Antigua and Barbuda tourism growth continues with high August 2021 figures

VC Bird International airport

Reports by tourism stakeholders of increased tourist traffic last month, have been confirmed by the Antigua and Barbuda Ministry of Tourism who are reporting a strong growth in tourism air arrival for August 2021.

Recently released statistics from the tourism ministry show that stayover air arrivals for August 2021, totaled 18,792 visitors to the destination, an increase of 965 visitors over August 2018 which previously held the record of “best” August with 17,827 visitors.

The US and UK markets remain the source for the majority of the visitors.

Both markets combined brought a total of 17,306 visitors or 92% of the total visitors arriving in August 2021.

The US market continues to dominate as the main source market with 52.5% of the total visitor arrivals while the UK, Antigua and Barbuda’s second largest source market contributed 39.5% of the total visitor arrivals.

Flights from Canada are expected to resume in November, while within the Caribbean region, airlift began to pick-up with increased service from Caribbean Airlines and other carriers.

Speaking on the growth, Minister of Tourism Charles Fernandez, attributed this to Antigua and Barbuda’s strong airlift performance for the month of August from the UK market.

According to the Tourism Ministry, the record number of seats available from and to London Gatwick and London Heathrow resulted in the most passengers traveling out of the UK to Antigua in any August.

The Ministry highlighted that, previously the “best” August on record in respect of visitor arrivals from the UK was August 2017 when 4,956 persons visited our shores.

In August 2021, there were a total of 7,429 visitors or a 49.8% increase on the number of visitors in 2017.


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  1. Is the economy Stupid? Money over lives, we have to live and work with covid. Words of the top dawg. Now the bodies piling up at Sir. Lester Hospital, the idiots in cabinet releases tourism figures to boost their egos. Antiguans and Barbudans your leaders told you before you have to live and work with covid so don’t cry when you’re love ones die.

    • Wenk you nah focus on the country you gave your allegiance to?? You announced so big and bold on radio that an Antiguan and Barbuda passport is of no value to you because you have your Biden passport. Now suddenly you a renk up you libba Inna Wadadli business a pretend you a too much patriot.

      People don’t be fooled by this Trump (now Biden) imposter!!! No Wanda dem harl u baxide arf de radio. You fulla fart and wan bagga wotliss dutty nize. Run way!!! Actually Run Around🏃‍♂️….that will help you lose some weight

  2. The covid cases increase,they say it is only 4 imported cases , they boast on an increase of tourist visit, when it was less visit it was less cases. The truth will always expose the lies

    • I agree completely. Wanna extend curfews and all strict rules for us locals but THE AIRPORT STILL OPEN then talking about he cares about our WELLBEING. I swear everything that exits that man mouth contradict something else that he says. Seems like a very 2… maybe 10 faced so called “prime minister”. To this day the man cant live up to that title.

  3. More tourists more covid cases and death. I guess we can either catch covid or starve to death. The government needs money so they open up the country to the tourists and hope vaccination will save the people.

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