Antigua and Barbuda Will Not Provide Work Permits to First-Time Foreign Nationals


The Antigua and Barbuda government says it will not provide work permits for foreigners, informing employers, particularly in the hotel sector, to ensure that nationals are given priority particularly as the island deals with the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

A statement issued after the weekly Cabinet meeting, noted that the issue of work permits had been discussed by ministers and “it has already been agreed that those residents who are applying to renew their work permits shall be allowed to make the payment and to receive the renewal after satisfying the usual conditions.

“Those foreigners who are applying for work permits for the very first time will not be issued the permit; the employer will be compelled to hire from among the many skilled unemployed workers now floating around the country,” the statement noted.

It said that in the hotel industry “especially, those managers seeking to renew permits will have to demonstrate that the property has an understudy who is a national of Antigua and Barbuda”.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet said it had also discussed “the dire situation” in St. Lucia as well as Dubai, where the pandemic has had a significant impact on their economies.

“The Covid-19 global pandemic is the sole cause of the global decline in economic activity, as countries close their borders or impose severe conditions for entry into their territories. The movement of people, goods and investments has been slowed significantly, adversely affecting employment, government revenues, and once-successful enterprises.

“In Antigua and Barbuda, the Cabinet made the decision to invest the scarce resources available; to keep every public employee on the payroll; and not to fritter away the revenues by handouts of stimuli money, as proposed by others.

“The Antigua and Barbuda formula is working. Nevertheless, many private contractors and service providers have been receiving a fraction of the monies owed, because of the decline in revenue collection,” the statement noted.

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  1. I do understand,but what about those who was on extentions,and now ran out of time,even they can’t get work permit because of the corona situation in the country,what shall they do to keep regulates their time in the country:

  2. Going back home should be the correct move. Why should the Antiguans suffer while foreigners prosper. They are not the responsibility of the Antiguan government, but the Antiguans are.

  3. Who are these foreigners? Are they from the other Caribbean islands, does this include the Chinese, Syrians and other non blacks who have zero interest in Antigua but to invest and send monies back to their own countries from black Antiguans who support their businesses, which they consider the feeder race. Other Caribbean blacks are not any threat to Antigua. Wake up !!!!!!

  4. This is loooonng over due. They help devalue the pay rate because they work cheap and put pressure on our social services. They need to be deported if they are not leaving voluntarily. Finally. Especially those two countries who deport Haitians regularly and denies them work permit and citizenship they need to get out of antigua

  5. Are those Chinese coming into Antigua for the first time on that list.Or they do not need work permits.Are they considered Foreign Nationals.I am asking questions to get answers.We would go after those of dark skinned. However,those of a lighter complexion get a pass all of the times.The Chinese, Europeans, Middle Easterners, Americans, to name a few.They could do no wrongs in Antigua it would seem.

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