Antigua and Barbuda: Work at multi-million dollar Harrison Centre ABICE progressing at Fast Pace



Antigua and Barbuda: Prime Minister Gaston Browne was pleased to see work moving at a fast pace at the multi-million dollar Harrison Centre of Antigua and Barbuda Institute of Continuing Education (ABICE).

PM Gaston Browne reiterated that the educational landscape in Antigua and Barbuda is going through a time of significant as well as strategic growth. The development and redevelopment of ABICE will bring technical and vocational training to a higher level.

On October 24, 2022, PM Gaston Browne took part in the official Ground Breaking Ceremony, which marked the start of the development of the Multi-million dollar redeveloped Harrison Centre ABICE.

Mr Harrison has been a regular visitor to Antigua and Barbuda for the last 30 years, is acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs, and is Chairman of the UK financial technology company ‘True Potential’.

PM Browne also thanked David Harrison for his valuable as well as timely support for developing education in the country.

The ceremony was also attended by Daryll S. Matthew, Minister of Education and Sports, The Hon. Dean Jonas, Minister of Social Transformation and Parliamentary Representative for the area, Mrs E. Jonah Greene, Deputy Director of Education, Mrs Arlene Weste, Director of ABICE (Ag.), Project Coordinator Chad Knight Alexander, and Trustee-Harrison Foundation, Mr Daniel Harrison.

Recently during a cabinet meeting, the Minister of Education reported that work on the expanded ABICE started on the same day as the groundbreaking ceremony took place. The local contractor works 16 hours daily to meet the modern facility at a fixed price.

The object is to increase access to continuing vocational and technical training by the very young for certification and marketability. Sir David Harrison, a British philanthropist, contributed £4 million pounds Sterling towards the ABICE modernization and expansion.

The work will be completed in a few months and will be a significant development in Antigua and Barbuda.

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  1. Look the only thing that Gaston Browne can build right now for himself is a Golden Stair Way to Hell.
    A famous person once said quote “you are clown” Gaston Brown.

    Dollar Barrel tun into S100 Dollar Barrel. Tap call it $1 barrel.

  2. I mean things are so bad in this country. Yet another project is being implemented. And we already have a shortage of aggregates and skilled labourers. I guess we really will have to import workers from the other Islands to come and help us build this country. I wonder why these criminals still think it is better to rob someone, rather than to go and work for your money. My gardener has placed me on a biweekly schedule. He just cannot keep up with the demand. And since we have had lots of rain lately, I really need him weekly.

    • @From The Sideline…while what the Gaston Browne/ABLP Administration is doing, regarding upgrading the Educational facilities, there is nothing ‘miraculous’ nor earth shattering here. Again kudos to him for regurgitating and rebranding, other people’s ideas, and you call it his.

      There have being many educators, entrepreneurs, business women and men, from Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA whose ideas are now being used by Gaston Browne.
      Hill Secondary School, Mrs. Robinson, TOR, Mrs. Davis etc, all had business plans, that brought into fruition Educational Institutions which educated many a doctor, lawyer, surgeon etc., from an early age. The University’s, or higher institutions of learning necessary for them to become certified, qualified and dignified nay not have being physically present on Antigua’s soil but we had the basics, of early education under control.
      If, you’ll take the time or ask your buddy tenman, to do so, you’ll find discussions on establishing a University in Antigua at the Old Navy Base. These discussions were held in the CARIBARENA FORUM. Check them out.

      Now, to the present. Here’s hoping, that there will be industries in the Caribbean which are readily available to employ these graduates, since, a large percentage will not want to cut grass, wear a tool belt, or even “BUN COAL.” However, there’s nothing wrong if these graduates become ENTREPRENEURS and operate Landscaping businesses, to farmers to “Bunning COAL.”
      The reason why, I’m harping on “BUN COAL,” you From The Sideline, use an arrogant and condescending tone, in another post regarding said, “BUN COAL…”

      Today, a five(5)lb bag of organic coal, similar, to what OUR FOREPARENTS toiled in, to get those doctorates, PhD’s etc, sells for between $25.00US to $45.00US at stores like Walmart to Whole Foods(some say Whole Pay Check) in America.

      Here’s some simple math for you Mr. Arrogant Condescending…
      A…the large crocous bags holds approximately 200lbs of Organic Coal.
      This gives you 40bags @ 5lb per bag.
      Say you can produce 1000 @ 200lb bags equals 40K @ 5lbs x 10.00US = somewhere in the region of 400,000US dollars.

      Of course, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent etc now becomes a part of your networking to manufacturing centers.

      So, you see Mr. Arrogant Condescending, teach the youths right, and show them a Guiding Light, because boasting, bragging and condescending will get the Nation going down the wrong path.

      EDUCATION is not about politics.
      Lest you forgot, the fourth Campus of the UWI is a converted High School brought to Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA by the UPP and the Spencer Administration.

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard
      Vere C. Edwards

      • @Ras Smood…Jumbee_Picknee say u cyant count…
        …the Trini, Bajan, Jam Dung, GT and FTS equals Five UWI Campuses. The fifth one is waiting on the Billion Dollar Donation from, From The Sideline Antigua University of the West Indies.

        Fit it into where it belongs!

      • You make my point even better. Let’s say that all that you have said is true. Gaston took the plans from others and executed them. Won’t it be better to go with he that execute rather than with those that only have the plan but never can execute it? At least the plans have now come to fruition. It’s like a person walking around for years with the plan of building a beautiful home but never gets to build it. Now here comes Gaston and takes that plan and builds the house. And when it comes to the UWI Five Islands, it again shows the lack of vision the UPP had. They saw a Secondary School for that building. Gaston had a better and greater vision. Let’s turn it into a building for a university. Remember it is not the building that makes the University. It so happened that starting a new building for a university would have taken much longer and we may have missed the boat by then. But guess what, the university is now expanding. New buildings will be going up and we will also have a new secondary school. Gaston gets things done. Unlike the UPP.
        Let me tell you a secret. Allen Stanford pledges to build a school of excellence for the UPP at the same place you now have, the Sir Novel Richards Academy. He put aside US$25million for that. His architects are working with the technician in the Ministry headed by Minister Johnson. Negotiations have been going on for months. Suddenly the monkey comes out. Johnson prefers to have the money and do his own thing. Of course, that was the end of that school. What fools these guys are. They think people are so stupid to hand over cash for them to spend as they like. You think Gaston could have said to the late Leonardo Del Vecchio, give me the money to let me build my own school. Or to Mr Harrison, please give me the cash and I’ll build it myself. He would have never gotten the money and we would have never gotten these gifts. The only person with more sense was Dr. Cort who agreed for Stanford to build the Basketball Court at Simon Boulevard. It is now the home of basketball. Sadly, though they have removed his name as the one who donated this to the people of this country. Had Johnson not been so stupid the UPP would have a great edge up to the ABLP.

        • @Sideline
          Great having these institutions to educate Antiguans. But after graduation, where are they going to work? Your leader said that the nurses being trained can go overseas to work and send back money to their families. All the money being spent only to export our trained professionals as no opportunities for them in Antigua.

        • @From The Sideline…Mr. Arrogant Condescending, “made your point even better?”
          😆😆 you must be having a brain f&$t with the fluff which you’re using to take Gaston/ABLP to cloud nine.

          Again, there’s nothing earth shattering nor creative nor innovative in what they’re doing regarding establishing institutions of higher learning. Heck, Cutie @ Papa Bird established a school and can lay claim, to the same, if she’s looking for FAME.

          What would be #Earth_Shattering and innovative is when #ALL of the Public Sector Departments, Ministries are audited by INDEPENDENT FORENSIC AUDITORS, and the findings are made public.

          This is what we want from the Parliament. There will be more than enough monies and resources found in the Cooked_Books to build and maintain a New Prison where, the chefs whose recipes are in the #Cooked_Books will and can ply their craft!

          By the way, yet again, who owns REDONDA?


  3. Yessssssss. Moving fast like the construction of Sir Novelle Richards Academy nearby 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩
    🇦🇬 🇦🇬 🇦🇬 🇦🇬 🇦🇬 🇦🇬 🇦🇬 🇦🇬 🇦🇬 🇦🇬 🇦🇬 🇦🇬 🇦🇬

  4. No wonder Jonathan Joseph already told us who to vote for



    • After 8 years in office, multiple failed projects, multiple situations of national disgrace on the world stage, involvement with notorious criminal elements, no development of infrastructure but 1 building just before elections is an accomplishment? Wow!!! Didn’t realize that I’m today’s (2022) Antigua-Barbuda people are still so foolish, gullible and unaware!! That is truly remarkable!!!

  5. Another great educational institution being built in Antigua. How wonderful to see it progressing so well and creating much needed employment as well.

    Thank you Mr Harrison for putting your money where your mouth is … you definitely WALK the TALK!

    I would love to see Antigua & Barbuda become a world renowned educational hub for learning like our neighbours in Barbados.

    Anything that encourages Education and Higher Learning for Antiguans is very much welcomed … 👏

    • I know you do not like the PM, but is it that hard to give him his Jacket. You would not be less of a man to do so. It was the PM that approached him for this project. Just like he approached late Leonardo Del Vecchio, the Italian businessman whose philanthropy led to the construction of the fifth form and Physical Education block of the SNRA. And don’t forget the biggest of them all, the establishment of the Fifth Landed Campus of the UWI in Five Island. Something the UPP protested against. And we are not done yet. We are even building Pre-School Centers to make sure all our children get a head-start. Not just those whose parents are well off. Our PM has a vision for the country, and he is taking us in the right direction. Educate the people and you set them for life. The UPP is all about Social Program only. Which makes beggars of people. They become dependable. ABICE and the UWI will be the biggest game changers for this country for decades to come.

  6. The ABLP government’s desire to provide the best possible education to its citizens from pre-school to tertiary level.


    Next Level indeed. Visonary. Leadership. Courage. Service. Others.

  7. just a tiny sample of ABLP’s Education strides:

    -DR. Michael S. Browne led the charge for the establishment of the Five Islands Campus of the University of the West Indies
    -constructed and established Sir Novel Richards Academy in under 3 months
    – secured a massive grant for the Model Early Childhood Center
    – oversaw physical expansion and upgrades at 9 secondary and 6 primary schools

  8. Thank you UPP for pushing us to do some work, if it wasn’t for you pushing us and election around the corner this project would not start.
    Thanks again! For putting us under pressure, I hope we could go back for another term I hope the citizens of Antigua won’t know we are trying to decieve them, we have made alot of money because the CIP which the UPP have put in place but haven’t done what we were suppose to the do. During an economic crisis the UPP went to the IMF, but they were so smart unlike us they came up with the CIP to help clear off that loan, we couldn’t not think of those things, we were the main reason in the first place they had to go to the IMF for 27 years of mismanagement,they came up with income tax so the wealthy could help the economy become healthy but alot of people who was financially challenged rejoice to remove it even though they were not paying.

    In our administration we give a raise of 3% and increase the social security to 6% so actually they didn’t get any raise. Let’s keep them dumb and dumber as we get richer as they fight against themselves .

    We are waiting close to election to give them their back pay and any monies owed to them, bribe them with their own money. They will get a 5% raise while we put a 30% raise for our ministers across the board.

  9. What I will say is that Antigua needs qualified trades people. The dunce ones around the place love plenty money and can’t do the job. Hope when they qualify they will start up businesses and realize they are not doing their customers a favour as so of them like to say. I really like my plumber from Dominica.

  10. Monies should be used to revamp Town, so many businesses are closed,there’s nothing much for tourists to do when visiting the island, no night life, no restaurants, no fun. To build a better economy, create an atmosphere for visitors to want to come back time and time again. After all, tourism $$ helps maintain the country.

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