is our right to do so.

    Truth will set you free. Why are we afraid of the TRUTH?

    There are so many issues facing this nation and all can be simply resolved if we conduct proper investigations. Why hinder the processes? If there is nothing to hide, let the inquiries begin.


  6. A man that denies everything never done anything wrong but blame others to look good, when something is good he want all the credit, when it is bad he give the credit to someone else.
    The time will come when the corruption is being exposed.
    How can one trust a man hides corruption for so long and only accuse one of his members of corruption because he challenge him for leadership and they fall out?

    How can you trust a man that said some one forge his signature and don’t want to persecute the perpetrators, he just want the money back?

    How can you trust a man that claim say he took the moderna vaccine with no visible evidence but try to force others to take something different? something simple as that shows what kind of person he is.

    Let’s be honest here and stop being deceived

    Choksi was granted citizenship under this government and it is a strong possibility a lot of funding was giving for campaign and election.
    Now his deeds caught up on him they want to look innocent and send him back to India from Dominica.

    Choski should go back home, there is a process, should not be any political intereference ,When he was here the PM never seem too willing for him to back but as he land in Dominica he contacted his friends to have choski sent back to India

    Too much corruption,

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