Antigua and Barbuda will cut ties with British monarchy after Charles becomes king – reports


THENEWS: Gaston Browne, the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda assured  Prince Edward that his country won’t part ways with the British monarchy until Queen Elizabeth continues to serve as the monarch, according to reports in the British media.

The reports said that the prime minister  told the Queen’s  youngest son and his wife Sophie that his country intends to become a republic in the future.

In a meeting with the royal couple, he said his country has no immediate plans while the Queen reigns.

Browne also spoke to Edward and Sophie about the importance of Britain paying reparations to former colonies.

Edward and Sophie are visiting the Caribbean to mark the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth’s son Prince Charles will replace his mother as King. The Queen recently announced that Charles’ wife Duchess Camilla would be the next Queen consort.

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  1. Okay, not ideal for a patriot and Antiguan nationalist like me, however I can see the Prime Minister’s logic in allowing Antigua to remain loyal to the Queen whilst she is still alive.

    As long as he’s not kicking this ‘POLITICAL CAN’ down the road for others to deal with at a later stage …

    • Listen, it is inevitable that all former British colonies in the Caribbean who got independence without moving to a Republic will move to that status.However, for the Prime Minister to say that Antigua and Barbuda will move to that status but not under Queen Elizabeth but under King Charles is absolutely nonsensical. What is the difference? The Prime Minister should have just kept his mouth shut and not open it uttering such rubbish.

  2. Thank JAH this falid experiment willn’t be Prime Minister for much longer, to continue chatting crap on behalf of Antiguans and Barbudans. Time for him and the bounch of old renegades to go and go now. They are like parasites on the backs of Antiguans and Barbudans.

    • Confused gender you Knight is the failed experiment here – just look in the mirror and see yourself. I’m absolutely sure you’re jealous of the Prime Minister Gaston Browne.
      Upp getting licks like he’ll in the next general elections- trust that.

  3. Well you should encourage the British Monarchy to reimburse the Government of Antigua and Barbuda for the financial support of HRH Representative. The Office of the Governor General.

    The entire emoluments package. Including DUTY FREE!

    Going forward until the office is no longer needed they should pay to maintain it . Including the support staff!!!

    Just my opinion!

  4. Antigua and Barbuda is a Nation Member,of the Commonwealth. Who is the Head of the Commonwealth? How is Gaston Browne going to determine when the Nation becomes a Republic? We the People would be the ones to determine our own Destiny in regards to such. We are the ones to Vote on such matters. As we did that matter of the CCJ versus the Privy Council. Do you Gaston Browne thinks you would be the Prime Minister when Charles becomes King? That would be D-DAY like spending a day in HELL. Just hoping you do not fall of that high horse and bang your big head on cinder blocks, ouch.

  5. The result of all the racist vitriol and the inhospitable act of taking the royals and the press (who could care less about Antigua’s tourism product) into a cabinet meeting to discuss becoming a republic which has suddenly become only GB’s decision and bleating on about reparations to two people who have absolutely nothing to do with either issue and cannot comment has to go down in history as the most “stupid is as stupid does” behaviour by greedy politicians hoping to remain in their positions. The UK diverse tax paying public are not going tolerate being subjected to paying for something that absolutely none of them had anything to do with.
    All the govt. of Barbados, Jamaica and now Antigua have achieved is to have their tourism industries take a big hit because of their obsessions with power and greed. The people will take the hit and the Chinese are thrilled in their quest to get complete control as can be seen in Dominica.
    Belize and the Bahamas are sure to benefit from our tourist cancellations due to their polite hospitality from their officials during the royal visits.

  6. @Smh: I have never been arrested,never been inside a Police car,never been to Court,never been to Jail,never been to Prison,anywhere.I have lived and worked around this Country known as the USA.I have worked in Germany,England and Japan.I have been to South Africa,Italy,Canada,France and Switzerland,never been to Prison.So the only time I would slip in Prison is when I walk on your damn face.

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