Antigua & Barbuda passport second in the OECS – Henley & Partners Q3


Moving into the third quarter of 2019, Antigua & Barbuda captured the second spot in the OECS, on the Index, with a visa-free/visa-on-arrival score of 147.

This latest ranking of passport power and global mobility – which is based on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) – saw the twin-island rank 29th globally while losing visa-on-arrival access to Djibouti and Benin due to the adoption of an e-visa policy in these territories.

Managing Partner of Henley & Partners Antigua & Barbuda, Gaye Hechme, expresses:

“The people of Antigua and Barbuda remain confident in the power of the Antiguan and Barbudan passport. Henley & Partners will continue to work closely with the government of Antigua and Barbuda to ensure that the power of our passport continues to experience growth.”

“With the recent Q3 ranking, we are assured that Antigua & Barbuda’s passport is highly sort after, which translates to better investment opportunities for our twin island nation”

In the Q2 rankings, Antigua and Barbuda and St. Kitts and Nevis were separated by only one spot on the rankings; they are now separated by three spots – landing Antigua and Barbuda the second spot in the OECS in the Q3 ranking.

Saint Lucia and Grenada both remain relatively steady, with slight changes in rank occurring because of movements higher up on the index.

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  1. This is great news, but we really need a mutual visa-free agreement with China ASAP. I’m actually surprised we don’t have one with China yet. St. Kitts has visa-free access to Taiwan but we don’t have visa-free access to China. Maybe we need to change our diplomatic alliance?

    Does anybody know if our new visa-free agreement with Russia was included in this ranking? Also, any new countries on the horizon for our Antigua passport?

    Considering how small of a nation we are, I think we should be proud of the fact that we are in the Top 30 countries in the world. Be proud Antigua!

    • The answer is no. China given us everything else except that. Nobody trust alp with passport that’s why.
      No sane developed country is going to give this sell passport and never ending amnesty regime visa free access.
      The alp choir singers should be thanking the UPP for getting visa free access to 27 European countries in 2008 because if they did not arwe wudda suck sarl.

      • Wow….you just cant be happy and proud of your country can you. No matter what the news is you must find a negative spin to put on it. Then you wonder why ablp is still in power…smh

        • That’s him, unfortunately bitter to the core. Pray for him and especially his family and friends because its like living with a suicide bomber

        • Dropping from first place to second in a race of 6 in less than 5 years NOT good news.
          It’s my country I was born here and am proud of it, just not the regime taking us down with them

  2. Since when Antigua become st Kitts banging post? They beat us in everything ease of doing business, direct flights from USA and Canada, more international hotel brands (we have none btw) and now passports rankings.

    I’ll tell you, since the ALP took over Antigua and so shall it be to the end.

    • Its only now you realize how deep UPP had sunk this country. They even surpassed us with cruise passengers. But don’t worry Gaston has everything under control. We are coming back in every area. As we are already the only economy in the Eastern Caribbean with successive growth rates at 5% and above After we finish the fifth pier we will be far ahead once again. And when we have settled with Scotia and LIAT we will be the breadbasket of the ECC once again. Cause we will have the largest economy. No St Lucia. You guys have to understand if was not just talk that we are building an economic powerhouse. It is a work in progress and progress that you can see all over. Forth Landed Campus coming. Teck That.

        • More lies and deception. You should change your name to Lie-man.

          Rising places does not mean you gained visa free access it means that others have lost. Antigua gained 11 places only means that 10 countries lost visa access due to sanctions, unrest etc. not that we gained any visa free access worthy of note. I know you want to take credit for Monaco’s and the Vatican but those are UPPs handiwork.

          Just as our ease of doing business rankings have fell while our score remains marginally intact meant that others improved their scores, not that we are worse off.

      • The same UPP that gave you visa free access to 27 European countries, so you can sell passports?

        Do you know what our passport index score was in 2004 u see ALP?
        Ask Lie-man. We were at the bottom of the pile with East Timor and Botswana.
        Btw Grenada is the fastest growing OECS country and Guyana is the fastest growing in Caricom. Not because you want to believe it means it’s true.
        Be grateful.

  3. In today’s capitalist world, money can literally buy anything, not limited to passports. Passport shopping is a $2 billion dollar industry. The truth is Governments are embarrassed to advertise their citizenship schemes as “passport shopping” or “passports for sale”, instead it’s marketed under a nicely coined name “citizenship-by-investment”. According to their program rules, only wealthy, talented, and high net worth investors can apply for their Citizenship by Investment programs (CIP). Not surprisingly, many clients applying for citizenship programs, they are so keen to apply for citizenship, and are not even aware where the country exists on map. So our passport has power!

    • Actually, I support citizenship-by-investment programs (CBI). Even the USA and several EU countries have forms of CBI programs. Also, it’s not always about ‘buying a passport’. There are some people that actually want to be a citizen of a new country, and of course many people genuinely like to make Antigua home after they are granted citizenship via CBI.

  4. Checking the list Barbados is the highest ranked black country and the highest ranked Caribbean country. Barbados is ranked 23rd out of 200 hundred nations. Bahamas is closest to Barbados at 25th.

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