Antigua & Barbuda celebrates V.C. Bird Day


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  1. Comrade V. C. Bird was the greatest leader of Antigua and Barbuda for all time. He is remembered by red and blue as the Founder of the Nation. He was the Champion of the working class, a spiritual man with depth and compassion. He made us proud. Papa Bird is gone now but his spirit is alive and well, and he walks among us. Those who have “eyes to see” will know exactly what I mean. Thank you Comrade V.C. Bird Sr.

  2. Correction: ABLP celebrates VC Bird. It has been turned into a second ‘Labour Day’ for the government. SO SAD!!!

  3. You know no matter how often the story of this man’s life is told, its amazes me how he singlehandedly fought the plantocrats and those white Britains running the affairs of our country in those days. Strange many fled the Island but some of their heirs and successors are still living here among us. Well known names like Moody-Stuart come to mind. It is sad however that politics have divided our Nation to see this man’s accomplishments through political eyes. How can we move on as one if we do not even want to recognize the same person as the founder of many things that we now enjoy and one that has made the largest contribution to the development of our nation. Why can’t we put politics aside in this case and rally around the accomplishments of this great man of the soil. I remember the day when Edmund Mansoor claim that his history would be condemned to the dustbin of history. That really should have caused the condemnation of every proud Antiguan and Barbudan but because of politics it was only the Labourites that cried out. A National Hero a Father of the Nation could be insulted by an outsider and the one political party condemning it and the other silent. Only in Antigua and Barbuda.
    Anyway for me yesterday was again a day of great reflection on my people, where we came from and where we are today and who made it possible. Putting country before self. A very noble thing to do. Something missing these days. All of self.

  4. Old man VC Bird, the same one who changed the laws so he could “legally” be with the young little girl Cute.

    We have been going down ever since. Now we have “Creative Enrichment”, cheap lands for the Chinese and loans Antigua will never be able to pay back.

    As you can see Gaston is donning the garbs of China and Hitler too.

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