Antigua and Barbuda will have a new Financial Secretary in the person of Mrs. Rasona Davis-Crump



Effective January 1st, 2023, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda will have a new Financial Secretary in the person of Mrs. Rasona Davis-Crump.

She is a competent and experienced female who will become the country’s first-ever woman to hold this position.

The Cabinet thanked Mr. Whitfield Harris for his outstanding service to his country and to the Ministry of Finance.

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  1. Regardless of the support for UPP, the Gaston Browne government looks at COMPETENCE. All the best and congratulations!

    • So true. The UPP was a vindictive organization. They removed almost everyone whom they knew were a Labour Party supporter. Wicked set of people they were. Brother B said openly, He doesn’t want no Bird People in his ministry.

  2. This is why we must have an independent adjudicator, auditor or an apolitical appointment to the financial coffers of the country.

    We need to know how every penny cent of our taxes is being used, or the citizens of Antigua & Barbuda will – rightly or wrongly – equate this as more self-enrichment, self serving or cronyism by this unscrupulous government.

    This ABLP appointment just before calling the general election seems and smells more than a bit FROWNZY to me … WHAT AH STINK!!!

    • Look u love bud … i am convince are u jealous of the lady brixlove bud .. jah just support the young antiguan lady … and stop sucking hfwl dick u really full a fuck .. bud sucker mine is 12 inches i can see u gaggleing with no pro bitch

      • … and your views on the struggles of the citizens living in Antigua, and the dereliction of duties by our current Minister Gaston Browne @ Curious???

        I await your coherent and educated response to the real issues troubling our country.


        Remember Curious, a dutty land crab 🦀 like you never forget dem nasty hole dey come from …

  3. Boss I suspect you just speak because there is the forum for such. The amount of crap and spin you try to come up with aint funny.

  4. @ Brixtonian,the%20position%20in%20October%202009.
    Sometimes I wonder why you always accuse others of having no brain. When in fact it is you that really has none. You do not even know how our system of government works. You look for accountability in the appointment of the Financial Secretary, when the office that is responsible for keeping it, all intact created by the constitution is the office of the Director of Audit. Why not read more and educate yourself before opening your mouth and try to sound intelligent. You are as dumb as they come.

  5. This many Gaston is really a true leader. I would not be able to promote someone whom I know was a very diehard UPP supporter. Just check her family background. But what amazes me more is that under the UPP the Ministry of Finance performed so poorly. Gaston comes in and uses the same people and suddenly they all excel. Even when you look at Colin James CEO from Tourism Authority, handpicked by Lovell. But under Lowell he performed very poorly. And now he is making wave after wave. All that change was the party in government. The Labour Party brings out the best out of people. For that we will punish them with five more years.
    But I would like to congratulate Rasona on her promotion. May you keep the standard high and excel in everything you do.

    • Sideline, Gaston has to keep and appoint perceived UPP supporters because the Labour Party is filled with a bunch illiterate people who lack the capacity to perform in certain positions. Think of all the UPP people now in the labour government.

  6. Sorry I don’t get what they mean by ‘ in the person of’ as if this person is a double stunt, please to read over your work before publishing an article.

  7. Think you are right here @ Brix. This is curious. We can get no audited report of our finances, to include the statutory boards,as required by law.The article 4 IMF report is MIA. Why? An audited account of the infamous NAMCO was requested and an unsigned, dubious piece of paper was presented. Why? Is Mr. Walker on point? Dem tief.

    • Another dummy. Please visit the website of the Director of Audit or call his Office if you have questions about Audits of government accounts.

  8. @Brixtonian. A Financial Secretary is like the CFO in an Organization. The CFO doesn’t audit itself. Or Audit the CEO and the management. The CFO is the final person responsible for the Assets of the Organization. In order to ensure that even the CFO has done a good Job, (unlike the CFO from Trump), you need external auditors. The external auditor examines the books and reports it to the Board of Directors and the Shareholders. In the Government system the external auditor is the office of the Director of Audit. He/she report to the Parliament and the Publics Accounts Committee. Parliament reports to the people who are the shareholders. So, when you are looking for accountability, please know that we do have a system that has all the checks and balances in place and if you want answers, please go to the right office to seek your answers. Or ask Pringle who is the Chairman of the Publics Account Office. Making dumb statements that an FS should not be appointed by the PM is a conflict of interest, only shows you have no knowledge whatsoever of the working of government. But then again you are from the UPP. Cannot expect anyu better.

  9. @Sideline, I wonder if its not a waste of time trying logic with you who stupidly support all the s**t that these guys dump. I stated that these reports are required by law to be presented to Parliament. Check the constitution. Why the hell do I need to call the Director of Audit? Do you really think they will answer any real questions? Boss, I have people who work in audit and I know fully well what is going on, so wheel and come again.

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