Antigua & Barbuda To Offer 10 Scholarships To UWI For Countries Of The OECS


The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has decided to offer ten Scholarships to UWI Fourth Landed Campus to each of the six countries in the OECS.

This is intend to attract citizens from the member-states to enroll in the Five Island Campus in the September 2020 semester.

The sixty students from the OECS would enjoy a tuition-only scholarship, leaving them to meet other expenses connected to pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in any of the three disciplines now offered by the UWI Fourth Landed Campus.

Government believes that the first cohort of OECS students (from Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Montserrat) ought to receive a special incentive that will make the campus most attractive.

A decision was previously made, in collaboration with the UWI Interim Principal, to build 100 dormitory rooms on Campus to ensure the attractiveness of the institution to those students who will come from abroad, including the OECS.



  1. This is great. I guess we should march for this as well. Why is our government being so good and so caring to others. I look forward to seeing these first sixty students and give them a warm welcome to our shores. I wonder is any of the other campuses ever did that before. Or is this a first time thing

    • Do we have so much money, are we taking enough care of our own so we can now offer to others? How may students have to return because govt renege on their obligations to pay for them? And now we have money to sponsor students from countries, some of whom are better off than us? We have already allowed ourselves to become a minority in this country. How much more are we going to allow these people have do in order to destroy us as a nation?

    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! Give Praise and Thanks for the introduction of a Paradigm based on the idea that African people should re-assert a sense of agency in order to achieve sanity (Asante 2009) in this the International Decade for People of African Descent 2015 – 2024! That the ‘nattering nabobs of negativity” will trot out all their phobias resultant from black dislocations, disorientations, decenteredness, and lack of agency should not deter GoAB from going further in this engagement of Town and Gown!

      GoAB, in conjunction other OECS Governments must go the added mile, should Create and Introduce a Plan that could fundamentally transform the future of the next generation of Antigua and Barbudans and OECS nationals with the promise of a free University education at the UWI Five Islands Campus! GoAB should extend this further such that any and all graduates of Antigua and Barbuda High/Secondary Schools with the requisite CXC subjects will have the opportunity to attend government funded colleges in Antigua and Barbuda without the burden of tuition! We must also put in place a quality, best in class, technology driven apprenticeship program!

      Town Vs Gown! UWI’s Triple A Strategy 2017 – 2022 “rests upon three primary pillars: Access, Alignment, and Agility—Wealth creation and reduction of social inequality through greater and more affordable access, efficient and effective alignment with society and economy, and enhanced agility in pursuit of opportunities.”

      Why Free Tuition For all OECS High School Graduates! Lest we Remember the words of Professor Dr. Hillary Beckles, UWI Vice-Chancellor: We must have a revolution to Access in Higher Education! In the English Speaking Caribbean, we have the lowest enrollment among young people to Higher Education in this Hemisphere! In Terms of Alignment (In the OECS it is even more woefully lower with participation rates that continue to see a more widening gap JFII)! We are very concerned that the OECS economies are struggling while emerging out of the global recession! Some People have argued that the reasons why the OECS is struggling to get to the level, where the other developed islands are, has to do with the fact that the community of graduates, the community of professionally trained people with skills development has held back the sub-region and therefore we need to align the creation of the skills, the creation of the professional training with the structures of the economy! … Agility – We must make the Five Islands Campus very nimble because it doesn’t carry the heritage (and baggage JFII) of the other campuses hence (its strategies,structures, systems, skills and culture can be made more nimble and transformative JFII)!

      This mere voice in the wilderness has only proposed the policy direction! No Procedures and actions to realize the policy are being offered! There should be creative collaboration by all OECS Governments, UWI Stakeholders and other Publics in the OECS to bring this to fruition! If Not GoAB should proceed apace!

      As usual there will be the “hysterical hypochondriacs of history” who will moan and bellyache that it has never been done and that it is a “chalice” dream! “All definitions are autobiographical!” For those who wish to explore further take a look at Berea College, which with a ranking in the 2020 edition of Best Colleges, is National Liberal Arts Colleges, #46 in the US!

      Yes Sir, Mr. Prime Minister, Let us develop and Implement “The Gaston Browne/Novelle Richards Plan”: Create a trained, more educated workforce, decrease illiteracy, increase opportunity, decrease crime. increase the number of business owners, increase capital formation and increase property values! This mere voice suggests that we must change the state of People of African Descent by making real, tangible investments in our younger and youngest generation which has the fundamental capacity to literally change the quality of life, not just for these young people but for their families, which in turn changes the quality of life for the communities and neighbourhoods they live in, which in turn changes the quality of life for the entire nation of Antigua and Barbuda and the wider OECS!

      “To Provide the People of Antigua and Barbuda and by extension the OECS with a facility that will enable them to have access to higher education, professional training, skills development and to do so at a more affordable cost … which has suppressed education in this nation. … This is going to be excellent for skills development, human resource development. It will help Antigua and Barbuda and the OECS to build out their social capital …” Professor Beckles!

  2. The brilliance of our PM continues to show. Those sixty students will be contributing to our coffers by paying taxes of their purchases. Undoubtedly, they will buy food and other items from our shops and stores. They will be paying rent; they will be engaging the services of transportation providers. They might even sample some of our entertainment; our carnival; attend shows and movies; dine out and some may go to our bars etc. At the end of their studies, they can be valuable in marketing the University, and promote the quality of education they received here. That will be useful in encouraging others from their respective countries, to also travel to Antigua for their own tertiary education.
    Good move by PM Browne!

    • Yes celebrate nickel and dime taxes while your pensioners who worked their asses off cannot be paid. How much taxes will they be paying 400 – 500 dollars annually???????
      I spend that on a weekend outing so it’s nothing to get a in your feelings about. Talk about lowering the bar.

      • You ever hear the saying one one full basket. Just calculate how much the AUA Students are contributing to our economy. You would be shocked to know that

    • You forget the most important thing they may meet their future Antiguan Spouse. That is what happened to most of us when we traveled to Trinidad, Barbados or Jamaica. Many of us met our spouses at the university.

    • Contributing with out money? Its Antiguans and Barbudans to spend and not others. We are behaving as if we have money while everything around us is falling down. Are you people blind?

  3. “Ar’u vote fu dat”

    Antigua can’t afford to educate Antiguans, but this man is wasting taxpayer’s money on foreigners! Antigua people ar’u vote fu dat!

    • Not only do we vote for that we endorse it 200%. How many Antiguans are now studying abroad with scholarships from other governments like Cuba, China, Russia, Morocco, Mexico and others. And you want to complain our government showing the same gratitude to others. You are very selfish I must say.

  4. Well some ah unnu need fuh gu back a school….Please note the scholarship is “Tuition”, If a class has placement for let’s say 40 students and they only receive enrollment for 30 why not offer the remaining 10 as scholarships the students will accept and they will now have to pay for rooms and food, that is monies spent in our economy. That is how it’s done by other bid learning institutions.

  5. The Five Island Campus is for the OECS. Not just for Antiguans and Barbudans. Antiguans will automatically already be receiving scholarships from the BOE and the PM Scholarship program. This is a very thoughtful gesture to our brothers and sisters of the OECS.

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