Antigua: Burna Boy superfan describes “out-of-body experience”


LOOP: Out of a crowd of thousands, one woman was handpicked by Grammy award-winning artist Burna Boy, leaving her speechless just minutes into the show-stopping performance.

When Karian Christian heard that THE Burna Boy was coming to her homeland to perform, she could not contain her excitement.

She wasted no time to cop her ticket and prepare herself to be front and centre at the legendary show.

Christian browsed through her personal album of hundreds of Burna Boy photos and selected her favourite to be printed on a shirt and as the event got closer, she booked her nail appointment and had his name spelt out on her nails.

Photo of superfan Karian Christian showing support to her favourite artiste Burna Boy.


This was the least she could do to show her support for her favourite artiste.

The 36-year-old’s adoration for the ‘African Giant’ began in 2019 on a simple day and in a casual way.

She was driving in Miami, where she was living at the time when she heard her now favourite song ‘Anybody’ by Burna Boy.

At the time she had no idea who was singing but she was captivated and quickly ‘Shazamed’ the song to find out its name.

Christian has been “hooked ever since.”

“I listen to every one of his albums every day. His song is my ringtone. All my alarms are one of his songs,” she said.

“I literally know every song, every album, every project that he’s done, watched every interview “she continued to tell Loop News.

She also revealed that Burna Boy empowered her through difficult times.

“I was going through a tough time in my marriage at that time in 2019 and his music helped me a lot to just center myself and focus on the mission at hand or whatever I was preparing to do,” she disclosed.

But throughout her three years as a superfan, Christian was not able to see the star perform.

She moved back to Antigua in 2020 and was not able to attend any of his US shows but when she heard that he would be in Dominica she did her best to try to get there.

“I was so excited because I was actually trying to go see him in Dominica but it just did not work out because the tickets were crazy and I couldn’t get a ferry,” she shared.

So, when she heard that he was coming to Antigua she screamed on the inside.

“The timing was immaculate it was meant to happen that way. I would not have gotten that personal experience if it wasn’t in Antigua first,” she added.

Christian printed a customised Burna Boy shirt, painted his name onto her nails and was one of the first to arrive at the concert.

“I have an album on my phone with over 200 pictures of him and I just chose four of my favourites” for two shirts,” she said explaining how her outfit came to be.

But as if seeing him up close wasn’t enough, Burna Boy approached her, gave her his shades and said “I’m gonna give this to you because you’re so special. I love you.”

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Christian was in tears at this point but her night did not end there. She was also given his rag and he signed a record she brought of his Grammy-winning album ‘Twice as tall.’

“It was just like a dream come true,” the author and creator of a children’s colouring and activity book opined.

Now Christian has three items as a reminder of that epic night (December 17).

She told Loop News that the rag and shades are being stored in a safe place while she has plans to frame the vinyl record.

Rag and shades given to Karian Christian and album signed by Burna Boy.


Unlike others, Christian will not be selling any of the items.

Christian sees them as “keepsakes” from the night she had an “out-of-body experience.”

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  1. This is the most ridiculous thing I ever read smh!!
    She needs to go read a book !!
    Educate your mind.

  2. Wow. I am happy that she got to see her musical idol in person and just like her he is an original from the Motherland. That black man is truly gifted and from many accounts a humble human being. Blessings and long life to her and him.

  3. Her out of body experience must still have her acting like an ass. Recklessly driving through town yesterday in her black fit, cursing people. Should’ve argued with me so I could put you in your place. All you’d have to hold on to is faith. Act responsibly and not like an ass. Airhead.

  4. Chupz please!!! Ms. Cristian? Magic’s daughter? See she at the show a cry nf for Burna Boy and he gave her his sweaty rag 🤣 such a groupie.

    Bout outta body experience the man round south na give she enough 🤣

    • wah mek you nuh show face. bout Barbuda man. sure ya breath tink to how is comments you chose to come at her. bye

      • Kweiza you need a dunce check.
        For someone with a forehead long enough to fit an extra face and more gums than teeth you certainly have some nerve defending this nonsense which was written by the groupie herself for attention.

        It was fun, anyways tell her stop driving her little black car like an ass, have some class and act like the bright well educated girl she’s supposed to be.

  5. BIG BIG SUPER HUGE GROUPIE. Just ask the parents who have children that attends post millennial academy.


  6. Good Article!!! @KC, I am happy you enjoy your moment with your favourite artiste. Don’t expect anyone else to understand it. It’s your moment.

  7. Plenty people pon ANR bitter na fak! Mek de gyal hab she moment and enjoy she self nah. So wha if she a Magic Hughes dawta? Jus lakka aryou min a try pin Gassy brother crime pon he, same kinda smearing aryou a try wid the gyal. Badmind go kill aryou.

  8. I’m happy for you Karian. I too understand the power of music to help us through hard times. Glad you had this amazing experience seeing your favorite artist in person.
    Ignore these dunce hateful commenters above. Dem jus jealous dem nuh min so lucky. A bayyy!

  9. Y’all locals under this post SOUR, y’all mother probably SOUR, your father SOUR, Pinckney SOUR. Y’all BITTER. Most likely SAD. Maybe even HUNGRY.




    Y’all really really annoying SMFH

    To Karian: don’t let NOBODY steal that moment from you.

  10. Trust people to always be against anything that involves a person being genuinely happy.
    I had a big smile on my face, as I read through the story 😊
    As a Nigerian and a big Burna fan myself, I’m happy for you ❤️🦍


  11. Trust some people to always be against anything that involves a person being genuinely happy.
    I had a big smile on my face as I read through the story 😊
    As a Nigerian and a big Burna fan myself, I’m happy for you ❤️🦍


  12. Trust some people to always be against anything that involves a person being genuinely happy, just because they wallow in sadness.
    I had a big smile on my face as I read through the story 😊
    As a Nigerian and a big Burna fan myself, I’m happy for you ❤️🦍


    • @Idowu, I felt like some very sad people who don’t want to see others happy, people who genuinely need some serious sessions with a mental health assessor, probably need sectioning decided to post some funny comments here. Terribly sad people who should not even have access to a keyboard but do have access to internet and they are trying to make others sad well, @Karian, keep your head up gurl, these hater won’t ruin your happiness.

  13. Happy for you, not many people have an idol much less to be able to meet them. Reading some of these comments, these people seem so sad… like if it upsets you don’t read the article lol #weirdflex

    The one that said get a hobby…. Give her a free book KC

    Hate humans nf

  14. Now I feel so sorry for some people about how sad they get when they see others express their happiness and love for someone else’s craft. This lady had a moment with her idol, yet some people are spitting nonsense off their keyboards about it, calling her names. Some people need to get a life, if you can’t afford make yourself happy, pls try as much as you can to see others happy, at least you should have the decency to shove your hatred instead of showing how much of a lowlife scum you are with all these negative posts. Mtchew!

  15. Wow look pan how some people hateful. You all need Jesus. And it looks like some of you all are lacking real genuine love. Bitter, bitter, bitter and sad no f.

  16. Girl enjoy your moment, they only sorry it wasn’t them.
    Haters will always hate that is their duty bound mission so don’t mind them. Footballers give their sweaty jerseys to fans so what’s the difference his rag? Nonsense enjoy your moment.

  17. Two years in jail is the time former sports reporter Ian ‘Magic’ Hughes is to serve for the sex crime of indecent assault on a 13-yearold girl. The Court heard that Hughes, who is now 56, offered the child a ride home and HE VIOLATED HER her while driving from Gunthorpes to St. John’s.

    Use your platform to advocate for victims of Pedophilia and other sexual crimes. Bring your daddy on air to repent for his wicked ways.

    • You clearly don’t know her which is why you’re here talking out your ass. Karian has and been doing exactly that. She’s use this exact platform to speak out against her dad. Stfu and keep it pushing man

  18. So, when these fake prophets, evangelicals and priests bring their revivals to our communities, and Grannie gets up, throw her shoes 👠 to the side, start sliding, gyrating all while getting the spirits in her and dance, dance, dance to the same RYTHMN in the churches what is feeling differently, than what this young lady felt and enjoy!

    Put on your dancing shoes young lady, and do it all over again!
    I know you had fun.
    You’re simply experiencing #Da_Garrat_Syndyome. It’s powered by pure Dutty, Badminded Neargah’s Energy!

    Vere. C. Edwards

  19. For the past couple of years i have been following the situation with R Kelly and all those young women. I have seen lots of the interviews by the young females, and wondered, WHY, WHY. Why did they let themselves be treated that way. He never locked you in the house, why did you not just walk out when he was not there, and go home to your mama.

    The situation with this super fan here at home explains a lot to me. We all have our sporting/singing/actor idols, but i think that this may not be a healthy situation for this, not so young lady. Does she really have to have 200 pics of him. Does she have that many pics of her children or relatives on her phone. Entertainment should be just that that, entertainment. It should never control our lives. There was a case where one NBA player vomited at a bar in Miami, and a young lady use her bare hands to scoop up the vomit and now have it in a jar.
    If Burna Boy was to tell this lady, meet me at my Hotel room later, would this lady be so star struck she would show up.
    No wonder R Kelly had his way with so many young ladies.

    • @BJ – speaking of Kelley, just a few questions…

      A…where would you place High Hefner and his family of playgirls, high end prostitutes in your equation of entertainment or being entertained?

      B…where do you place the Catholic Church with their entertaining priests whose flocks idolize them as gods, yet, their sexual exploits of their parishioners are well documented from the Courts to stripclubs?

      Vere C. Edwards

      • @Ras Smood
        Please stop defaming God’s church before He decides to punish you for that.
        Clearly you have never been to a Catholic church. No one idolizes priests as gods. And people certainly shouldn’t be idolizing any singers as gods either.

        • @Seriously…
          1…the earthly gods already punished me, when they(church and state) sponsored, managed and support the African Slave Trade which brought my fore parents to toil and build their coffers!

          2…the earthly gods already punished me when they decided because my parents were not ‘married’ in their eyes, I was to be considered less of a HUEman being and attempted to bastardised me.

          3…the ether which surrounds me in a godly way, each and every day protects and guides me positively through my earthly trials and tribulations.

          4…I could give a rats ass about any church, their edicts or indoctrination’s.

          5…please FaceTime your god, and report me as a sinner!

          Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
          De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

          Vere Cornwall Edwards

      • Not sure where you want to go with this, but Hugh Hefter is not on my pole of entertainment. Just another rich guy who uses his riches for personal gratification. Wealth without Morality.
        Now, there are nothing wrong with churches. Churches have done a lot for mankind. The problem is with those pastors who wants to be rich superstars and uses the church to do so, by taking advantage of star struck congregation. I have been to a church here in Antigua and the introduction given to the pastor I thought I was at a dancehall or rap concert. Just like this Burna girl we are star struck.

        • @BJ …I mentioned Hugh Hefner in Comparison, to Art Kelly. Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Magazine with the playboy bunnies, was a stable in a larger percentage of households versus Art Kelly records or music. Many people men and women collect hundreds of these magazines and their content and worship them.
          The point is(#hypocrisy)…Hugh Hefner was idolised and glorified for exactly what Art Kelly is being punished for.
          This young lady is being vilified, in my opinion for doing what some of those vilifiers would consider normal and acceptable, as you stated, “I thought I was at a dancehall or rap concert!!” 😀😬
          You were at such a concert BJ, are you sure, that you weren’t the DJ?
          Same Rhythm in the Church Hall as in the Dance Hall. The lyrics are the only difference. Again, the #HYPOCRISY of our society.

          …Live the life you love
          …love the life you live

          Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
          De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

          Vere C. Edwards

  20. I always thought Antigua was full of cheerful and happy people.( I guess I was wrong)! @KC, I am really happy for you. Enjoy your moment girl! Mmuuaah!

  21. Prime example that when someone is happy with how they see life and how they want it to be people don’t wanna see them so. Move man the young lady happy and aru bitter abbaaayyy👎🏾🤪

    • Some of the ppl that talking sound so dumb. But I guess their comparing how much they love man pappyshow them and still wanna talk about ppl. But bachelor’s degree should be ashamed to open their mouth. U ppl sound so fucking retarded. Said what I said so come for me so I can fuck one of u up

  22. This comment section is unhinged. What a bitter set of miserable people. That’s why laugh knacking y’all about lool.

  23. Yes, Jesus is the answer!!
    Still, go and order a book from Amazon!
    This super fan is worshipping this singer as if he’s a god.smh

  24. Big fool bout she crying choops just love man nf
    Ps not cause you wrote a book or have a bachelors nah mean you ain’t a miserable whoring bitch that need to mind her own business

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