Antigua and Barbuda to boycott Summit of The Americas with U.S President Biden




The Cabinet held a discussion about the Summit of The Americas meeting which is scheduled to take place shortly in Los Angeles, which the American President will host.

The USA has indicated that it will not be inviting three Presidents from one Caribbean and two Latin American states; namely, the President of Cuba, the President of Venezuela and the President of Nicaragua.

Several heads of state and of government have indicated that they will not attend if that policy is pursued.

In fact, the CARICOM had also agreed that heads will not attend if Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela were not invited to the summit.

However, several members of CARICOM are resiling from that position.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne, however, having announced that Antigua and Barbuda’s head will not be participating under those conditions, has remained committed to the initial position.

The Americans are also inviting Juan Guaido, their choice, to lead a Venezuelan delegation.

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  1. Wow! Is our Prime Minister standing up to the US President and growing some sort of BACKBONE?

    America can’t keep dictating to the world who they should or shouldn’t be friends with.


    • If you had listened to all of his UN Speeches you would know that he is a fearless leader, standing up for Antigua and Barbuda in any forum. That is why he was also able to tell the IMF to hit the road in 2014. Up until today they and the UPP wished he would crawl back to the IMF.
      But thank God that didn’t happen and hope it will never happen.
      Stand up for who you are. Stand up for Antigua and Barbuda

  2. That’s right. Make enemies of the USA so that we can get along with President Maduro who rigs elections and is a dictator. Makes sense.

    • American interventions in over 80 countries in the 20th century has seen awful consequences around the globe.

      Better educated people than me, like Booker T Washington, Mark Twain and Andrew Carnegie (all American citizens) all wanted restraints on USA imperial expansions around this time.

      You need to read Stephen Kinzer’s (who’s an American by the way) excellent book ‘The True Flag: Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the birth of American Empire’ – A REAL EYE OPENER!

      @ Facts, it’s not about making enemies with the USA, it is more about being wary and knowing your history and WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE PAST …

      • @Brixtonian. Don’t you find that this GB behaviour is even just a little bit out of character? If you read up on the Fahie, Moran and David arrests you might find it enlightening and possibly puts another twist on defending corrupt dictatorships who do not have extradition agreements with the USA.

        • I’ll definitely look into this @ jeb, I am always open to debate and correction boss … 🤜🤛

  3. Why are we favouring three dictators over our relations with the USA? Because Gaston admires dictators!

    • I am not a fan of Gaston Browne. but in this situation, I am in agreement with him. Especially as it relates to Cuba and Venezuela. Venezuela was a very prosperous country until the USA destroyed its economy with sanctions. Maduro and his predecessor’s crime, spending the resources of the country on the poor people providing higher education cheap gasoline and health care. They also stopped the rip off of their natural resources by nationalizing the foreign companies.
      America loves dictators, but not the ones looking after their people. I haven’t heard of demonstrators being shot on the streets in Venezuela. And what proof is there that elections are rigged? Because America says so?
      Cuba has been a friend of Antigua and the world with the provision of university scholarships, and medical personnel. And as far as I know, Cuba and Venezuela have not destroyed any country by invading and bombing them.

  4. Please explain what bullying has been received by Antigua from America. And while you’re at it, please outline what communist dictators have done to their own poeple. Let’s also analyze what Antigua has received from these three countries. I guess in the end it really won’t matter, so, just stay at home. In the meantime other countries can benefit from the summit by possibly opening a new dialogue in business and the future while not sitting around saying things like, stop bullying me by not giving me more and inviting known dictator friends to your summit. Maybe the PM and CARICOM can have a summit of their own with Cuba, Venezuela and Nicarragua and figure out how to rig some elections to keep their power.

    • One thing I give the west credit for is their ability to manipulate people’s mind to believe that they are the good guys and those that don’t follow their policies as the bad guys. They destroyed our offshore financial sector and our gaming industry. Venezuela, Cuba and China have help us lot in the last decade. They have assisted us with energy, education, health and finance.

    • Right on brother. You say it absolutely right.
      Recently Gaston Browne received this US based award- he was happy to receive it, now he’s turning his back. Stop blowing and sucking Mr PM.

      “Antigua’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne will on Thursday receive the American Foundation for the University of the West Indies (AFUWI) prestigious Legacy Award”

    • Have you heard of Operation King Fish? When is the last time you tried to open a bank account? Have we gotten our money from the WTO? There is a long list of bullying if you care to look.

    • The USA up until this day cannot adhere to the WTO ruling and pay us what is rightfully ours. That is bullying. We took them to court and won twice. But they refuse to adhere to international rules. Might is right. We have tried to negotiate a settlement with them. But to no avail. What more evidence of bullying you want

  5. STAND FIRM! Guadio is NOT the president of Venezuela. Take a page out of Joanne Massiah’s book after loveLIE BADPLAY she during the leadership race. She said: “We will NOT LEGITIMIZE THE PROCESS”

  6. Ok big shot.
    Keep building Hotels and the country economy almost exclusively dependent on tourism.
    U.S. is your number one market.
    All those that support this little man’s grand standing 🤔 let’s play two games of when the planes 🛬 🥁stop marching in and my favorite “who blinks first “

  7. One former Prime Minister used to say, “ never get into a pissing contest with a giant.”

  8. Right on brother. You say it absolutely right.
    Recently Gaston Browne received this US based award- he was happy to receive it at a black tie affair no less. Now he’s turning his back? Stop blowing and sucking Mr PM.

    “Antigua’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne will on Thursday receive the American Foundation for the University of the West Indies (AFUWI) prestigious Legacy Award”

  9. OK, big dog. You tried to get the other CARICOM leaders to boycott and they said no. So you want to go it alone. You made this decision because (1) you fraid to go by sleepy Joe because Fahie is talking, Saab has spoken, and Casroy has spoken, and (2) you have to support your dictator friends. Too much at stake there.

    What is wrong with you? Have you stopped taking your medication? Or do you have enough saved up and you are ready to skip off to Dubai?

    You’re not thinking straight, but it might be because you are scared. How can you get into a fight with the US? Do you know that Joe could give his citizens planes full of free vacations to other islands?

  10. I totally understand that there shouldn’t be a decision on who can and can’t come to that event, but seeing our PM choosing the side of the 3 most brutal dictators is a major concern and a mistake.

    1. Cruse ship don’t come from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.
    2. Your main resource is tourism, not oil or any other thing.
    When you are a corrupt leader, your friends are also the same.

    I can’t not believe the actions of this prime Minister.

    But, his decision will affect us as a whole.

    Sad. 😔

  11. This is the type of LEADER we want. Not a spineless Limpy Joe who will cower at every crappo jump.

    -One who will stand up to IMF

    -stand up to Scotiabank wanting to send our monies to Trinidad bank and put workers on the breadline

    -Stand Up to hotels and demand that the ABST swindled under King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe be PAID INTO the treasury!!!


  12. Gaston can send a member of parliament. What happen, none of his MPS qualify to represent the country?

  13. Boy what cott? They are not so sure what Fahie is saying to the US DEA, so they are keeping their quarters hot.

  14. @Pat-a-cake I truly wish the best for you and the people of Antigua. BTW, I deplore slavery and am sorry you feel the way you do. Communism is a form of slavery as well. I’m not sure how you derived the slavery analogy from my post about attendance or not to the summit. Just as I can’t stand politicians in the US behaving the way they do sometimes, I also dislike things other politicians have to say around the world. Slavery from me…..just not so.

    I would love to see the US help A&B more in many ways. That’s not in my control unfortunately. Heaven forbid a future hurricane or something devastating to A&B, but if that were to happen it is my hope that the people of the US will open their hearts and wallets and pour all the support they can gather on you…….Please visit the US State Departments website and look at the information concerning the joint ventures of CARICOM and the US. There have been clear benefits to A&B, along with other countries. While some are not a direct cash interjection, the benefit to your youth and society is positive. I’m speaking of joint ventures in training and assistance with things like drug trafficking and such. Also, WTO is World Trade Organization. That’s not US. While their offices are in the US, it’s a world organization.

    I apologize to anyone else who may have felt my comments were as bad as what Pat-a-cake thought.

  15. We have China to support us. USA is now seen as a global bully. Another thing, why do they allow NATO to extend it borders so close to Russia?

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