Antigua & Barbuda says COVID situation remains managable

Infectious Disease Centre (IDC)

Cabinet Notes: The Dashboard which synopsizes the impact of the Covid-19 disease on Antigua and Barbuda is to be updated daily.


The crisis situation remains manageable; the health systems are not overwhelmed.


Contact tracing is being intensified with more experts being added, including soldiers from the ABDF who have had special training in this field.


Oxygen makers are to be upgraded since the amount of the precious gas utilized by a patient on a ventilator can be substantial.


Patients suffering from asthma are frequently attached to the life-saving gas.


New oxygen makers are to be purchased to meet the needs of the IDC and the MSJMC.


Ninety new tanks of oxygen will be imported to strengthen the supply as well.



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  1. “The crisis situation remains manageable; the health systems are not overwhelmed.”
    What constitutes unmanageable/overwhelmed?
    MSJMC has canceled all general out-parient services & regular ailment beds are now designated for covid cases.
    The IDC is full.
    Nugent Avenue missing beds & equipment so not open.
    No news on Fiennes / Clarevue regarding health status of patients, staff & volunteers.
    MSJMC is very short of skilled nursing /medical staff according to Director & Medical Chief ( you were to ask Cuba & others for assistance, even though every country is fighting to deliver medical services right now).
    Current nursing & general staff at MSJMC exhausted mentally & physically.
    No news on how you will physically have sufficient people to continue contact tracing & testing concurrent with mass vaccinations (including data handling, supplies procurement & distribution personnel).

    Magistrates Courts, registry, many businesses closed with more closing daily due to covid contact tracing/active cases.
    Schools closed.
    Borders open with no tight ENFORCED protocols for tourists.

    Let’s see end of next week if the 6pm to 5am curfew REALLY makes a difference.
    Each doctor that has been on abs has told the public STAY HOME unless absolutely critical that you go out & about, outdoor exercising excepted.
    Same doctors advising us this will get a lot worse, and quickly, if we don’t stay home whenever possible and follow all protocols all the time when beyond our home.
    Vaccination to reach the 80% CMO requires will take well into the summer based on each person receiving 2 shots, 12-weeks apart AND when the vaccines actually arrive AND ability of vaccine roll-out program in it’s entirety.
    All the while, protocols will remain in place, and beyond.

  2. that got Antigua into this state in the first place.

    Last Spring when there were at least a dozen sudden deaths, what did the government do?

    They just lied and minimized the pandemic. Molwyn drug his old self in front of a camera repeatedly to say “we’re COVID free” and there’s “no community spread” at the same time people were literally dying in the street or on their way to the hospital.

    Tell the truth. Let the public know how serious this situation is.

    How can you expect the public to treat this disease with the seriousness that it deserves when the government officials never seem to be able to do it?

  3. Manageable ? When the hospital Management said in a release statement that they’re at the brink .

  4. Why at this stage when the number of laboratory reported cases are rising at such an alarming rate daily that we are still at the “will be”, “to do” stage. Our medical personnel are saying that they need more manpower, they need more equipment, they need more oxygen more than a year after Antigua’s first reported covid-19 cases was .made public. According to my knowledge we have been in preparation since the outbreak of ebola and to this day we are not ready for the inevitable. Please remember that the vaccine is not a cure but a preventative measure to minimize the effects this virus will have on the human body which means that we have to do our part to keep it at bay. Prevention is better than cure. Yes we have to follow the protocols. We have to abide by the laws that presently exist whether we agree with them or not but at the same time it is incumbent on the powers that be to get their act together. A year is enough time to have facilities, equipment, manpower, training and everything needed in place but unfortunately it doesn’t appear as if they are organised or ready. Heaven help us.

    • Guy there is no handbook for covid. In your rant you admitted the situation on the ground has drastically changed. Up to 2 months ago we had less than 2 or less persons hospitalized. Point to any place in the world that has not had to make adjustment as the covid situation changed. Recall the UK with all its resources having to go to an unplanned lock down. New Zealand’s whose effort to fight covid has been highlighted as a gold standard had to revert to a lock down yet again for one of its largest cities. As much as they have fought, they still have community spread. Germany heralded for its ability to test everyone had to restrict testing to only critically ill persons with symptoms. Daily cases there for over a year were less than 2K, then spiked at about 20K from late October to early Jan. They are now about 10K daily. With global shortages of things like Oxygen, testing material yet watch you claim we should have had Nostradamus like ability and do what not even nations with much resources than us, have been able to do. Boss get real.

  5. It is not overwhelmed. It is always said by persons. Who do not have a clue and not involved in the situation.I would like to hear from those involved in the daily tasks of managing the Covid-19 issues.Because it is easy for a politician to throw cold water on a very serious matter.I want to hear from the Medical personnel and not Politicians.Them too lie.

  6. TENMAN why do you think you have to rationalize or justify anything that reflects badly on the government. We don’t care what is going on in the UK, New Zealand or the USA. We are only concerned with the extent situation and conditions in Antigua and Barbuda. I know that you have your contacts with the powers that be, now please find out for me what is the meaning of manageable. What are the factors that determine whether the situation is manageable or not? For example, is a situation where there are more seriously infected covid patients than available beds or ventilators manageable?

    • Tabor the poster I responded to needed a reality check. Never heard you complain that comparisons were wrong, when Lovell was at the helm and doing such to try to justify why things were dismal during the global recession. Cabinet answered the question, the poster doubted. Anyway no doubt you heard the doc who heads the hospital making clear, things are under control? If not visit the ABS Facebook page and look for tonight’s newscast. You can rest your head knowing we have a driver at the helm who actually knows how to drive. Politics aside (which is a must) the opposition should ensure its involved with the vaccination. After all covid knows no political persuasion.

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