Antigua & Barbuda One Of The Safest Places In The World – Atlee Rodney


The year 2019 has seen the lowest number of homicides in a single year, with just three murders recorded, for almost twenty years.

According to Acting Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney, the other years that recorded less than five murders were 2000 and 2001 which both had four reported murders.

Rodney believes that this statistic may be the lowest in any independent state in the world.

In general, serious crimes are said to have decreased by 42.48 percent when compared to 2018.

On the other hand, the overall number of crimes reported in Antigua & Barbuda increased by 634 reports which equate to a 28.79 percent increase.

Acquisitional crimes like petty theft, car break-ins, home invasions, and malicious damage accounted for more than 50 percent of the crimes reported.

Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of operations, Albert Wade, says most crimes were committed in the capital; the St. John’s Police Station recorded the highest number of reports while the Gray’s Farm Police Station recorded the second highest.

“Murder is down 75 percent where twelve reported cases in 2018 and three in 2019. Robbery down by 29.54 percent from 88 reported cases in 2018 to 62 cases in 2019. Assaults are down by 62 percent, serious indecency is down by 50 percent, fraudulent conversion down by 56.7 percent” revealed Wade.

Criminal activity was said to have increased in the festive season back in the months of April and May during sailing week and July and August during the carnival season.

As for the belief that acquisitional crimes increase in December, Wade expressed that in 2019 there was a reduction in the holiday season and believes it is a consequence of the graduation of 37 police recruits.

He says that there were more officers on the ground during this period and data shows that there were 23 less crimes reported as opposed to December 2018.

In addition, police data showed that 18 percent of crimes committed against visitors, excluding cruise passengers, were of petty nature.

Of the 300,000 guests who visited the island last year, 57 of them reported crimes of theft or small offenses; this is an increase compared to the 36 reports recorded in 2018.





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    It matters not how long ago, there is none but the citizenry who can laud themselves for the ‘…Dip in Murders.’


    It is universally known that Law enforcement have no control over murders.

    The simple reason is this, ‘…except Law enforcement personnel are present when a possible murder or any other crime is about to be committed, they clearly ‘…cannot prevent the commission of such crime.’

    If it were not so, there may have been few cases of ‘…rape; …incest; …thievery; …fraud and robbery.’

    Lest the citizenry is led into a ‘…Statistical False Sense of Security,’ this is a crime the ‘…general public; …business operators and the citizenry should know, that they may better protect themselves from ‘…an additional armed bandits.’

    There are ‘…exceptions where the presence of an officer was still not seen as a deterrence and ‘…cannot prevent the commission of, say the crime of robbery.’

    For instance, where a law enforcement personnel may be ‘…caught napping and robbed of his Service Firearm’ as in the recent robbery which reportedly occurred on a ‘…High Street Casino’ [ANR: January 6, 2020].

    Now, if the ‘…Crime of Murder’ has nose-dived, then ‘…Credit To The Citizenry.’

    It speaks not only to ‘…exhibiting civilize behavior, strengthened by ‘self-restraint,’ but also to;

    (i) ‘…Respect for the sanctity of life;

    (ii) …Change in attitude;

    (iii) …Amicable dispute settlement; and

    (iv) …People realizing that Crime doesn’t pay.’

    Even so, credit shall also be given to ‘…Acting Commissioner Atlee Rodney and his Deputies,’ and more particularly, the ‘…loyal; …deeply committed; …devoted and unrelenting, but overlooked, reward-less hard-working men and women.

    Not a Messenger, so no need to shoot.

    Accept and spread the Message.

    Better times may be ahead.


    Every crime ‘…shall be taken seriously as the victim does’ and ‘…treated seriously as he/she expects.’

    Do not know, but many people would have heard the axiom ‘…What is fun for chauffeur, is death to crapaud.’

    Apply to a person victimized by criminals, while it may not necessarily result in death, it is still not fun.

    Not sure that any crime, irrespective of ‘…nature or gravity’ can simply be ‘…Trivialized as Petty Nature.’

    No Sah. Not for anyone who would be left to grieve over the ugly experience.

    What is described by Law enforcement as ‘…Petty Nature,’ has never been so viewed by ‘…victimized visitors.’

    Not if the visitors are to ‘…enjoy a fun-filled, memorable and a return vacation.’

    Sure former Culture Minister Elleston ‘Namba’ Adams most certainly, would not consider his experience ‘…having his I-10 Cellular Phone, (value over EC$5, 000)’ snatched from his hand, a ‘…Petty Crime.’


    I believe the Police Officers have a lot to do with the LOW crime rate in Antigua . Mr. Pompey please give Your Officers some Credit. Thought better of you.


      Thought you would have ‘…Read and Understood’ the very first comment posted by me.

      If you did, you would have seen where ‘…Credit’ is given, not just to the Acting Commissioner and his Deputies, but also the ‘…hardworking men and women in the Police Service.

      Rawlston Pompey was neither responsible for the news, nor was he quoted as saying that the crimes committed against Visitor were of a ‘…Petty Nature’ [Paragraph 12].

      Such to victims of crime, is ‘trivializing’ what has happened to them, be they ‘…Visitors or Citizens.’

      Is it petty when Visitors park their vehicles at the beach, then found windows shattered and their bags with personal effects, including ‘…Travel documents, Identification Cards; …Money and jewelry stolen?

      You are certainly ‘…not feeling their frustration; …disappointment and miseries or even ‘…Smelling the Coffee.’

    • I Know Mr Pompey can answer for himself,but i think he was referring to Murders-and i can agree with his sentiments-Law enforcement cannot stop a murder from happening unless they happen to be present during the time it is occurring.. Almost all murders are done in secret.. So it is actually very correct to say,it is some change in attitudes that caused the dip..Let’s all hope it continues …

  5. I agree with Mr. Pompey, because I read that crime in general is up, homicides are down. But saying Antigua is one of the safest places in the world is a false statement because the stats that was provided show crime increased. All these stats show is that you are less likely to be killed (low homicide rate) in Anitgua but you have an increased likelihood of being robbed or assulted. Which does not make Antigua safe. I think the way certain things were phrased is made it seem like they were doing better, but crime on a whole has increased. Like Mr. Pompey said, they are marginalizing homicides, so all the other crimes that increased don’t matter?

    Worst part is some people are gonna take this and run with it, without realising they just confessed that crime has increased just because a particular type of crime has fallen.

    Be wise people, I know 2020 started rough, but don’t accept bad news as good news just because we need some good news.

    • @i prefer to vape it- Antigua is still very safe when compared to most places.. We do not live in the promised paradise so we will never see the total elimination of crimes of any sort.. I was on a European cruise a few months back and witnessed two attempted robberies of tourist within the tour group i was in,on two separate occasions..I am not justifying any crime,but we need to give our Island some credit at times..

  6. The authorities should drop the use of the word ‘PETTY’ from ‘Petty Crime’, ‘Petty Theft’. The adjective has been hardwired into our brains for many, many years and conjures up a dismissive attitude to the criminal activities and may have adversely influenced the deterrence, detection and reporting of the criminal activities in our nation/village A&B. Time for a vocabulary reengineering!

  7. Congrats to all involved in making this happen. The initiatives by the police and the elected officials are indeed bearing fruit. Some examples are the flashing lights, more strategic patrolling, ensuring that our young men are at work especially those in the construction sector. Must say that more has to be done to ensure officers taking community policing to heart. Persons must know the officers charged with protecting them and this must not happen only when a crime occurs

  8. @ MR. POMPEY
    Mr. Pompey I strongly believe that COMMUNITY POLICING is very important. Let People see the POLICE presence in the Villages 24 hours daily . Go through the villages at nights with Police lights flashing. I believe this will help the CRIME situation in Antigua. Mr. Pompey as a FORMER COMMISSIONER please share your contribution on this topic. Looking forward.

    Let Police ride bicycles around The City especially when Cruise ships are in Antigua. People feel safe when Police presence is visible. Also dispatch lots of UNDERCOVER POLICE OFFICERS around the Antigua. Just a LAY PERSON suggestion.

  9. @ MR.POMPEY
    Like reading your postings but sometimes you sound like a POLITICIAN. You talk from all sides of your mouth. Come right out and call a SPADE A SPADE and stop beating around the DAMN bush. Do not worry I have lots of respect for you Mr. Pompey but sometimes your postings very CONFUSING. Do not let this statement deter you.

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