Antigua and Barbuda Welcomes Vaccinated Visitors

View of Falmouth Harbour Marina and including Antigua Yacht Club Marina.

With the impending start of the 2022 yachting season, the Antigua and Barbuda Marine Association (ABMA) and its members are looking forward to welcoming visitors safely to its shores.

President of the Association, Franklyn Braithwaite says, “All indications are that this coming yachting season will be a bumper one. Events are optimistic that they can take place with all protocols observed. The Antigua Yacht Show, The Superyacht Challenge, the RORC Caribbean 600 and Antigua Sailing Week already have excellent responses in terms of expressions of interest and entries and marinas are reporting that dock reservations are flooding in.’

From October 1st, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda has issued a new travel advisory that all incoming passengers to the twin-island state must be vaccinated. The advisory also changes testing requirements to a COVID-19 RT -PCR test taken within four (4) days of their flight or from their date of setting sail.

The island is currently under additional restrictions which have been created in part to allow non-vaccinated front line workers time to get vaccinated prior to a new vaccine mandate also beginning 1st October. The mandate requires all front-line workers in the tourism industry as well as Government workers to be vaccinated.

Minster of Tourism, the Honourable Charles Fernandez states, ‘My Government is desirous of remaining open and welcoming to visitors to our shores and we have therefore implemented a vaccine mandate to ensure the safety of our people. Putting the current temporary restrictions into place now while our visitor numbers are at the lowest in the year, allows us to be ready for our main tourism season.’
As we move towards the start of the season updated travel advisories and any updates to protocol and/or restrictions can be found on the ABMA website.

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  1. The vaccine doesn’t stop transmission so hope you’re prepared to welcome more covid cases. You can’t stop it. All you’re doing is denying unvaccinated individuals (unvaccinated does not equal covid positive) and giving the vaccinated a free pass to spread covid. Another pointless protocol

    • False information. You have to have covid to transmit it, and fully vaccinated persons are less likely to have covid. It matters if you’re vaccinated or not. ( unvaccinated does not equal vaccinated).

      • We don’t really know that because there has not been widespread testing conducted on asymptomatic people. So we don’t know if vaccinated people are just as likely or less likely or more likely to spread this infection asymptomatically.

        What we do know is that vaccinated people have just as high a viral load as unvaccinated people. And so-called “breakthrough cases” are not rare.

        So I have to agree with the above person – having an open door policy for vaccinated people makes no real public health sense because vaccinated people will still get sick and still spread disease. This policy will do little to nothing toward ending the pandemic and probably do just the opposite – cause large outbreaks.

        “The outbreak in Provincetown — a seaside tourist spot on Cape Cod in the county with Massachusetts’ highest vaccination rate — has so far included more than 900 cases. About three-quarters of them were people who were fully vaccinated.”

  2. This is Clownworld.

    Ivermectin might not fit their narrative but is cheap and works.

    Idiot politicians are putting folks lives at risk, forcing them to take unsafe jabs that don’t work, primarily to market Antigua as a ‘vaccinated’ tourist destination.

    The UK, US and Canada will move Antigua to their red lists as the local infection rate rises.

    • Ivermectin and other early treatments have worked around the world.

      It is beyond curious why the US regulatory agencies have worked so hard to suppress effective early treatments.

      I guess it’s not that surprising that the Antiguan government has taken its orders from failed agencies but it’s nevertheless sad to see.

  3. If visitors have to be vaccinated plus have a negative covid test how they going to spread covid in Antigua if they are negative? I live in Massachusetts and that article about Provincetown does not relate to visitors coming into Antigua. No body was required to have a negative covid test to visit Provincetown plus be vaccinated. These are totally separate situations and does not equate. I’ll tell you what though, no vaccinated person from Provincetown died because they got covid. They were able to shake it off and live another day.

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