Antigua & Barbuda on track to achieving herd immunity by year-end


Health Minister Molwyn Joseph says Antigua and Barbuda is leading among countries in CARICOM where vaccination of the population is concerned.

He says at the current rate, herd immunity is set to be achieved by year-end.

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  1. Y’all still spoonfeeding people this crap talking about herd immunity? Where has it ever been achieved? Not even full vaccinated gibraltar got herd immunity, it only made cases go alllll the way up so….Herd immunity how? Make it make sense….

  2. According to data,St.kitts and Nevis have more fully vaccinated people than Antigua ,so how he is saying Antigua is number one . It is all about upticks for these politicians. Surely election is looming ,and they want to get the people in a festive mood for their motorcades and so on . With Rasta’s been exempted and all under 12 can’t get vaccinated,plus others that are refusing to take the jab ,I would like to know how they are going to achieve herd immunity?. SMDH

  3. This guy’s handling of the covid crisis has been terrible. Now what is the basis for saying that we are on tract to achieve herd immunity by year’s end? He doesn’t say, and I have seen no data to suggest that.

  4. Herd immunity is not achievable for one simple reason: we are totally cut off from the rest of the world. As long as there is movement into/out of a country, even with high immunization rates, herd immunity cannot be achieved. Me thinks the gentlemen running this country need better educated/credentialed advisers.

  5. If heard immunity is gonna be achieved why are we building a public morgue?🤔this one is above my pay grade. Make it make sense.

  6. Don’t these politicians realize how stupid they sound when they use the words herd immunity now? It seems as if they actually believe that once you get 80% of the adult population vaccinated, herd immunity is just magically achieved!

    No, fools, that’s not how this works. Herd immunity is only possible when specific criteria are fulfilled. Once the disease mutates quickly, there’s NO POSSIBILITY of herd immunity. Once vaccinated people are able to catch and spread the disease, there is NO POSSIBILITY of herd immunity. Once the blood concentration of antibodies gained by vaccination or infection drops within months instead of many years, there’s NO POSSIBILITY of herd immunity! These people are out of touch with reality. Why are they being allowed to run a country?

  7. Mr Joseph, you can not be this ignorant, you are after all the cmo. I did not say stupid, look up ignorance on Google if you have to. There is no such thing as Heard immunity, without an immunization, not a flu shot. Think of the vaccine as a seat belt in your fancy car you shoved over the fence at customs. It is there to help protect you from serious injuries, not prevent the accident. The flu shot gives you protection, not immunety, it helps you from serious illness, and death most of the time. It does not stop the infection, or accident per seat belt. There is no such thing as Heard immunity. You of all people should know this. Why are our government people so ignorant.. You are the C M O. We should trust you. I for one don’t.

    • Other than you saying it prevents serious illness and death (it does not) everything else I agree with.

  8. Molwyn Joseph, imagine your god forcing you to worship him.

    You claim to be a knowledgeable man of God’s Word, so you of all persons should know of the importance of THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE.

    Molwyn Joseph, Judgement day is coming…….

  9. These vaccines do not give immunity – ie they do not stop transmission and infection

    Therefore even with 100% of the population vaccinated there will be no “herd immunity”

    Is this guy stupid or does he just think the public is?

    • I think he thinks the public is. This, unfortunately, is the view of the elitists around the world. They’re so engrossed with themselves that it’s utterly unimaginable to them that people besides themselves have the ability to research, analyze, and understand facts.

  10. This island needs Jesus, This island needs Jesus
    He’s the Mighty King of kings, He’s the Conquering Lord of lords
    This island needs Jesus, This island needs Jesus
    Come along and sing the praises to the King.

    Members of Parliament and Heads of Government
    To get it right won’t cost you a cent
    Salvation is free, it’s here for you and me
    Jesus paid the price at Calvary
    Sing praises unto Him
    Let’s glorify the King
    Magnify and Bless His Holy name.

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