Antigua, Barbuda To Partner With Nigeria In Entertainment, Tourism, Tech

15 The Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Hon. Gaston Alfonso Browne, on Friday said his country is ready to partner with Lagos State and Nigeria in general in trade and investments.

Prime Minister Browne spoke during a courtesy visit to Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, at the Lagos House, Marina.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by his wife, Maria Browne; Ambassador Davin Joseph; Chairman/CEO of Air Peace Limited, Dr Allen Onyema; Nigerian Ex-International and Air Peace Ambassador, Chief Segun Odegbami and CEO of LIAT 2020 Airlines Antigua, Mrs. Hafsah Abdulsalam.

Speaking during the courtesy visit, Browne said the key objective of his country is to strengthen the relationship between Antigua and Barbuda and Nigeria, as well as the Caribbean and the rest of Africa.

He said: “I believe Africa has a significant amount of resources, and literally every African country can become a developed country. I am of the view that African countries can do even better than the Republic of China.

“Our aspiration for Nigeria is to see Nigeria become a developed country within the next decade or two. And we want to make sure that we are an early mover in the Caribbean to establish close linkages with Nigeria to increase trade and investment.

“The Caribbean and Africa must unite and work together to bring prosperity to our people.”

As contained in a statement issued by his Media Aid, Gboyega Akosile, Governor Babjide Sanwo-Olu, while speaking during the courtesy visit attended by his wife, Dr Ibijoke and some members of the Lagos State Executive Council, said his administration will partner with Antigua and Barbuda in entertainment, arts, culture, and technology.

He said, “We are building a bridge.” The Caribbean is the sixth region of Africa. We can partner in the areas of culture, tourism, arts, and entertainment because we have a lot of things in common.

“We can quickly begin to ship between the two regions all of the things that are common to us.

“Our tourism potential, arts and culture, and the kind of music we listen to can infuse into our economy very quickly, and we will begin to see the benefits among us and the two regions.

“Technology is very important because it knows no boundaries. We say we are the tech hub of Africa.

“All of the unicorns in tech start-ups have their origins in Lagos. So, technology can also be the strong handshake that we require.

“The time is now, and we all need to seize the opportunity. Mr. President has laid the background for us. He has said that he wants Nigeria to have a one trillion GDP within the next couple of years, and that is the kind of thing we are saying.

“Nigeria cannot just sit back and be a developing country. We have to take that narrative up. If China and India can do it, Nigeria can do it.

“We need to take charge and let the world know that indeed we are our brothers’ keepers, and distance should not be a hindrance.”

Also speaking, Chairman/CEO, Air Peace Limited, Dr Allen Onyema, commended Governor Sanwo-Olu for receiving the Prime Minister and his entourage.

He said the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda is in Lagos to address Nigerian investors, noting that Lagos will benefit a lot from the business discussions.

He said Africa is the next destination for the entire world, noting that there is a second scramble going on for Africa.

“The West, Asians, and everybody else want a piece of Africa. We must have Africa for ourselves and accommodate others,” he said.

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  1. It’s a wonderful milestone Africa and Caribbean needs visionary leader’s that will transform our lost dignity, glory and aspirations as regards to unification and development.

    Special thanks goes to the initiators and those championing this remarkable innovation.

  2. Rasta and de RASTAFARI, have being doing this for decades!
    The Pan Africanist have being doing this for decades!

    The #proof is in the pudding, the tasting and the eating!

    Remember, what Bob said,
    “Africa Unite, ‘cause, we’re moving right out of Babylon, and going to Our father’s land!”

    We don’t need #talking_points with clandestine rhetoric, by those in, of the #body_politic.
    The boots on the ground makes the world go round.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  3. It’s not that you speak Gatson Browne, because not even me can stop from speaking, it’s that when you open your mouth, nobody can believe that fork tongue that slaps around between your jaws, that’s the issue.
    Yes all of us would love to see our people become the beacon of hope that we so long to see in this world, but you keep dealing with the corrupt ones, why, can’t you find much better suitors to do business with?

    This Air Peace deal needs a lot more transparency, a lot more, but he keep blinding Antiguan’s with a few foolish sound bites here and there..we need to see the full contract of this deal and all deals Mr PM, after all it’s the voters money you’re spending, not the 30mil you have in your bank account stashed in a swiss bank somewhere Geneva.

    This man just seems to make shit up as he goes along, because he’s back at this Nigerian Fiasco again, why?

  4. It was a wonderful milestone for a few, like the visionary leader,with partnership between Antigua Airways and Nigeria, and disaster for many others. The guy has a spectacular sense of identifying wealthy criminals and fraudsters. I wonder how much money he’s planning on getting from our treasury for this venture.

  5. Best representative we ever had. First of all it is the first Prime Minister we ever had that travels with his wife as much as possible. Settle a very good example for our country. Lovell trying to be a PM always traveled alone. Like a bachelor. Lovell the other day went to a meeting in Barbados to meet an African delegation. And guess what he dressed in his African shirt, just to impress on them. So sad. Our PM dressed in his Jacket like he usually does. No need to dress to impress. And his wife always carries herself like a real First Lady. So proud of how this couple is representing our beautiful twin Islands State. Antigua and Barbuda.
    Long Live Gaston Alphonso Browne.

  6. Best representative we ever had. First of all it is the first Prime Minister we ever had that travels with his wife as much as possible. Settle a very good example for our country. Lovell trying to be a PM always traveled alone. Like a bachelor. Lovell the other day went to a meeting in Barbados to meet an African delegation. And guess what he dressed in his African shirt, just to impress on them. So sad. Our PM dressed in his Jacket like he usually does. No need to dress to impress. And his wife always carries herself like a real First Lady. So proud of how this couple is representing our beautiful twin Islands State. Antigua and Barbuda.
    Long Live Gaston Alphonso Browne. And Long live their marriage.

    • Gaston fraid knuckle, lakkah Point Gangsters fraid Knuckle Block.
      If he leff she dey a yard and go abroad, when he cum back, the G.O.A.T. ah goh dun nyam off she front lawn lakka wan lawnmower to de bare grung!

  7. I am eager to visit Nigeria with my sensay costume to entertain my brother’s and sisters in Lagos. The af4ican people always ask me what tribe am from and believe you me I never give a positive answer. But one day I will after my visit

  8. Mrs Abdulsalem is CEO of an airline with another name according to the article in the observer. It definitely did not say that she was CEO of Liat 2020.
    That airline will fly on the 1st day of the 2nd quarter of next year.

  9. Antigua’s PM has a knack for attracting… Nigeria is the sixth largest oil producing country and yet 99% of its population lives in abject poverty. Majority of the population goes without electricity for 16 hours per day, acts of criminality is the order of the day.

    The country’s entire infrastructure is broken, there is no order; people are murdered and kidnapped on a daily basis throughout Nigeria.

    It’s undeniable that Nigerians are learned people, equally they are crooked and throughly dishonest. Antiguans and Barbudans witnessed their dishonest behaviour during Gaston and Olabanjo’s migrants fiasco. On their second day of them being in Antigua a number of them were engaged in what they do best. We are still waiting to hear the outcome of the cases of those individuals who were charged with fraudulent behaviour. Incidentally, have they all being smuggled out of Antigua?

    What sort of riches does the PM think Nigerians will bring to the country: Drugs, people trafficking, scammers, trafficking of human organs, money laundering?

    Nigerians has a notorious reputation internationally for fraudulent activities. The West and the US has taken steps to keep them out, but the buffoon and his Barbie doll has taken steps by providing Nigerians easy access to our shores.

    Antiguan and Barbudans need to brace themselves of the destruction that will be inflicted on our nation. It is bad enough that we have to contend with Chinese, Indians and now Nigerians, the three combined is a recipe for disaster on a monumental level.

    It’s because of the wanton and ill thought out plans of the buffoon why many European countries are imposing visa requirements on Antiguans. Still, the buffoon has not learned no lessons.

    Why did the ….and his Barbie doll did not demand an apology from the government of Nigeria for their part in human trafficking during the Middle Passage era? Does he need to be reminded that the majority of the slaves from Nigeria were ibos and they were mostly captured by the Yorubas and were exchanged for European luxury items?

    Consequently, ibo land remained under-populated as the result of the slave trade. Interestingly, the PM’s “Tight friend” made no mention of what needs to be done to increase the ibo population, but he dared to tell Antiguans the Gaston’s migrants were brought into Antigua like “Thives in the night” to improve our population!

    Most of us would adhered to PanAficanism. It’s important that we don’t lose sight of the realty that just as they were African Turncoats during on enslavement that legacy of betrayal remains in our DNA.

    The President of Burkina Faso, Ibrahim
    Traore, kicked out the French in 2003, bringing an end to imperialism and French corruption. The president of Nigeria, Tinibu imposed sanctions against Burkina Faso, causing undue hardship for the Burkinabees and indicated to France that the French should invade Burkina Faso. Why has the Buffoon not shown solidarity with the people of Burkina Faso by condemning the actions of Nigeria president? Instead he took Antigua’s tax payers money to foster diplomatic realtionship with a rogue pariah state.

    Incidentally, since the departure of the French Burkina Faso has become one of the fastest economy in Alkebula.
    I would urge all Antiguans and Barbudans not to support the buffoon recklessness actions and signalling to Nigerians we do not want them in Antigua. Antiguans should reframed from renting accommodation to them. It’s time that we protect our interests before it is too late.

    • Burkina Faso is the fastest economy?
      It has been battered by a jihadist insurgency that swept in from neighbouring Mali in 2015.

      Thousands of civilians, troops and police have been killed, two million people have fled their homes, and anger within the military at the mounting toll sparked two coups in 2022.

  10. In addition, Nigeria does NOT have an established tourist industry because kidnapping is a frequent occurrences in Nigeria. How does the buffoon and his Barbie doll belive Antigua could established realtionship with Nigeria tourist industry. International tourists do not visit Nigeria because of safety issues.

    A Nigerian family visited Nigeria November 2023, upon leaving to return to the UK and whilst driving along the road leading to Mutualah International Airport their taxi was stopped by rogue police officers. The rogue officers ordered the passengers out of the taxi, one of the rogue officers drove off leaving the passengers stranded; two of the remaining rogue demanded money. The family had to pay the rogues N800.000.00 =£800 Sterling pounds.
    That incident is not isolated, Olabanjo and other Nigerians in Antigua could confirm the same.

    Yes, however, Nigeria is renowned for money laundering, scamming and deception. Lawd knows the PM and his Barbie doll were deceived without them knowing, which after all that is not too difficult to achieved. Maybe, Antigua will be tagged with Nigeria for money laundering, human trafficking, selling of human organs under the disguise of tourism. When will this buffoon ever learn? God spare and deliver Antigua and Barbuda from this destruction.

    Fellow Antiguans, let’s unite and stage protests and say “NO” to Nigeria’s corruption. Keep Nigerians out of Antigua. Does he not read Caribbean newspapers, does he not read about Nigerians criminal activities occurring in Trinidad? Gaston needs to remove his tinted shades and shine his eyes and put an end to his affinity to Nigeria’s corruption.
    There are other Alkebulan countries that are resourceful that Antigua could do HONEST business with, but Nigeria is positively not one of them.

    Incidentally, I have checked online all the Nigerian newspapers and neither the Buffoon and his Barbie doll does not appear in any local papers, nor has there been any broadcast on TV or radio.

    Could this be a dramatisation, staged by Olabanjo featuring Antigua’s buffoon and his Barbie doll as the lead actor/actress?

  11. Of all the countries in Africa why Nigeria? THE SECOND most corrupt nation in the world SECOND to the USA.

    Luke minds really do attract…..

    Desperation is a hell of a thing, that a man would sacrifice morals for power.

  12. @What the? The killings and acts of terrorism occurred inder the former government and with French influences.

    The current head of states President Ibrahim Traore, took charge of the country, his first step was to kicked out the French which brought an end to French imperialism and exploitation. His second step was to withdraw Burkina Faso from ECOWAS, which is headed by the Nigerian president Tinibu. Tinibu and encouraged the French president to invade Burkina Faso. Traore referred to Tinibu and Ghana’s presidents as liars and traitors. He has severed diplomatic ties with Nigeria and Ghana and accused them of being Anti Pan Africanism.

    The killings and corruption as you have referred to, occurred under a different administration and not this current administration. The killings and the insurgence of terrorist gangs were orchestrated by Nigeria, Ghana and France. However, under Traore administration he has take a firm and decisive steps with combatting terrorism. He also has taken charge of Burkina Faso Gold mines and other natural resources, allowing foreign government to trade on the government terms and not on the terms of foreign investors.

    I urge you to extend your knowledge and go on YouTube and see the massive transformation occurring in Burkina Faso.

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