Antigua Cannabis Nursery Commences Operations

Owner of Antigua Cannabis Nursery @india_depretis

Antigua Cannabis Nursery ( ACN) is a locally owned company of Antigua and Barbuda, announces the commencement of their operations.

ACN has signed contracts with prominent international Cannabis  companies.

ACN will be producing products for the local market that will be sold in certified dispensaries but will be focusing on packaging and producing finished products for export to the European, African and the Eastern hemisphere market that allow for the import of medicinal marijuana products.

India DePretis is born and raised in Antigua, owns and operates a successfully run Cannabis company based in Florida.

She is excited to commence Antigua’s first indoor and controlled green house space, focused on the highest quality Medical Cannabis the region has to offer!

ACN is proud to call Antigua and Barbuda home!

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  1. Gisele have she work cut out for train Serpent 🐍. He too lazy. He like Lovell, want the glory not the work.

    • Ras Smood the impersonator you should sell the Company my excess shit💩💩💩which you have being feasting on.

      There’s no doubt, you’re a bitch!

  2. I hope, with her First World upbringing and experiences, she can impart much of that knowledge to other interested locals.
    It can only get better.

  3. The #BASTARDIZATION of the poor and less fortunate in Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA continues with approved ventures like hers.

    The RASTAFARI COMMUNITY in Antigua, Barbuda and REDONDA full a fuck, to sit back and allow the ABLP Government to relegate them to the #Dregs_Of_Society on the MEDICAL MARIJUANA BUSINESS.

    I hope, that the Rastafari Movement realize and recognize, the need for #UNITY.

    R u full a blurnclath chat, and chant wid no real action outside of the chalice!

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg_Foot Bastard

    Vere Cornwall Edwards

  4. The ACN is a locally owned Company. However,is it really owned by locals.Now we would be seeing many more young ones hallucinating all over the place.Smoking too much weed and eating cannabis cakes.LOL

  5. We need de weed for the healing of the nation..
    For a stronger meditation..for more a better “irration”..
    We bringing ganga to de world..and nobody kiah stop us..
    Ah fuh we time now..we kiah lose our focus..

  6. The way the ownership of this business is being celebrated is an example of how far we still have to go to decolonize our thinking. This White woman, being born on Antiguan soil does not necessarily make her an Antiguan. What evidence is there of her using her privilege as a White woman to benefit the island? This is business for her, nothing else and another display of how the indigenous people still often kowtow to White. None of the other indigenous peoples including the Rastas would have been granted the license or opportunity to own this. Yet, we are, in the same place where we’ve always been, giving our heritage and generational opportunities to White people.

  7. Just like how religion was used to keep black Africans enslaved and grateful, so now is the cannabis (weed) being used to keep Rasta and locals out of the gainful development of the cannabis business. And grateful they don’t get lock-up!
    This white girl and the others in business with the high & mighty are given largess, Rastafari, just like the slave Bible, are given ‘sacrament’ cannabis which they cannot sell, only share without commercial value.
    Once again our Government protects the trade for white people! Just like the whites run the big bucks tourism investment, locals pick up the small change in taxi, street vending, entertainment, tour guides and general pimping. And they want to say we are a free economy🤬

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