Antigua and Nigeria Collaborate on Promising Pharma Initiatives


In a bold move, a Nigerian entrepreneur’s arrival on Air Peace’s inaugural flight to Antigua has sparked discussions about establishing a pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Focused on crafting medicines for chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes, this venture holds vast potential, given the Caribbean’s high prevalence of such conditions.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne expressed enthusiasm, underscoring the need for enhanced Caribbean-Africa relations.

Air Peace’s plans to launch direct commercial flights between Antigua and Nigeria further solidify this collaboration, with Antigua set to become a hub for expanded travel.

The proposed partnership signals a transformative stride in healthcare, trade, and connectivity.







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  1. Giant Malt said the same ting. Stop cut and paste the GREATEST Prime Minister ever to be elected in Antigua and Barbuda. You can’t outdo the contributions of the late Sir Lester Bryant Bird.

    A true Statesman and visionary thinker in transforming Antigua and Barbuda that we know of today.

    You Gaston Alphonso Browne are so arrogant, pompous and self righteous that you cannot see the errors of your way conducting business on behalf of the citizens and residents of Antigua and Barbuda.

    Time will record you as a failure!!!! Alphabet Boys are on STANDBY.

    • @Freetownson…Lester Bird’s ALP Administration destroyed our Agriculture Industry for as he stated, at the Antiguan & Barbudan Embassy in Washington, DC, in 1998 or 1999 when Harold Lovell’s sister was there, and he Lester was asked, “as the leader, of our Nation, look ahead FIFTY YEARS, and give us an idea, as to what role will AGRICULTURE play in our future?” Lester’s answer was, “the Jews will fly in our food from Miami.”
      EPICUREAN has proved him correct, while our local farmers are still struggling, even more so now, with the Gaston Browne led ABLP turning this sector to the Chinese and EXPATS in the case of the HEMP/MARIJUANA production.

      Under Lester’s watch, we got a thriving PROSTITUTION business, which can now rival most RED LIGHT DISTRICTS in North America.

  2. With all due respect to the honourable PM, NOBODY wants this situation. The government exists to do the will of the people, and noone currently wants to establish these questionable air links with the African continent at this time or for our country to be involved in business ventures with questionable random “businessmen” who show up out of the blue making proposals with no solid background checks as to their character and established ability to pull off such ventures. Concerning the pharmaceutical industry, more should be done to enable citizens to live healthfully and avoid such lifestyle illnesses, not develop ways to profit off of people’s sicknesses. It would be better to develop agricultural links and to create a brand name (e.g. Paradise Foods) health promoting organic food industry that could be marketed worldwide as the Caribbean is considered a tropical paradise. Also, where is all the toxic waste from a pharmaceutical industry going to end up? Might endanger the tourism industry. Finally, if Antigua’s economy was booming with vacant jobs then we could welcome the world here, but that’s not the case right now. We should fix the basics for the people who are already here first before trying to have regular flights coming in from Africa, because clearly many of the passengers are simply seeking greener pastures that we don’t currently possess.

  3. So, not happy with making Antigua a centre for human trafficking from Africa to the USA, – quote from today’s headlines: “BREAKING: Detained West Africans refusing to leave, claiming they paid an ambassador for their stay in Antigua” – Browne now wants to add moving “pharma products” from Nigeria into the West too.
    My guess is that the rats running the ALP are seeing the writing on the wall after the last general elections and are now scurrying to make as much as they can from their sojourn in power.
    Remember when Browne urged Antigua’s erstwhile MP’s to make hay whilst they are in government a few years back? Well …. here we are boys.

  4. Cheap generic regional pharmaceuticals might be helpful to some people, but am concerned whether enough due diligence will be carried out for this businessman to ensure that he is legit.

  5. FENTANYL, NARCAN and other opioids will be flooding the Caribbean streets like South American cocaine!
    NEXT LEVEL ADDICTION is coming soon!

    The Nigerians smell blood like wild dogs and their coming to feast.

  6. Another creative enrichment scheme in the making. We all know that this will not end well. Add allegations of drug trafficking to human trafficking and we are going off a cliff.

  7. More untruths and bluster from Gaston Browne.

    I recall the former MP Hilson Baptiste mentioning that ABLP’S procurement of pharmaceuticals needed to be investigated, due to the fact that many Antiguans cannot get hold of their LIFE-SAVING medicines like they use to.

    Here’s the proof my fellow Antiguans:

    Gaston Browne is now so desperate that he’s now gambling with the nations health (again!), and going through a different avenue for our medicines. So dangerous.

    You may fool your acolytes and Gastonites, but you can’t pull the wool over the eyes of CRITICAL THINKING Antiguans. Never!!!

  8. Poison the people with experimental jabs then create medicines to sell as the cure.

    What a racket!

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