Antigua and Barbuda to hold republic referendum within three years, says PM


GUARDIAN: The prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, has said he will call for a referendum on the country becoming a republic within three years, following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Browne signed a document confirming Charles III’s status as the new King, but minutes later, said he would push for a republic referendum after indicating such a move earlier this year during a visit by the Earl and Countess of Wessex.

The Caribbean country is one of 14 nations to retain the British monarch as their head of state.

Browne told ITV: “This is not an act of hostility or any difference between Antigua and Barbuda and the monarchy, but it is the final step to complete that circle of independence, to ensure that we are truly a sovereign nation.

When asked for a timeframe on the referendum, he said: “I’d say probably within the next three years.”

Browne told ITV on Saturday his country would remain a committed member of the Commonwealth, even if it removes the monarchy via referendum.

Browne in April called on the Wessexes during a trip to Antigua in April to use their “diplomatic influence” to achieve “reparatory justice”, and outlined his country’s wish to one day become a republic.

Prince Edward was criticised as “arrogant” for joking that he had not been taking notes during Browne’s comments.

William and Kate, meanwhile, were accused of harking back to colonial days in Jamaica in March after the pair shook hands with crowds behind a wire mesh fence and rode in the back of a Land Rover, just as the Queen had done 60 years prior.

Demonstrators accused them of benefiting from the “blood, tears and sweat” of slaves, while in the Bahamas they were urged to acknowledge the British economy was “built on the backs” of past Bahamians and to pay reparations.

Jamaica’s prime minister, Andrew Holness, suggested to William and Kate that his country may be the next to become a republic, while a minister from Belize said afterwards that perhaps it was time to “take the next step in truly owning our independence”.

William acknowledged after the trip that the monarchy’s days in the Caribbean may be numbered as he stated the future “is for the people to decide upon”.

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  1. Gaston Browne couldn’t even wait until The Queen had received a Christian burial before calling for this? If the people of Antigua and Barbuda wish to be a truly sovereign nation, their wishes will be respected and it will happen. I just hope that when Browne dies, he is afforded more respect than he has shown to The Queen. If the question isn’t going to even be asked “within the next three years” why bring it up at this moment, just hours after her sad demise? Shame on you, Mr Browne.

    • KENNY you are so correct and to see that Gaston was criticizing Alister for saying that Queen Elizabeth did not give an apology for slavery or do anything towards reparations. Gaston is just a BIG HYPOCRITE.

    • U are talking like thie Queen did give a f about u or any ot us. Talking about respect. Slavery mentality is still alive and well. BLACK PEOPLE WAKE UP.

  2. I note that the royal LICKSPITTLERS, KOTOWERS and SYCOPHANTS are out in force since Antigua wants to rid themselves of this family that richly benefited from the cruel enslavement of our African and Caribbean ancestors.

    Get ready for their UNCARING and VITRIOLIC responses to this important issue for patriotic Antiguans 3,2,1 … BOOM!💥


  3. Gaston Browne,could you tell me.What is going to happen tomorrow and the day after.If you cannot do that.How the hell are going to know.What would be happening 3 years from now.Are you inhaling too much of that bush from the weed Nursery? Just asking,not accusing.

  4. No need to, we are already a republic, a Banana Republic run by a bunch of crooks.

    Stand by for more gun related crimes and murders.

  5. Anytime Gaston make that foolish move for Antigua to turn republic I am out of Antigua. An that’s when Antigua going to be like Jamaica we going to be eating each other in antigua money won’t have no value if we have it hard already what your all going to think go happen to us .. Gaston know why he’s fighting for republic remember them politicians already millionaire ….if them done a get away with alot of things what you think go happen when antiguans turn republic

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