Antigua and Barbuda’s Cabinet Receives Update on Climate Funding, Water Innovation for Farming

Diann Black-Layne making a presentation during the session on "Integrated Resilience Planning" at the GCF Global Programming Conference, photo is courtesy of the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

CABINET NOTES: The Chief Environment Officer (CEO) was invited to Cabinet to report on the funding which Antigua and Barbuda is receiving and about to receive through several multilateral funding agencies, to include the GCF (Green Climate Fund) and the SIRF (Sustainable Island Resource Fund).

The Department of the Environment secured resources to help repair and upgrade community clinics, police and fire stations, the ABDF Headquarters, schools and churches.

These are institutions that double as community shelters during hurricanes and floods and must agree to serve such a purpose before funding is distributed.

The Chief Environment Officer (CEO) also was questioned about farmers and the provision of water to farms; it would not be appropriate for chlorinated water to be applied to crops and livestock.

Consequently, a system of three ponds has been designed to remove chlorine from APUA water that is used on farms; and, the DOE has secured funding of as much as $35 Million US to enable the system to be put in place.

Thus far five farmers have benefited from this technology, to a value of more than $150,000 US each.

The CEO also reported that the Loss and Damage Fund, established on account of the advocacy of Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister, will hold its first board meeting at the end of this April 2024.

Criteria will then be set to allow for countries to access qualifying grants.

A proposal has been put forward to ready the Car Park for government-owned vehicles to be moved from the open and vulnerable carpool at Pigotts to the covered Car Park, in the event of a threatening hurricane or dangerous flooding.

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  1. This is hilarious. The lying Ambassador keeps giving the nation the impression that these are new projects. They are not. This is not an update, this is rehashing old projects and old funding. These are projects she cannot close and are well beyond their closing timelines. So old to the point where the donors demand the projects closed with no additional monies given. It just goes to show that the Cabinet has no idea what is going on at the Department of Environment, how the monies are being spent and the lack of proper reporting. Diann, please tell the country why is your employee Kelly Hedges at your private school being paid by the government? Why do you have at least 10 of your family members employed at the Department on project and government funds? Are you not tired Ambassador? Or is it that the government or PM can touch you because you hold their secrets and get them on international Boards? 🤔

  2. Questions:
    When were these funds received?
    What amounts were received?
    What are the stipulated timelines for project completion?

    Recall the rumour, the good Chief Environment Officer Diann Black-Layne approved SIRF loans for all her friends in government and poor people can’t get approved. Remember that rumour? When Cabinet notes are being prepared for public consumption please give us facts and concrete details that include figures, timelines and dates. Thank you. Arwe nah fooley.

  3. But what the hell the ambassador shall sing lies all the time since she is been monetized by all these international global corporation giving money that are unaccountable to the consolidated funds, with them luring these organization to give more money by placing wind turbines at viv stadium so at cricket event they get the visibility to get more funds as though antigua going green, even though they will never spin their in that calm wind, because Shirley height or buggy peak would be more suitable, the next thing all the Caribbean environment minister took the electric shuttle buses to take senior citizens on short stops across town, all in the BVI and Bahamas that’s what obtains, but our minister molwyn took an electric car as his personal benifit, no minister across the Caribbean did except Antigua, Dianne blacklane has been working for the dough, example where mill reef got them to move the snakes from bird island and put them at green island to scare the willikies community away who have picnic there from time immemorial, so every time I see them doing their news paper bouts celebrating their achievement for green island which is mill reef is only maintaining Jim crowism or racism neocolonism at it’s highest, shortly after mill reef announced a little restaurant to be built on the green island with Gaston shouting in jubilation as though he had an orgasm, these white people will always have their way, destroying mangroves or anything with buffer zone to keep away prying eyes because the climate funds is been paid by them, these monies are routed through offshore banks where they are distributed to accounts unknown, but that’s what the global corporation wants, corrupt politicians to carry out their agenda of wealth extraction by any means, be it environment destruction with protection by the government to do so.

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