Antigua Cruise Ports Welcomed Three Cruise Ships At St. John’s Harbour on Sunday


Another momentous day to behold  with  the arrival of Silver Whisper of Silversea Cruises, Sky Princess of Princess Cruises and Britannia of P&O International on Sunday 14th November 2021, earmarks yet another great day as three cruise ships berthed in the St. John’s Harbour.

The Sky Princess, a brand-new cruise vessel, made its inaugural call to Antigua, while the Silver Whisper, berthed at the Nevis Pier, made its first return to the Caribbean with Antigua being one of its ports of call as part of a special charter. Hon. Charles Fernandez, Minister of Tourism & Investment gave a warm reception to the Captains and crew to the island.

He noted the wonderful return of cruising to Antigua and Barbuda and looked forward to seeing many more return visits of the ships to the port. Mrs. Dona Regis-Prosper, General Manager of Antigua Cruise Port as well as Management Team, Executive Members of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority and the local media were also in attendance to warmly welcome the cruise vessels to the St. John’s Port.

“Sky Princess’s inaugural call to the Caribbean and making Antigua its first call of choice shows the confidence that the cruise line has in Antigua’s protocols and methods of operation,” said Rawle Reynolds, Operation Manager-Pier Services of Antigua Cruise Port.

“This has been our first 3-vessel day since the start of the pandemic, and we are pleased with the high disembarkation rate which will in turn greatly benefit  Merchants at Heritage and Redcliffe Quay, vendors, taxi drivers and tour operators as well as other businesses. Sky Princess for instance will depart at 10:00 pm, which allows for evening dinning at the various restaurants in and around the port area.”

Today was originally a “day-at-sea” for the Britannia, which was scheduled to called on in Antigua on Tuesday 16th November 2021, but due to weather conditions in the region, the vessel instead requested to be in port today. “The fact that the Britannia could make this request on short notice and be so ably accommodated shows the flexibility of Antigua as a cruise destination.” Mr. Reynolds added.

The three ships in port totaled a combination of approximately 2,700 passengers with numerous groups leaving the port for shopping, dining and tour excursions.

Located İn St. John’s harbor, Antigua Cruise Port is the gateway to the city, serving over 800,000 passengers annually. The port will be redeveloped under the Antigua Cruise Port Development Project through a 30-year lease agreement between the Government of Antigua & Barbuda and Global Ports Holding.

The newest pier constructed at the port, which was completed in November 2020, can accommodate Oasis Class vessels, making it possible for the destination to serve as many as 1 million cruise passengers per year.

The new port will also have brand-new retail and food and beverage facilities, plus an additional 50,000 sq. ft. of commercial space to be leased to Antiguans and Barbudans.

Antigua Cruise Port launched operations in October 2019. Learn more about Antigua Cruise Port at

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  1. It’s time to update, The #All #Inclusive model been used in the stay over sector of the Tourism Industry.
    Here’s why…
    1…while, the All Inclusive is serving the investors, visitors/clients well and yes, a percentage of locals benefit from this too, as we can see this Pandemic and #New #Norm has created the need for more entrepreneurs locally.

    2…There should be a limit, and even exclusion(s) on certain businesses which can be invested in, nurtured and grow to help sustain the economy.

    (a)…businesses to be limited on the property/resort are boutiques, restaurants, bars, transportation, water sports. The size of the property should the determining factor.

    (b)…businesses to be allocated for locals, women, minorities are such things as tours(atv’s to horses to scooters to scare boards, wind sailing), specialty restaurants which serve, sell, promote local products and produce.

    I am going to pause here and say, yes, emphasizing this #yes and exponentiating this #yes, yes I am mental. Hey, ain’t nothing new for #Trail #Blazers we are all phucking craZEE, to think outside of the box.

    Cornel Hughes, aka Tenman, I saw a great initiative locally where entrepreneurs have developed a Crayfish and Prawn business, now this is some Louisiana, #WHO #DAT shyt, New Orleans eating, gumbo-licious(Pepperpot) Auntee Marie style. The Agriculture Industry which you thought was not viable enough due to lack of consistent water, produced or natural is or would be a problem. However, time have proven you wrong, yes the Pandemic has brought you to some semblance of understanding the local Agriculture industry, as you allegedly have gone into farming following your master Gaston, but moreso, on the technical side using hydroponics, computers, etc. to establish your Afro business.
    Of course, the Agriculture/Aquaculture Industry needs computer geeks and geniuses like you.

    Mr. Hughes, Cornel aka Tenman, the reason for pausing and taking a #break, and fuck with you is when I saw you mentioned Caribarena and some of the discussions there from the Hemp Industry and its inclusion, phased into the Agriculture, TOURISM and MEDICAL industries, folks like you, and many others I am sure, thought Jumbee Picknee aka Vere Edwards aka Ras Smood is one craZEE muddah-focker, and this is good because the Cat 5 came, Maria with her sexy ass ran and won, and COVID-19 has created avenues for #Trail #Blaziers wearing Blazers which will be like Joseph’s Robe and sending forward messages which will resonate with those in need in these times. Hence, the reasons why WE must restructure the Tourism Industry from the #STAY-OVER side.

    The HEMP INDUSTRY also needs to be revisited, and create a better playing field for locals.

    Yes, we have the courage, the will, the fortitude and we better step up our game and get a better footing to build the Nations future on.

    I know, this article speaks to the Cruise Industry. Hey, some #Cruizers do stay over, return and party like they’re in Amsterdam to Paris to Shanghai to Lagos!

    • Creativity and Constructive criticism is always welcome. N one man has all the answers. That is why the ECRC was such a good thing. People brought up all sorts of ideas to the table. Keep it up. Let’s wait and see the implementation of these ideas. It’s a pity though that Antiguans are very passive and do not like to take any risk. As the PM used to say they are Risk averse. They want someone else to take all the risk and they reap the benefits.

      • @From The Sideline…”constructive criticism” must always be welcomed, as a catalyst for growth and not one to become defensive, pull your head into your cocoon like an insect nor a whelk/soldier crab fearful of being discovered!

        #Risk #Taking requires several key factors to be in place, for the #risk to be worth the efforts, trials, tribulations etc.

        Several of these factors are…

        A…Generational Wealth and not just from an educational view but, in business as well.
        While we pride ourselves on having a good preschool to High School educational system and even into University level’s(yea, I read or try to understand what an administrator at the UWI – Five Islands Campus said, in regards to only 10% of Antiguans qualify as being
        ‘educated’ or something to the effect – hey, there are many professionals #who’re dope and sex addicts, freaks as well as great analysts, propagandist, and of course racist too!).
        I refer to these examples because it’s not just education which builds generational wealth, but owning a diversified portfolio has to be center and foremost.
        Our culture for the most part, there are few other exceptions such as the Serbians, Lebanese and of course, the Europeans never left entirely, since they had sewn their oats and had their offsprings remain; but, again our culture never weaned on or fed us generational wealth as a meal to be savored, and pass on its recipe.

        B…besides education, experience, perseverance, failures, trial and error, risk taking requires #CAPITAL.

        C…risk taking in business not some #Evil #Kenivil(sp) motorcycle stunt, or an 85 year young grandma climbing Mt. Everest or you From The Sideline, swimming with the sharks 🦈 off Redonda(by the way, who owns Redonda? We touch on the Nautical mile importance once, but Redonda now plays a significant role in the Blue Halo and other Aqua Culture ventures, especially those tied to this Global Warming or Climate Change #Cash #Cow. I see the PM going after some of that cash, I don’t blame him one bit.
        All this ties into the governing, regulatory, policy making bodies of Our government, as the REQUIRED systems feeding, nurturing, guiding the risk takers. Not holding their hands, but not tying them as well.
        If, and a serious if, the Government is serious about supporting local risk takers, either of these MUST take root…

        1…make it a level playing field for local investors who want to compete with foreign interests, by offering the same concessions, tax breaks etc. This can be scaled to the level’s of investments.

        2…Or, or, or make the WHOLE NATION an Economic Free Trade Zone for ALL.

        3…Nationals abroad should also be considered, as a part of the Nation too from Voting to Investing.

        #Generational #Wealth Matters!

        Oh by the way, you should get several of your buddies together, and create a local SHARK TANK SHOW, and scout for local entrepreneurs, their products, services, goods and promote them to investors, venture capitalists etc.

        …each 1 helps 1
        …’cause, One 1…Won 1 full basket!


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