Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Achieves Highest Visitor Figures in Five Years

5 planes at VC Bird Airport

The Tourism Minister, Charles ‘Max’ Fernandez, expressed his delight as it was announced that both air and cruise visitor numbers for the month were the highest in a five-year period.

In an interview with the Observer, Minister Fernandez proclaimed that it was the strongest April ever recorded.

He confidently stated, “Antigua is emerging as the premier destination, and the feedback we’re receiving from hoteliers, restaurateurs, and airline partners all indicates their satisfaction with our efforts in Antigua. Kudos to our Tourism Authority!”

Minister Fernandez acknowledged the significant contribution of Global Ports Holding in boosting the cruise industry’s tourism figures.

Official statistics revealed that in April 2023, a total of 56,813 individuals arrived via cruise vessels, surpassing the 53,674 arrivals in April 2018.

Additionally, air arrivals for the year amounted to 28,197 individuals, exceeding the figure of 27,302 recorded in April 2019.

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  1. With all of this ‘good news’ the garbage still CANNOT BE COLLECTED ON TIME, the roads are awful and public servants getting paid late and I can go on and on and on……

    Max Fernandez and your cabinet friends, just go. You all are a disgrace.

  2. No water, power cuts still happening, wages and pensions delayed or not paid, illegals being allowed to vote, crime on the rise.

    Tiguans suffering bad bad bad boiii!




    • Brixtonian sounds like Mr. Knight on Observer Radio. I believe KNIGHT and BRIXTONIAN are very close intimate FRIENDS .LOL

  3. Nuts and bolts
    Please tell us what this means in DOLLARS and CENTS for the treasury?

    People are no longer interested in hearing about highest in the region and more than so and so.

    Do like CUSTOMS and present the figures to the public.

  4. You guys really have a problem accepting “GOOD NEWS” for the country. But don’t worry Chicken Little. The Sky is not falling down in Antigua and Barbuda. And the predictions of the IMF and ECLAC will come to past, we will grow this economy by 10% this year. And you guys need a lesson in economics to understand what that means. Not that money will be in abondance for everyone. But our pie is getting bigger and bigger. So, position yourself to take a bigger piece of the pie this year. Cause no one will give it to you. You will have to work for it.

    • Work for it? Are you an idiot?

      What is the present unemployment rate (generally) and specifically among young people?

      You must be another dumb Antigua Labour Party supporter.

    • While you are doing the open-batting for your weakened team, my area still hasn’t had water for FOUR CONSECUTIVE DAYS and it’s the second week since they have failed to remove the garbage. Our Caribbean neighbour’s are wondering how we do it.

    • You just don’t get it @ Sidey!

      All Antiguans are asking for, is for the same sort of “ECONOMIC” growth from the FINANCIAL TOURISM PIE, 🥧 so it is enjoyed by all, and not just the few.

      You and I might be able to position ourselves for the current growth in tourism, but so should the majority of the populous enjoy the benefits as well.

      Over to you Sidey, in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … CLANDANG BIFF!

    • @Sidelines doubt they will take your advice. Preference seems to sit back and complain and then try to blight those who possition themselves. Have my eyes set on a JAGUAR F-PACE SVR this christmas. Tourism is truly paying off

  5. All those UPP Supporters cannot accept GOOD NEWS. This the best Party to be in Power ( ABLP ). Minister Fernandez is the best Tourism Minister in the WORLD. How you UPP Supporters such as BRIXTONIAN and Others SLEEP for carrying the BAGGAGE OF NEGATIVITY. The election is finished and ABLP WILL win St. Mary South which take ABLP to 10 seats.

    BRIXTONIAN and others stop CANPAIGNING until 2028.

  6. Brixtonian sounds like Mr. Knight on Observer Radio. I believe KNIGHT and BRIXTONIAN are very close intimate FRIENDS .LOL

    • When @ PETE and @ PRIM cannot respond to what I’ve actually written, then I’ve won the debate. Again!

      Remember both of you, breeze (Gaston🥸) can blow pelican any place him waan go 😉

      This saying has probably gone way over your heads 🤣🤣🤣

      Brixtonian taking apart his DETRACTORS each and every day. Lovely!

  7. Where is the UPP so called POWER HOUSE Serpent ? I believe CAT bite Serpent tongue . Serpent cannot debate a bill in Parliament. What a DUMB Guy Serpent . He does NOT understand the Bills. Parliament is not Observer Radio where He can chat NONSENSE. We are shame of Serpent in St. Georges.

  8. How much does Antiguans get other than the taxi men and the trucks down vendors selling fish cakes to the taxi drivers.
    How about whose hands and bank account benefit from these arrivals. Rather than GDP. How many families are lifted out of poverty? How many are still living paycheck to pay check?
    What sector of the population is benefiting?
    What difference it makes with record cruise ships arriving when the working poor life remains the same year after year.
    These metrics are only good news for those already at the top of the food chain.
    It’s meaningless news when kids are still hungry; and mothers have to sell their bodies to feed their kids
    The government issues meaning information, for their chairing squad to feel good.

    • Why worry about them when we can pray them off.
      It amazes me how dumb you guys really are.
      “How much does Antiguans get other than the taxi men and the trucks down vendors selling fish cakes to the taxi drivers.”
      When Covid came all the hotels were closed and you know how many people were out of a job? Six thousand. Now all those people have a job and can feed their family once again. And then the guests come and spend money in our restaurants and go on tours. And they pay Guest levy and ABST. And all you can see is taxi men and trucks down vendors selling fish cakes. Anyway why worry about you when I can pray you off.

  9. @Pete ….All ABLP supporters fall into two basic categories or classification.
    They are “crumb snatchers or Nepo Babies”
    I don’t expect any better from a crumb snatcher or Nepo baby.
    Seldom does the Nepo baby make comments here; for they are at the top of the food chain. I’m going to assume you are a crumb snatcher.

  10. Further Pete phycologists defines it as “projection” you are not the only one it’s the basic characteristic of ABLP supporters. Look it up. You are projecting crumb snatcher.
    God knows UPP has its problems. I’d be the first to say, as a political party there is much work to be done in many different front. But they hold the moral high ground for starters. They need to get their act together.

  11. I’m proud to say that I am a of this good news, because as a native living in the diaspora I’ve put my money where mouth is, and have tried relentlessly to help my island bounce back from the global pandemic and have visited multiple times and have spent my share fare to see such, BUT why isn’t these great news showing up in the infrastructure and cleanliness of the city? These two areas of government are atrociously bad right now.( And yes cleanliness/upkeep/renovations are a big sector of the government)

  12. As an American, I agree that the infrastructure must be in place for all Antiguans to have a safe and healthy life, and well paying jobs must be available. When visiting your beautiful island for the first time in 2019, I was amazed at the good condition of the roads around the airport, north side and down Valley road on the west side. Then reality hit: traveling east towards Pares and Willikies, then down the center of the country and back up the east side it was horrendous. Obviously, the government wants tourists to see the bright side, and not how the other half lives. Pretty much the same here in the states concerning Southern Appalachia.

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