Antigua and Barbuda votes in support of UN resolution calling for immediate withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine

Representatives attend a U.N. Security Council meeting on Russian invasion of the Ukraine, Friday Feb. 25, 2022 at U.N. headquarters. Russia vetoed a Security Council resolution demanding that Moscow stop its attack on Ukraine and withdraw all troops. Friday’s vote was 11-1, with China, India and the United Arab Emirates abstaining. It showed significant but not total opposition to Russia’s invasion of its smaller, militarily weaker neighbor. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Antigua and Barbuda is among the 141 of the 193 members states of the United Nations that voted overwhelmingly for a resolution deploring Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and called for the immediate withdrawal of its forces, in a global expression of outrage that highlighted Russia’s increasing isolation.

The United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday overwhelmingly voted to reprimand Russia for invading Ukraine and demanded that Moscow stop fighting and withdraw its military forces, an action that aims to diplomatically isolate Russia at the world body.

The resolution, supported by 141 of the assembly’s 193 members, passed in a rare emergency session called by the U.N. Security Council while Ukrainian forces battled to defend the port of Kherson in the face of air strikes and a devastating bombardment that forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee.

The text of the resolution deplores Russia’s “aggression against Ukraine.” The last time the Security Council convened an emergency session of the General Assembly was in 1982, according to the U.N. website.

Russia was joined by Belarus, which has served as a launch pad for Russian invasion forces, Eritrea, North Korea and Syria in voting against the resolution. Thirty-five members, including China, abstained.

While General Assembly resolutions are non-binding, they carry political weight, with Wednesday’s vote representing a symbolic victory for Ukraine and increasing Moscow’s international isolation. Even Russia’s traditional ally Serbia voted against it.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield told the assembly that Russia was poised to intensify the brutality of its offensive and urged members to hold Moscow accountable for its violations of international law.

She cited videos of Russian troops moving heavy weapons into Ukraine, including cluster munitions and vacuum bombs, banned under international law.

“This is an extraordinary moment,” she said. “Now, at more than any other point in recent history, the United Nations is being challenged.”

“Vote yes if you believe UN member states – including your own – have a right to sovereignty and territorial integrity. Vote yes if you believe Russia should be held to account for its actions,” she added.

Russia’s U.N. envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, denied Moscow was targeting civilians and accused Western governments of pressuring assembly members to pass the resolution, whose adoption he said could fuel further violence.

He repeated Russia’s assertion its action was a special military operation aimed at ending purported attacks on civilians in the self-declared Moscow-backed republics of Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine.

Nebenzia charged that Ukrainian forces were using civilians as human shields and deploying heavy weapons in civilian areas.

Elaborating on China’s abstention, Beijing’s envoy, Zhang Jun, said the resolution did not undergo “full consultations with the whole membership” of the assembly.

“Nor does it take full consideration of the history and complexity of the current crisis. It does not highlight the importance of the principle of indivisible security, or the urgency of promoting political settlement and stepping up diplomatic efforts,” he said. “These are not in line with China’s consistent positions.”

China, which has grown increasingly close to Russia in recent years, says it will not participate in Western sanctions against Moscow.

“The evil will never stop. It requires more and more space,” Ukraine’s U.N. envoy, Sergiy Kyslytsa, said in urging passage of the resolution, calling it “one of the building blocks to build a wall to stop” the Russian offensive.

After nearly a week, Russia has yet to achieve its aim of overthrowing Ukraine’s government. It has faced an unprecedented international backlash, especially from the West, whose sanctions have crippled Russia’s financial system while giant multinational countries have pulled investments out.

Washington has imposed several rounds of sanctions, including against Russian President Vladimir Putin and the central bank, since Russia’s forces invaded Ukraine in the biggest assault on a European state since World War Two. Moscow calls the assault a “special operation.”

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  1. Long live the heroic struggle of the people of Ukraine. Putin will be taught a lesson. Even the old grandmas are on the street beating the ass of the Putin invaders. Thank you Antigua and Barbuda for standing with the People of Ukraine. Damn dictators everywhere must be taught a lesson. Power to the People.

    • “Damn dictators everywhere” like in your own RED party?
      Yes, They must be taught a lesson…/

    • By whom will Putin be taught a lesson? Y’all so brainwashed by MSM’s political kabuki theatre that ya can’t see this is all part of NWO Great Reset Agenda playing out. “Build Back Better”

      “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.” – George Carlin

  2. Are you trying become a populist hero like an Antigua Che Guevara?
    Conrad the Red, you’re pathetic.

    • Hey Angel. Dude, you’re no “angel”, although you might be one from the dark side. Glory to Ukraine and all who fight against the evil house ruling in Moscow. Soon the people of Russia will drag him through the streets. Long live Che Guevara!!!! Get back in your Trumper whole. NOW.

      • I agree Conrad! Put Angel, Cannabis Ignoramus and Sugarapple on ignore. They’re all right wing conspiracy slinging Trumpite extremists who are unemployed and not particularly good at anything else. They live in a fantasy that allows them to feel empowered by reciting the “truths” that their news feeds present. They need a playbook to know what to think and say. None of them have never had an original thought. They call it “critical thinking”. SAD!

  3. The relationship between Africa and Russia is a complex one. Whereas western European nations participated in the enslavement and colonization of African people, Russia did not. For that reason, Russia was never one of the colonial powers that Africa had to fight. Some African leaders would later look to the Russian Revolution as a source of inspiration.. From the 1920s to 1980s a number of African leaders and intellectuals embraced communism in part because of Russia. Even those like Marcus Garvey and Kwame Ture who did not embrace communism, still expressed admiration for Vladimir Lenin. Not only were Africans influenced by the revolutionary ideas espoused by the Soviet Union, but the Soviet Union also directly supported many colonial struggles in Africa.

    There were contradictions in the Soviet Union as well which certain Pan Africanist were faced to confront. George Padmore left the communist party when he realized that the members were not as committed to Africa’s liberation as he would have liked. C.L.R.James who was a Marxist, denounced the dictatorship of Joseph Stalin. Thomas Sankara, who was greatly influenced by the ideology of Marxism-Leninism denounced the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan. Walter Rodney criticized the Soviet support of the Derg regime in Ethiopia. Russia has never really been a serious threat to Africa, but it’s also true that much of Russia’s policies regarding Africa have been ideological. This was great when it meant Russia was backing anti- colonial struggles, but not so great when it resulted in Russian supporting oppressive dictatorial regimes which espoused Marxism-Leninism. This is the lens with which I view Russia today. Putin is an Authoritarian leader who oppresses his own people in Russia. This is not something I support, but in my view countries such as the US, France, and Britain are greater concerns to Africa’s development than Russia is.
    — Dwayne Wong Omowale, Pan African Writer.

    Recommend Reading: The Russian Revolution, A View From The Third World by Walter Rodney.

    • You seem to have forgotten that the glorious Soviet Union ENSLAVED millions throughout eastern Europe and held multitudes in bodage throughout the eastern European nations. Putin however is a FASCIST in the the tradition of Adolph Hitler. He’s no socialist, that’s for sure, and he rules with an iron fist, and is not a friend of developing countries. He is a close friend of Donal Trump, to top i all off!!!!

  4. And the countries that you’re supporting enslaved your ancestors and you’re a product of that legacy.
    “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery no but ourselves can fee our mind.” — Bob Marley

  5. I back Russia to fight for their rights
    The west is so out the d touch with reality,
    If he’s so wrong why don’t all of you go and bomb him then?
    God nar sleep,
    Babylon must fall

    • What rights were violated? Your just an anarchist. By the way, in Putin’s world you wouldn’t have the right to post your political thoughts on a website like this. Careful what you wish for. By the way, how many black people do you imagine sit in Russia’s Duma?

  6. Hey “Israelite”, what are you smokin’? You want Putin the Fascist for “World President”? You must be sicker than I thought. You have to be a Trump-ite.

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