Antigua & Barbuda to likely revert to “Clusters of Cases” following recent uptick in COVID-19 cases

Dr Rhonda Sealey-Thomas

Antigua & Barbuda’s COVID-19 Transmission Classification will likely revert to ‘Cluster of Cases’ following the recent uptick in positive cases.

Just over a month ago, on September 14, the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) placed the country’s status in the ‘Sporadic Cases’ category as new cases began to slow down.

However, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rhonda Sealey-Thomas told state media that “two government departments have been identified and the persons from those departments were linked”, to recent cases.

“According to the World Health Organization we are now classified as ‘sporadic cases’ but we believe that we are definitely at the stage now to be classified as ‘clusters’ because of the last few weeks we have seen certain clusters of cases”, she explained.

“Just last week, we had a discussion with the Pan-American Health Organization on our classification and we’re still doing our checks to determine whether or not we should move from ‘sporadic cases’ to ‘clusters’ and certainly we’re still looking into whether or not we should move to ‘community transmission’”, she added.

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  1. I Live in NY and was in Antigua recently . My wife n myself went to the market on a Saturday morning There were maybe 20 people gathered around trying to buy whatever was being sold and it caused a little mele .. A police Vehicle pulled up so we thought “grate” they’re gonna break this up. Instead of breaking this potential SUPER SPREADER he laughed n joked with one of the men gathered there who it seems was a friend of his n had the mask under his chin and drove off. If someone there was Covid positive Potentially almost everyone there would’ve gotten it n take it back home.. LIVE LIFE DON’T BE COMPLACENT YET WE WILL OVERCOME THIS THOUGH. THIS TOO WILL PASS .ONE LOVE MY PEOPLE !

    • I believe primarily because the government repeatedly kept saying we’re COVID free and we have no community spread even though people were suddenly dropping dead between March and July with no explanation given.

      Also, many people are ignorant about how serious this virus is. It is not simply a flu virus. We don’t know what the long-term implications of getting infected are.

      The goal should always have been – as it is in New Zealand – to eliminate the virus from the island. That was possible to do if the borders weren’t opened up prematurely and recklessly.

      but I guess, as Dr. Seuss said, “business is business and business must grow” (to the detriment of lives) I suppose.

    • I don’t think people understand that we all have a responsibility. Everyone thinks that it won’t be me. I see people wearing masks under their chins or not at all. They are the ones who will contract it and carry it home.

      Come on everyone. Do your part!!

  2. On any given day and you will see:

    Workers and managers with masks below their nose.

    Customers taking off their masks to have conversations with each other or on their telephones.

    People walking in without washing their hands.

    A few weeks ago, a white couple with 2 preteen daughters who were not wearing any masks at all.

    Lots of people wearing masks with exhalation vents – which puts us all at risk.

  3. Where is dr.joeyj? Someone need to just out them. I do not know why this lady want to ignore the truth. People talk lady, Antigua small small, contact/cluster and community spread are all happening. Stop trying to play down the status, that’s why the people are not listening or adhering. We are in a time when numbers are rising all over so why would Antigua be any different? C’mon Alice, this ain’t Wonderland. Take off dem red shoes.

  4. The lady is the government puppet whatever she was told to fed the public she has to or ship back to her native country. She is not there for the people. She is their to be use by our government officials.

  5. The reason why some people is not taking it serious is because what the media is saying its not visible to alot of people. It comes like a religion the media is trying to force people to believe and the less you believe the more regulations and rules the government try to put in place which instil fear and separation from each other.The effect of covid in those large countries in regards to hospitalization and death appears to be on tv and the news only. Two motives people are seeing: instill fear from the virus, divide with social distancing to conquer and control society.

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